Blind Item: The Creative Guru

This A+ list music executive and producer has become notorious as of late for his so-called spirituality and wisdom, tricking some into venerating him as some creative guru, even though he flat-out admits he has zero knowledge about musical theory. Those who think the producer is clean of Hollywood sin have not looked into his connections and personal habits. A couple of A+ list rock singers learned the hard way, as they partnered with him and the 90’s heartbreaker A+ list actor for a children’s charity: Both are dead, and only the producer and the actor survive.

You have to be naive to think these two survivors have no idea what happened to the frontmen; you don’t reach their level of success and promotion without being a club member. In fact, our creative guru decided with the A+ list guitar player that the singer for this rock superband had to be the A+ list singer from Seattle. Our producer also claimed he was responsible for changing the sound of the band, which belonged to the other deceased frontman, made after their record-breaking debut album. He has worked and rubbed elbows with so many perps (and victims) that he could indeed write a book about celebrity ritual sacrifice.

His obsession with cocaine is legendary and well-known, but as one of my friends told me: ”The man arrived sweating like a pig and stinking like a wildebeest. He removed his shoes and socks and laid on the couch with his eyes closed while listening to the demos. He got up every 15 minutes to run to the restroom and do more blow. Then he just started talking trash about my vocals. I was not a fan.” The producer, who hails from New York, is married and has a son born the same year the A+ list rock singers died. In his sick, twisted mind, he rationalizes death by saying some of his musical sons had to die to give life to his firstborn.

Our producer has been extorted for the last few years due to his extramarital and drug-fueled affair with this A- list actress with three names, who is notorious for denouncing this shock rock singer who got his stage name from an A+ list actress from the 1950s and the MK-Ultra cult leader who directed the murders of yet another A+ list actress who happened to be pregnant when she was killed. The fact he targeted this actress by exploiting her addiction and abuse history is nothing short of nefarious. Make no mistake, he is a giddy participant in everything wrong within the industry.



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