Louder Than Love: Chris & Chester

2017 was a tragic year for music fans worldwide as the singers Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) met an untimely demise full of inconsistencies and loose ends. In due time, that noise became louder. What many suspected from the beginning ended up acknowledged as a fact: They were taken out due to their involvement in denouncing human trafficking and pedophilia. Join us in this journey which has seen the widows squabble with the families of the deceased in a power struggle to control the narrative. Forensics, timelines, and testimonies point out a macabre conspiracy to murder both men in a ritualistic fashion, faking a suicide by hanging.

Episode 01

Episode 02

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Episode 03

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47 thoughts on “Louder Than Love: Chris & Chester”

      • Can’t wait my brother!! I’d LOVE to know what was the god awful news Chester was talking about that happened. It couldn’t be about LP because he was telling the guys of LP how horrible something was. I know his stepfather had passed away of Cancer and that was terrible but it could have been part of it but I don’t feel entirely it was that. I mean wanting to separate from your marriage and your step dad passing is pretty heavy. And I’m not sure if Chris had passed yet before this interview bc Chester passed at age of 41 and rhey reference how Chester’s 41, so it was after March 20th but I’m just curious if he was talking about a “separation” the friend passing of cancer and his step dad. Loved this episode brother best yet!! There all great but this one shows A LOT! U hVe any thing about The Mansion Laurel Canyon ?? I heard lots of interesting stuff there, it’s where certain parts of Minutes to MIdnight was recorded

      • Great news! I keep looking every day if it’s there yet! When is almost? So impatient,but it just means I think you are doing such a brilliant job and you are following through where everyone has stopped so far!

  1. Looking forward to it! Does Tobi know? I know she’s been Eagerly waiting for CeCe to post part 2 of the Missing Links! I laugh when people tell me I’m not A Chester Bennington fan bc I wouldn’t be spreading such lies and let him RIP, that’s when I try and tell them to look harder to really look and watch all the inconsistency’s unfold, how the “investigation”was closed and over pretty much within 15 mins, why wasnt homicide called for the suicide I thought all suicides are suppose to taken as homicides until they can prove it was intentional.. and how come my favorite part how come thenPVEPD never mentioned the blood soaked carpets, that had to be cleaned Tobi said when her and her mom arrived at Chester’s that day they didn’t get there till a little later in afternoon, Susan had to fly in from Arizona and Tobi from New Jersey so mind u when they walked into Chesters house the first thing they noticed was soaked carpets they asked why all wet and that’s when Elizabeth told them the dog must have killed the family chicken and/or turtle, that was told to the PVEPD chief on scene so why did he feel the need to leave that out? friends weren’t really “friends” and look at the ones who called portrayed Chester the poster child of mental health. After the fact tho know one cared to rally in his honor when he was still here, but now that he’s gone look who’s in the spot light! A couple people had a lot to gain with Chester out of the picture. I can’t wait to see this upcoming masterpiece waited couple years now!! alert on my phone for the 7th!!

  2. Thanks Allesandro, that was a great part 1. I am so glad you haven’t given up on researching their horrible deaths. A few others who started researching one or both cases never came with the promised follow-ups, at least not yet, which makes me think they were somehow stopped in their tracks or got scared. That part 2 of the CB article in the Malibu Times for instance, what happened there? I hope sincerely you will be able to finish this project safely. Looking forward to part 2. 🙏

    • Thank you so much, friend. To some folks it gave the impression this film was never going to happen and I get it, it took quite a while since I started writing it in 2018. I needed to be at a point where my editing was good enough to tell this story properly. I think most who have tried to get the word out have been threatened, especially if they live in the U.S.

      God bless!

      • That is what I thought as well. I did not mean you but everyone who dives into this gets threathened at a certain point. Just want to say stay safe! I believe you are not in the US but still! I really enjoyed this first part. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for putting in all that work and effort. I have to say I was starting to doubt the big release would ever come. Sorry for that! You’re the man! And your editing did get much better, so your plan worked out, it was worth it to take your time.

    The part with the reporter on the ‘The Promise’ premiere blew my mind. That was completely new to me.

    Greetings from Germany

    • Howdy friend! It is my pleasure and I will make them justice with this film. No worries for the doubting, I feel that was a generalized disappointed since it took so long 🙂 Stay tuned as part 3 comes out tonight or tomorrow at the latest!

