Louder Than Love: Chris & Chester

2017 was a tragic year for music fans worldwide as the singers Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) met an untimely demise full of inconsistencies and loose ends. In due time, that noise became louder. What many suspected from the beginning ended up acknowledged as a fact: They were taken out due to their involvement in denouncing human trafficking and pedophilia. Join us in this journey, which has seen the widows squabble with the families of the deceased in a power struggle to control the narrative. Forensics, timelines, and testimonies point out a macabre conspiracy to murder both men in a ritualistic fashion, faking a suicide by hanging.

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Episode 02

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76 thoughts on “Louder Than Love: Chris & Chester”

      • Can’t wait my brother!! I’d LOVE to know what was the god awful news Chester was talking about that happened. It couldn’t be about LP because he was telling the guys of LP how horrible something was. I know his stepfather had passed away of Cancer and that was terrible but it could have been part of it but I don’t feel entirely it was that. I mean wanting to separate from your marriage and your step dad passing is pretty heavy. And I’m not sure if Chris had passed yet before this interview bc Chester passed at age of 41 and rhey reference how Chester’s 41, so it was after March 20th but I’m just curious if he was talking about a “separation” the friend passing of cancer and his step dad. Loved this episode brother best yet!! There all great but this one shows A LOT! U hVe any thing about The Mansion Laurel Canyon ?? I heard lots of interesting stuff there, it’s where certain parts of Minutes to MIdnight was recorded

      • Great news! I keep looking every day if it’s there yet! When is almost? So impatient,but it just means I think you are doing such a brilliant job and you are following through where everyone has stopped so far!

      • Well well well did I see that a part FIVE sneak peek came out?!!! 😱 Was that a birthday present for Chester and I?!! Lol it’s been an unusual month, after well Jaime got silenced by the Black Widow things got quiet. But strangely enough 1 of Chesters High School friends posted on C’s bday that he backs Jaime and thinks Sean should as well! He’s posted a few different videos, and then Liz Crokin posted something about Chris&Chester about 2 1/2 weeks ago! And another psychic medium channeled Chester few days ago, something about The Eye and the ring leader & how someone close to Chester a friend went straight to the Eye and exposed the information Chester and Chris had. Granted it’s speculation but she’s a really good medium so I hear , helps in Forensic cases and cold cases. But I’m excited about part 5 my Brother.

  1. Looking forward to it! Does Tobi know? I know she’s been Eagerly waiting for CeCe to post part 2 of the Missing Links! I laugh when people tell me I’m not A Chester Bennington fan bc I wouldn’t be spreading such lies and let him RIP, that’s when I try and tell them to look harder to really look and watch all the inconsistency’s unfold, how the “investigation”was closed and over pretty much within 15 mins, why wasnt homicide called for the suicide I thought all suicides are suppose to taken as homicides until they can prove it was intentional.. and how come my favorite part how come thenPVEPD never mentioned the blood soaked carpets, that had to be cleaned Tobi said when her and her mom arrived at Chester’s that day they didn’t get there till a little later in afternoon, Susan had to fly in from Arizona and Tobi from New Jersey so mind u when they walked into Chesters house the first thing they noticed was soaked carpets they asked why all wet and that’s when Elizabeth told them the dog must have killed the family chicken and/or turtle, that was told to the PVEPD chief on scene so why did he feel the need to leave that out? friends weren’t really “friends” and look at the ones who called portrayed Chester the poster child of mental health. After the fact tho know one cared to rally in his honor when he was still here, but now that he’s gone look who’s in the spot light! A couple people had a lot to gain with Chester out of the picture. I can’t wait to see this upcoming masterpiece waited couple years now!! alert on my phone for the 7th!!

