Blind Item: Toronto Buyers Club

The age of consent in Toronto is currently 16, but it was 14 back then. For obvious reasons, many artists who have a proclivity for minors love this city. Initially, they proposed that it be set at nine years old to appease the Muslim party members. These artists could get what they seek via their industry enablers, but some love the “hunt.” This A-list actor, notorious for his acting method, is also a musician. According to some of his fans, he’s also a Messiah, almost a divinity.

The culture of celebrity worship is indeed dangerous but mostly depressing. Many good people are so void of self-love and self-appreciation that they make idols out of criminals. That’s supposed to fade as people find themselves and grow up past a certain age. The artists know their target demographic lies with teenagers and young adults, mostly. Jane Doe, 14, was first approached by the actor in 1997 outside of the old Sutton Place Hotel. He was traveling with a permanent A-list singer then, arguably as her boy toy.

Her handler was 14 years older than the actor, but this is not a problem in Tinsel town. He was 25 then and very aggressive in his approach towards the young girl. He insisted he could show her the world and give her the time of her life. He bragged about his skills in bed and asked the young teen if she liked it rough. When she rejected his advances, he quickly turned into a monster and told Jane that she was lucky he noticed her. He left as he told her she would regret saying “no” for the rest of her life. Our children are not safe around these people.



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  1. Canada raised the age of constant to 16 in 2008 ! GROSS! Growing up in Toronto many pimps recruited 14 year olds from outside the elementary schools. Parents couldn’t do a thing about it. Unless the adult was clergy,teacher basically in a position of power the perpetrators were safe.


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