      • That relentless quality you got is really rare nowadays! Especially with younger people I feel like. I’m not saying at all that I know what happenend in 2017, but the concealing and the lying in general and also the supression of those who seek for the truth has to stop! Even my own father (who is a SG, PJ, CC, LP/CB fan himself) once told me that I’m crazy for not simply believing what the media told us happened back then. I don’t really blame him, because his sources for news are the local newspaper, the government media oulet and that’s it. But some people tend to listen to their guts, and it should not be frowned upon to listen to your gut from time to time. And my gut tells me that (without saying I know what’s the real version) the whole media take on the happenings of 2017 stink so much.

        Again, thank you so much. Looking forward to the next part.

        And Alessandro, I’m really sorry for your loss. Just wanted to send you my condolences. I lost my stepdad in 2016, just before my 18th birthday. He was there all my life and was like a big brother, father and good friend to me. Nothing has been the same since then. But I’m so thankful for “what’s left”. The memories, the lessons he told me, the sense of humor he gave me, the pictures and videos and of course my family, my younger siblings, his children. Sometimes I feel like it can be a relief to not witness all the cruelty that’s in our world anymore.

        There must be something else, there must be something good far away, far away from here.

  4. I loved the third instalment! Absolutely brilliant work Alessandro! So surprised at Jaime’s turnaround after all this time. I feel so sorry for the guy, and for all the children of both Chester and Chris. My God, have you seen how little Toni is photographed recently. Ready for the cattle market. I can hardly imagine iChris would approve. Anyway, hope you are okay. Always worry about people who are in the business of exposing the truth. I love the Mark Morton/ Chester collaboration. Did not know it was out there! All the best and looking forward to the next part!

    Iris 🐈‍⬛

    • Thank you, Iris, you rock! I was also pleasantly surprised by Jaime’s openness after 6 years of struggling to put the pieces together. All of their children have been robbed of their father and a proper correct upbringing which will prove much more difficult in the absence of such loving protectors around them. Make no mistake, they protect from above. I have not seen little Toni lately, I stopped following her at some point precisely because I didn’t want to witness the blatant corrosion aided by her mother and grandmother. We are fine, a bit busy with job interviews to see if we finally can set the ship straight again! These last months been rough but we will prevail. I plan on increasing the intensity on episode 4!! Stay tuned!

  5. Wow, you could tell he had a good soul. He said so so much with just a few words and looks in the carpool karaoke part.

    He wasn’t my genre of music, not surprising I’m 66. He was really good, great voice, showman.

    I cried on the song he did on his friend’s album, really let it out.

    Fantastic job/video Alessandro, I cannot wait to watch part 4.

    I might sound crazy, but I really hope is part of the dead “not really dead” club🥹

    • Thank you so much, Shashee… Your comment made my day as ultimately, what we seek to do as film makers, writes, musicians and artists, is to touch the soul. And we do it hopefully, in the best case of all scenarios, through love and compassion. Showing a side of things or a side from someone you never got to meet in person. Such is the case with Chester, who was a blessed and kind soul. Im 37, he is from my generation (I was 14 when they put out their first record) but spiritually Im Generation X certified… early 90’s alternative rock and all kinds of music from the 80’s is what always jived with me. Hope you enjoy part 4!

  6. Hi Alessandro, part 4 is great as well! I love your research work and also your honesty about having to make a few logical assumptions as some info is just not there. I’m quite shocked Chester actually joined a freemasonic lodge, but I am not surprised seeing the people he was surrounded by. Sean Dowdell even said about himself in his book Tattooed Millionaire how proud he was to be one, talking about charities they support etc. I wonder if Chris was also involved in that way. I can’t imagine it, I can’t wrap my head around it, but then again, he was surrounded by them. And if so, were they forced to join, or were they spies in a hornits nest? Jeez!!!

    • Im so glad you liked it friend! Sadly some of the things I had got lost when my laptop burnt out… I still have it but unable to retrieve the data for now. Some of the things I said, could be backed up by screenshots I no longer have access to… Sean Dowdell gives me an overload of fake douche vibes, can’t stand the guy. I think they were spies in a hornets nest, you dont have to sacrifice nobody early on, that comes after. And in the case of Chris and Chester, they had the talent to not need to compromise in that way. They were just too valuable as money makers and social engineering pawns to waste. I believe they made their intentions clear around 2015-2016 and thats when the plan to take them out started to take form

  7. Holy Crap-o-leee! So much to unback here!

    -Ken S is def “sketch” as my 7 year old grand son would say! Looks like he is in the “club” big time! Haiti, Clinton, Symbols….almost toooo much to add! Very Obvious!

    -I feel so bad for his children, God help them ALL!

    -May all involved in his death and hurting his children and all children BURN in HELL!

    Thank you for such an in-depth and insightful video.

    You must have to armor up with the armor of God when you work on the CRAP brother.



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