  2. Thanks Allesandro, that was a great part 1. I am so glad you haven’t given up on researching their horrible deaths. A few others who started researching one or both cases never came with the promised follow-ups, at least not yet, which makes me think they were somehow stopped in their tracks or got scared. That part 2 of the CB article in the Malibu Times for instance, what happened there? I hope sincerely you will be able to finish this project safely. Looking forward to part 2. 🙏

    • Thank you so much, friend. To some folks it gave the impression this film was never going to happen and I get it, it took quite a while since I started writing it in 2018. I needed to be at a point where my editing was good enough to tell this story properly. I think most who have tried to get the word out have been threatened, especially if they live in the U.S.

      God bless!

      • That is what I thought as well. I did not mean you but everyone who dives into this gets threathened at a certain point. Just want to say stay safe! I believe you are not in the US but still! I really enjoyed this first part. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for putting in all that work and effort. I have to say I was starting to doubt the big release would ever come. Sorry for that! You’re the man! And your editing did get much better, so your plan worked out, it was worth it to take your time.

    The part with the reporter on the ‘The Promise’ premiere blew my mind. That was completely new to me.

    Greetings from Germany

      • That relentless quality you got is really rare nowadays! Especially with younger people I feel like. I’m not saying at all that I know what happenend in 2017, but the concealing and the lying in general and also the supression of those who seek for the truth has to stop! Even my own father (who is a SG, PJ, CC, LP/CB fan himself) once told me that I’m crazy for not simply believing what the media told us happened back then. I don’t really blame him, because his sources for news are the local newspaper, the government media oulet and that’s it. But some people tend to listen to their guts, and it should not be frowned upon to listen to your gut from time to time. And my gut tells me that (without saying I know what’s the real version) the whole media take on the happenings of 2017 stink so much.

        Again, thank you so much. Looking forward to the next part.

        And Alessandro, I’m really sorry for your loss. Just wanted to send you my condolences. I lost my stepdad in 2016, just before my 18th birthday. He was there all my life and was like a big brother, father and good friend to me. Nothing has been the same since then. But I’m so thankful for “what’s left”. The memories, the lessons he told me, the sense of humor he gave me, the pictures and videos and of course my family, my younger siblings, his children. Sometimes I feel like it can be a relief to not witness all the cruelty that’s in our world anymore.

        There must be something else, there must be something good far away, far away from here.

  4. I loved the third instalment! Absolutely brilliant work Alessandro! So surprised at Jaime’s turnaround after all this time. I feel so sorry for the guy, and for all the children of both Chester and Chris. My God, have you seen how little Toni is photographed recently. Ready for the cattle market. I can hardly imagine iChris would approve. Anyway, hope you are okay. Always worry about people who are in the business of exposing the truth. I love the Mark Morton/ Chester collaboration. Did not know it was out there! All the best and looking forward to the next part!

    Iris 🐈‍⬛

    • Thank you, Iris, you rock! I was also pleasantly surprised by Jaime’s openness after 6 years of struggling to put the pieces together. All of their children have been robbed of their father and a proper correct upbringing which will prove much more difficult in the absence of such loving protectors around them. Make no mistake, they protect from above. I have not seen little Toni lately, I stopped following her at some point precisely because I didn’t want to witness the blatant corrosion aided by her mother and grandmother. We are fine, a bit busy with job interviews to see if we finally can set the ship straight again! These last months been rough but we will prevail. I plan on increasing the intensity on episode 4!! Stay tuned!

  5. Wow, you could tell he had a good soul. He said so so much with just a few words and looks in the carpool karaoke part.

    He wasn’t my genre of music, not surprising I’m 66. He was really good, great voice, showman.

    I cried on the song he did on his friend’s album, really let it out.

    Fantastic job/video Alessandro, I cannot wait to watch part 4.

    I might sound crazy, but I really hope is part of the dead “not really dead” club🥹

    • Thank you so much, Shashee… Your comment made my day as ultimately, what we seek to do as film makers, writes, musicians and artists, is to touch the soul. And we do it hopefully, in the best case of all scenarios, through love and compassion. Showing a side of things or a side from someone you never got to meet in person. Such is the case with Chester, who was a blessed and kind soul. Im 37, he is from my generation (I was 14 when they put out their first record) but spiritually Im Generation X certified… early 90’s alternative rock and all kinds of music from the 80’s is what always jived with me. Hope you enjoy part 4!

