Blind Item: The President’s Wife

The current president of a vast superpower has been front, and center criticized due to his flailing cognitive ability ever since before being elected, or more like ever since his handlers stole the elections. Not much mystery here, but we will make an effort. The focus here is on the president’s misdeeds some 50 years … Read more

Blind Item: Priests And Snakes

The organizer tipped our unknown local rock singer and supplier of this event during one of their poker games. He was warned it would be a wild and long night, and we will call him ”A.” The two B-list rock singers from these British bands were on the prowl and didn’t take no for an … Read more

Blind Item: The Creative Guru

This A+ list music executive and producer has become notorious as of late for his so-called spirituality and wisdom, tricking some into venerating him as some creative guru, even though he flat-out admits he has zero knowledge about musical theory. Those who think the producer is clean of Hollywood sin have not looked into his … Read more

Blind Item: Bohemian Chef

This pair of men had not seen each other in at least four years, and their friendship had gone sour over a woman. They met at a tiny but famous new-wave club that closed its doors for private parties after 2 a.m. and until noon. Our unknown rock singer was not quick to forget his … Read more

Blind Item: Every Rose Has It’s Torn

It was a windy Thursday night in the capital of an armyless Latin American country, and our unknown rock singer was on the prowl. We will call him “AC”. At the time, he was hot on the local scene, but his reputation was larger than life because of his antics and legendary partying stamina instead … Read more

Blind Item: First Rule Of The Club

The first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club – The same applies to The Club. Some people still believe that attractive people can’t be rapists or pedophiles. This label applies to our “A++ list” actor, as he was often among the sexiest men in the world. We’ll call him “TD”. … Read more

Blind Item: Special Deliveries

This permanent A-lister musician has been in trouble before; his leanings are no secret. Special deliveries and special privileges, you name it. He’s there, from being detained in an American airport over possession to being involved with that infamous guest house. Our musician is no stranger to hiccups, but most people are not informed about … Read more

Blind Item: Toronto Buyers Club

The age of consent in Toronto is currently 16, but it was 14 back then. For obvious reasons, many artists who have a proclivity for minors love this city. Initially, they proposed that it be set at nine years old to appease the Muslim party members. These artists could get what they seek via their … Read more

Blind Item: What Happens In Vegas

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas, especially if child sex trafficking is involved. Flight attendants have lots of stories to tell. They see it all, bad and good. I should know, as my mom was one the day before I was born. Our witness works for a known airline, but in this case, … Read more

Blind Item: Knock Next Time

Next time knock, will you? Those were the last words directed at the assistant. You would be hard-pressed to find a more dangerous man in Hollywood. The music mogul has been ever-present for almost fifty years now, yielding his power with no reservations. Lots have happened since Laurel Canyon, but his viciousness and cruelty have … Read more

Blind Item: Israel First, Man

This Zionist infiltrator is more notorious for her bad behavior than her achievements—a classic provocateur, if you will. You wouldn’t know who she is unless you are active on social media or, perhaps, if you live in Florida. She ran in the 2020 primaries to become the Republican candidate for a seat in the House … Read more

Blind Item: Risky Business

As much as he loves his risky business, this man is restricted by handlers because otherwise, it would be worse. This permanent A+ list actor’s career is quite controversial, as he cannot help himself. The main reason why his PR team limits his appearances in public is to avoid risks. Interestingly enough, his hidden sexuality … Read more

Blind Item: Natural Born Douche

A natural-born douche is pretty easy to spot. This acclaimed actor who has starred in a few classics was 27 and having fun somewhere in Minnesota. He was writing a play at the time and travelled with his photographer. His demeanour was rude and obnoxious. He figured it was OK for him to interject in … Read more

Blind Item: Restroom Lurker

This 1980s “college rock” band was still enjoying newfound success during the ’90s thanks to their prowess and their A-List singer making the right connections. New fans kept coming to the shows, and even underage fans as the restroom lurker rejoiced. Even if he wasn’t signed to this record label mogul (he signed with the … Read more

Blind Item: The Boy Next Door

This A-List actor has been a serial cheater most of his dating life. He’s been married twice but of course, that has never been a deterrent. He was far from being an A-Lister then, more like a C-Lister but he was already part of “the club”. We are going way back with this one, this is a few weeks after the Ravens beat the Giants at the Superbowl…

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