Blind Item: Priests And Snakes

The organizer tipped our unknown local rock singer and supplier of this event during one of their poker games. He was warned it would be a wild and long night, and we will call him ”A.” The two B-list rock singers from these British bands were on the prowl and didn’t take no for an answer, as many who crossed paths would learn, sadly. The experience would change him forever; he was not prepared for what he was to witness that evening. One of the bands is named after an animal and its color. The other one mentions one of the apostles. We are calling the lead singer of the former ”C” and the lead singer of the latter ”H.”

The bands were playing at this Central American nation’s national stadium. ”H’s” gay lifestyle was always an open secret, finally confirmed during an infamous interview with MTV. However, the bisexual proclivities of ”C” are hidden from those outside his inner circle, or at least they are supposed to be. The problem with this is not so much the homosexuality, but the fact that both liked them very young. Copious amounts of ecstasy, cocaine, and poppers were ordered for the liaison, and our supplier thought this was going to be business as usual.

He was mistaken. The show was good, but nothing to write home about. The opening band delivered, and the main act was the most explosive. When he arrived at the hotel, there were already signs of debauchery of the worst kind: underage boys and girls drinking and doing drugs with some band members. Our supplier noticed ”C” was leading the charge at a superficial glance as he immediately asked for the goods. They went to a small room to see the merch, and this is when ”C” said: ”You can stay a while and have some fun with us, you know? Make your worthwhile?”

”A” nodded and went on to drink outside when a bandmate of ”H” insisted the supplier needed to head to room #33 and deliver some goods to the gay lead singer. He was trying to avoid this, as his deviant reputation is legendary. ”A” headed to the elevator, where he turned to the left. He knocked on the door and heard screaming and bumping inside the room. He was rattled by it. As he was to knock a 2nd time, the door opened, and a visibly young teenage boy made it outside in a hurry while putting his shirt back on. What was happening was evident, and ”A” tried to locate the victim after delivering the goods, but without success.



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