  6. Hi Alessandro, part 4 is great as well! I love your research work and also your honesty about having to make a few logical assumptions as some info is just not there. I’m quite shocked Chester actually joined a freemasonic lodge, but I am not surprised seeing the people he was surrounded by. Sean Dowdell even said about himself in his book Tattooed Millionaire how proud he was to be one, talking about charities they support etc. I wonder if Chris was also involved in that way. I can’t imagine it, I can’t wrap my head around it, but then again, he was surrounded by them. And if so, were they forced to join, or were they spies in a hornits nest? Jeez!!!

    • Im so glad you liked it friend! Sadly some of the things I had got lost when my laptop burnt out… I still have it but unable to retrieve the data for now. Some of the things I said, could be backed up by screenshots I no longer have access to… Sean Dowdell gives me an overload of fake douche vibes, can’t stand the guy. I think they were spies in a hornets nest, you dont have to sacrifice nobody early on, that comes after. And in the case of Chris and Chester, they had the talent to not need to compromise in that way. They were just too valuable as money makers and social engineering pawns to waste. I believe they made their intentions clear around 2015-2016 and thats when the plan to take them out started to take form

  7. Holy Crap-o-leee! So much to unback here!

    -Ken S is def “sketch” as my 7 year old grand son would say! Looks like he is in the “club” big time! Haiti, Clinton, Symbols….almost toooo much to add! Very Obvious!

    -I feel so bad for his children, God help them ALL!

    -May all involved in his death and hurting his children and all children BURN in HELL!

    Thank you for such an in-depth and insightful video.

    You must have to armor up with the armor of God when you work on the CRAP brother.


  8. I just finished watching 4 just in time for 5. Alot of info I wasn’t aware of. You put it all together so well. Looking forward to watching more of your work with my new subscription ✌💖🙏

  9. Brilliant part V Alessandro. What a strange behaving Mike in that Q&A, what was that all about. Rhetorical question of course! Anyway well done, can’t wait for part VI.

    Wishing you and your wife a nice Easter!

  10. Hey Alessandro, was highly anticipating Episode 5, and once again, you did not disappoint! What a stellar job laying out the background and facts of this very, very, sad, yet fascinating story, due to the evil machinations involved.

    Having lived on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for some years, I can attest to poor law enforcement response there. As a horse trainer, I resided in the gated equestrian community of Portugese Bend, only a few miles south of Chester’s PVE residence in Lunada Bay. It absolutely BLOWS MY MIND that as security conscious as Chester was reported to be, that he would not have at least resided there, instead, or another of several more secure gated enclaves on the Hill!

    Where his residence was located, anyone could drive right up to the open driveway on his property, totally unhindered. In fact, I used to run for exercise right through his neighborhood. At this point, one can only wonder: WHO was really looking out for his best interests?

    With regard to law enforcement, our residential area was only served by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept., no local Police at all. Average response time to this remote part of the Peninsula was *30 minutes* so it was pointless to call them one evening when I heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway right outside my window, having just retired to bed.

    With no outside lights on, it was also dark inside, so I was able to clearly observe a white panel van with two Latino guys conversing in the lighted cab of the truck, only a few feet from my window. Since I was very familiar with residential services, that particular vehicle was totally out of place, especially at night. So, I grabbed a loaded shotgun and turned on an interior light. I didn’t even get to the front door before they quickly peeled out of there!

    There had recently been a LOT of Panga/smuggler boats full of marijuana washing up in the rocky coves below, so residents were on high-alert. The fact is, we had to mind our own safety. Where Chester lived in PVE they have their own Police Department, which taxes on multi-million $$ properties could easily afford.

    Another incident that comes to mind, was in 2021 when Tiger Woods somehow(?) crashed his Bentley SUV in broad daylight descending off the Hill. Big surprise, infamous golfer and nothing ever came of it… hmm.

    Corruption seems to be everywhere, but it really rears it’s ugly head in LA County when the famous and/or elite are involved.

