Blind Item: The President’s Wife

The current president of a vast superpower has been front, and center criticized due to his flailing cognitive ability ever since before being elected, or more like ever since his handlers stole the elections. Not much mystery here, but we will make an effort. The focus here is on the president’s misdeeds some 50 years ago, before, during, and after his first wife perished in a gnarly car accident. The police determined that the deceased wife drove into the path of the tractor-trailer, whose driver was 33 years old at the time. He died in 1999.

All four occupants were taken to the hospital, where the wife and daughter were pronounced dead on arrival, while the two sons were treated for multiple serious injuries. A fellow employee from the school where the deceased wife was teaching at the time of her murder recently confirmed some suspicions along with a former student that will make your skin crawl. ”I recently went online and saw pics of a happy, smiling wife when she first met and married the politician. That is not the woman who taught us. She was rail thin and harsh-looking. Like she had a tremendous worry in her mind and her heart.”

”No matter who tried to catch her eye, smile, and look for her approval, she could not give it. My mother and her friends would discuss how she was the reason for the geriatric president’s success. I read that fact in an old News Journal article as well. The deceased wife’s family goes back to the original settlers of America. Their influence was felt in Massachusetts, New York, and Philadelphia. It was not just her drive but her family connections that benefited the geriatric president. We believe the deceased wife was aware of her husband molesting the children.”

”She was taking the children and leaving the opportunist politician on the day of her murder. The newspaper reports say they theorize she was distracted and took her foot off the break at the intersection. No way! This was a time without cell phones and distractions. She had her children with her. Her husband had her followed, and her car might have been pushed into the oncoming tractor-trailer. Have you seen the pictures of the geriatric president at the hospital with his two boys? He lacks the look of a concerned father.”

”In one pic, he looks like he is about to poke his son’s leg, which is in traction. In another shocking situation, his youngest son was given an instant picture camera and was fascinated by it. His father stares at him in this compelling picture. His fascination with picture-taking started at a very young age. When you spoke about the deceased wife having a certain BA level, that was the first I ever heard of her drinking. I never heard one rumor of her and alcohol. Perhaps it was in the police report, but given the opportunist politician’s power or connections at that time, it could have been a plant to shift the blame.”



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