We are in the process of migrating all of our films to our platform. Thank you so much for your support and patience! Louder Than Love: The Murder Of Chris Cornell will be premiered here! You get to watch hundreds of exclusive videos by SUBSCRIBING plus get access to our PDF library. Join the FORUM and watch the free episodes available for each series below.

*I also produced over 100 Weekly Report episodes showcasing the most important happenings worldwide.

You get to watch hundreds of exclusive videos by SUBSCRIBING plus access to our PDF library. Join the FORUM and WATCH the free episodes available for each series. Follow us on:

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8 thoughts on “Films”

  1. I love your videos…great work, Thankyou for bringing light into the darkness

    Gods blessings to you,

    (Your fundraiser link on the films page is broken❤️‍🩹)

  2. Dude so sorry to hear about everything you have gone through with Red lion films.That guy is obviously a fucking scam artist.Trying to get by off the talents of others such as yourself.Imean just looking at the guy gives me the creeps.He will get what he has coming to him People like that dont make it very far before falling flat on their faces.You have a natural god given talent.Guaranteed to succeed!!!

  3. What a great looking site! And unlike Good Lion things actually load. Thank you for the free 2 year membership, Alessandro. Looking forward to Louder Than Love and more films which will expose everything! Blessings to you and Mrs du Chatel!

    • Chris, brother, it’s a pleasure and hope you can make the most of it. We don’t know how long we have until shit really hits the fan but until then we wish to help everyone and ourselves to prepare better! My wife and I will be forever grateful for your support and kindness, especially when things were tougher for us. You have good friends in Europe, always!


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