The Lizard King: Jim Morrison

The singer for the rock band The Doors personified the debaucherous, uninhibited lifestyle of the 1960s. Jim Morrison has become a legendary figure, fueled to prominence by a score of books, articles, films, and myths. The rock shaman had a penchant for danger, and soon enough, he found himself immersed in the occult, participating in several rituals. His father was U.S. Navy Captain George Morrison, the commander of the Carrier Division during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This false flag operation would justify the escalation of the Vietnam War. From his young days in Melbourne, Florida to his mysterious demise in Paris, France, was The Lizard King another victim of the Faustian Bargain?

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4 thoughts on “The Lizard King: Jim Morrison”

  1. Great work Alessandro!
    Seeing this I think he was tired of the business and not planning on returning soon.
    So I think he was worth more as a dead man, mystical dead singers sell a lot of records.
    I also see some parallels with Bon Scott. He too got tired of the business and died in strange circumstances…

  2. Thanks for this pack of well documented, smartly told and at the same time entertaining piece of work.
    The sound is just amazing and recalling Morrison and learning about his biography is painful and brilliant at the same time

  3. Thanks for your precious work Ale !

    Reading Jim’s poems and songs is totally unsettling because they can have so many meanings, they can be interpreted as visions , as dreamlike delusions, as refined provocations sometimes bordering on decency but there is one key that unites them all and makes them a fluid and metaphorical tale of what I think Jim was .
    The ‘accident, as told could be a MKULTRA induced trauma , the peyote in the desert and him following the shaman could be an initiatory rite ( maybe his true nature and his ancient soul warning him ).Let’s not talk about his relationship with the witch reporter and the blood drinking : obvious ritual and consecration to the Elite .
    These are just a few examples that are obvious to me and in his lirycs I see clear indications and warnings .

    “Do you know we are being led to
    Slaughters by placid admirals,
    And that fat slow generals are getting
    Obscene on young blood?”
    Do you know we are ruled by TV?”

    ” I will not go
    Prefer a feast of friends
    To the Giant family”


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