Blind Item: Bohemian Chef

This pair of men had not seen each other in at least four years, and their friendship had gone sour over a woman. They met at a tiny but famous new-wave club that closed its doors for private parties after 2 a.m. and until noon. Our unknown rock singer was not quick to forget his friend’s betrayal. This is not his first participation in a blind item; we will call him ”A.C.” He is very active nowadays, under a completely different format. After the incident, his treasonous friend left the Central American nation (and his daughter) to pursue a culinary career up north, so he moved to Louisiana, where his family was from. Interestingly enough, he shares the same last name and bloodline as the Princess of Pop, who has been fighting a conservatorship in public. They are second cousins.

It was around 1:00 a.m., and as whiskey came and went, A.C. pretended he was not bothered by his former friend’s presence and decided to keep it friendly for one last evening. They updated each other on their lives, problems, and resolutions. The treasonous friend got serious and started spilling some tea about his summer gig at a very exclusive gentleman’s club in California. In mid-July each year, the 2,700-acre property hosts a two-week encampment for some of the most prominent men in the world. Many nefarious ordeals are negotiated on the premises, and worst are the sins carried on by the wealthy guests.

The treasonous friend confessed the pay was incredible, but the downside was that he could not include the experience in his resumé or have his mobile while on the premises. Unlike the guests, the staff get several options for their stay outside of the encampment, mostly around Sonoma County. They are warned not to make any small talk with the guests, but several of the wealthy men proposition the staff for sexual encounters and general debauchery. The treasonous friend got propositioned by an A-list gay actor whose career has been obscured by his sexual misconduct and multiple accusations. At least three of his accusers have met an untimely end. He bragged about it as if it was an honour.

A.C. wasn’t shocked, as his former friend had always been a degenerate. He was way more appalled about the following revelation, though. At the time, the frontman wasn’t an expert in these so-called conspiracies, but he had knowledge of this club and the rituals that made it infamous. The treasonous friend confirmed that these evil ceremonies took place, added to the known flow of drugs and prostitutes from both sexes to calm the thirst of the attendees. When bragging about the five-star dishes he had to prepare for the guests, the treasonous friend admitted he was approached in private to cook in a BBQ at one of the campsites. Besides doing blow with a former U.S. president, he had the daunting task of improvising a quality dish based on human meat.



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