    • Friend, thank you so much for your very detailed comment and praises. You know how important this series is for me and for everything I have done in the past, this is the culmination of an era for me. I was wondering if I can share a bit of what you have written here about living in the area, for the intro of the next episode? God bless you and yours!

  11. This series is so well done, thank you for your hard work on putting all of the pieces together. These two were murdered, and your documentary solidifies my beliefs. Looking forward to the future episodes to see if you tie in Bono as I suspect he is related to Chesters murder as well. Found you on J2T chat, and so glad I did. Excellent work, thank you for what you do!

  12. Hopping on over to your site from good lion. I was really shocked to hear about Alvear. Elegantly Wasted, the death of Michael Hutchence was very good. So are you saying all the content over there not correct? Changing subjects, I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but is Chester B’s real father John Podesta? With his glasses on he looks just like Podesta. That would kind of make sense Chester knew about the children.

  13. Wow I never knew all that about Officer Belda, and was it known if the LAFD if Michael Friedman was one of fighters on scene? I hate that Mike basically laughed through that Doc.Brown question, and did u see the one interview where the guy asked him “if he thinks sinister hands played a role in the death of Chester”? His answer was extremely suspicious. I’m glad a lot more people are becoming aware of this especially since Jaime speaking out (then again a lot call Him mentally unstable) but Jaime even with the whole Church thing, like why did Talinda crop him out of their “family photo”? And now Liz Crokin mentioned something on twitter few months back and Chester’s high school friend actually started saying stuff on Chester’s past birthday. This is definitely a case that keeps me up at night , and i hope I’m around to see Justice served pockets run so so deep in this crooked world though I absolutely hate it! I Will support you till the end my brother love all u do and remember just be vigilant and stay safe as always!!

    • I dont think Friedman was at the scene, doesnt match with any of the names that were mentioned in the reports. Shinoda is such a dumbass… He is always saying the wrong things. Shallow guy. Thank you for everything sister, God bless!

  14. Episode 6: Excellent work, Alessandro, per the meticulous investigator and artist that you are!

    My question, with all of the deaths staged as suicides of so many rock n’ roll legends, is why?

    Is it because they refused to sell their souls to Satan, and go along with the twisted, evil exploitation of innocent children, seduced by money, and the disgusting debauchery so surely witnessed?

    Psychic Sloan, reiterated how strong Chester’s Spirit was, and still is. Staged “suicide” is the final mocking committed by these EVIL scum… the last desperate calling card of weak, pathetic losers.

    The truly gifted cannot hide their Light under a bushel. And this, they hate, so it must be extinguished.

    Sloppy clues left in plain sight to send their sick message. But in the end, the joke is on them because there is nowhere to hide from The Creator of All That Is.

    Divine Justice prevails and LOVE wins.

    • Thank you so much dear friend! It really takes a while to finish these investigations ha, it only took me 6 years! Seriously tho, its been quite the journey and I feel at tremendous peace having finished Chester’s bid. Half of the weight in my shoulders is gone, now moving unto Chris. They refused to play along and stay quiet indeed, some of these guys start in secret societies thinking is just a Hollywood networking thing and later on they find out the true sickness within and they decide to bolt. Or they decide to play both sides and filter out intel though someone else… Its been happening for decades now. And yes, suicide is the ultimate humiliation… A true man would never off himself and leave his family behind, and there is no way Chris and Chester would have.

  15. Hi Alessandro!

    Glad to see this is still going. Lately I’ve once again been thinking about Chris a lot. About all the incredibly great music, about what was and especially what could have been.
    King Animal is such a good record, getting to listen to the final SG record would be a dream come true. I think they were heading right into a really promising era music wise from 2011 to 2017.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve sent you an E-Mail because I had a question about the purchase of the website membership/this series.

    Thanks for investing all that time into this project. You actually inspired me to start a documentary type project as well. The last 6 months I’ve been working on a series that’s just about Chris and his legacy. My goal is to reach a few people on Youtube, especially Rock fans that aren’t completely familiar with Chris’ legendary legacy yet. Being 25 I wasn’t there when SG happened. But in the last few years they became my all time favorite band and Chris my all time favorite songwriter and musician.
    It will definitely take some time but it will come out eventually and I’m trying hard to give some viewers on YT a proper showcase of what this man left to this world.

  16. Thank you, Alessandro, for doing all of this!

    I am from Austria, so english is not my native language, so please apologise for possible missspellings:

    I have been occupied with the theme human trafficing and am following the “Operation Underground Railroad” (https://ourrescue.org/) since a few years and also, and also what you mentioned, that they are predicting real happenings in movies – thinking of “Eyes wide shut” or “The 9th Gate” with Johnny Depp – I then already knew this must be somehow true and happening and when I saw the Story of that young man attending this hollywood elite party – it was all over youtube and social media ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21DDcrr7BxY ) we have proof. And to me the things he talked about, with the things happening in his flat, while he was sleeping and noone realised someone must have broke into it – same with his car, … I had the questions answered: How would someone get into CC’s hotelroom without being noticed at all, for example.

    Some time after CC died, I have seen an American TV-Show which was synchronized in German, but originially it’s called “Autopsy: The Last Hours Of …” and saw the one with him. And allthough I did not know him that well all these years ago, when I saw it, I knew something wasn’t right. After watching your documentary and Natly Denise’s … I want to recommend this show to you, as there are informations, that you guys did not mention in yours, like for example the Dr. said, that based on the medical reports, the amount of drugs he had in his blood, were like “normal” – a therapeutic level, not an overdose or something. Also the information about “the widow” is different. (I know you know she contradicted herself several times).
    What I also learned from you, is with this greek host and VC and that they were/are more than connected… – When I googled – I could not find anything regarding these 2 – only later an interview by him with her in greek language and what I found so interesting is – that even though the common watcher can’t understand what they were talking about, there are several comments about her like “Nobody is buying what she is selling, and has been trying to sell since she wrote that “love letter” and even a man commenting “She is a very harsh looking woman…when I first saw her I was surprised he would find someone with such a dark aura attractive.” and that’s what I always think, without even knowing her and not out of jealousy or so – but I am a very intuitive person and mostly feel people right away and what/who they are – even from a picture: I never understood what he found in here and that she just did not feel “right” – It is hard do explain. Compared to him, only looking into those eyes – so deep, kind, loving, endless – you could see right through and also his pain but his soul just shone through for me (and I am sure for a lot of others too). Thinking further – you know that saying “We often date our parents” in some way? We only know, that he had a harsh upbringing and maybe VC had something as his mother did – I experienced this myself and only years after this toxic relationship was over, I realised that there were so many similiarities with my Ex and my father growing up, I just could not see them before, and it took hard (healing) work to unreavel this. So many things in our world and especially with realtionships in general run off subcounsciously until we become conscious. So that might be an explanation.

    Anyway I am very much looking forward to further investigations of you about CC and as I have some extra time: If you could use any help on this – I am glad to help researching or so.

    Thank you, Alessandro!

  17. Also, what I actually wanted to add (there are so many things on my mind) about the story of that young man attending this hollywood elite party – ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21DDcrr7BxY ) was that, this is all interconnected and how these people work and when they (CC and CB for example) attended and unknowingly took part on some of these activities at these parties how they are blackmailing the guests with recordings they have of them attending and seeing these horrible, disgusting “activities” – maybe they were there once like this young man not knowing what would happen but seen and just known too much, you know what I mean?

    • Dougie Corrado’s Secret Hollywood Elite Party story is fictional.

      However, that does not mean those parties don’t happen close to the discription he came up with. After all, he mentions that his team researches meticuously all the fictional stories they do on his channel.

      • Thank you for clarifying, Lian! I could not find anything that denied his stories before.

        Nontheless, as you say: I am sure these parties happen and when you read the comment section, you saw a lot of people commenting about their individual experiences.


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