Blind Items: The Creative Guru

This A+ list music executive and producer has become notorious as of late for his so-called spirituality and wisdom, tricking some into venerating him as some creative guru, even though he flat-out admits he has zero knowledge about musical theory. Those who think the producer is clean of Hollywood sin have not looked into his … Read more

Belly Of The Beast: Director’s Cut

Is the United States of America, by design, set to fulfill an ancient, esoteric prophecy charted by mystics of ages past? For thousands of years, mystery religions and diverse occultists have shrouded prophecies of a great continent of the Western Hemisphere that would become the catalyst of the final world kingdom. This globally sovereign empire … Read more

The Mystery Of Israel Solved

This film exposes something so nefarious, evil, and mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing light on the criminal entities who have always been hiding behind both the state of Israel and Hamas. This film has the … Read more

Anneke Lucas: Alandra Markman

Alandra Markman is an SRA survivor, poet-on-demand, healer, and meditation teacher. In this interview, he shares about the extreme trauma he experienced from birth onward, about how he escaped the cult, and about his years of healing. Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation … Read more

Survivor Stories: Anneke Lucas

Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model. Her work is based on her personal experience of a 30-year healing journey after surviving being sold by her family as a child sex slave to a pedophile network. … Read more

The Rise Of American Satanism

There has been a subtle agenda to introduce satanism into society and make it go mainstream. Satanism refers to a group of religious, ideological, and philosophical beliefs based on Satan (also called Lucifer) – particularly his worship. Satan is a figure of the devil in Christian belief, a fallen angel and leader of the devils … Read more

The New Age And The Occult

Occultist Alice Bailey wrote a long time ago about their plans to infiltrate the church by using terms that sound Christian and yet teach occult practices. The fundamental belief system of a new age practitioner is that God — who they usually refer to as ‘source energy,’ the ‘divine creator,’ or the ‘universe’ — has … Read more

Testimony: Ex-Satanist Jonas Lukuntu Mpala

Prepare yourself for the hair-raising, bone-chilling account of Jonas Lukuntu Mpala, who once walked in the shadows as an agent of Satan. His testimony, fraught with peril and darkness, is a testament to the transformative power of redemption. Discover how the radiant, saving grace of Jesus Christ broke his infernal chains and rescued him from … Read more

Holy Heartbeats: Christ Centered Testimonies

Disclaimer: The testimonies shared on my channel are presented as they were received, and they reflect the personal experiences and perspectives of the individuals who have kindly shared their stories. I do not claim to verify or authenticate the events recounted in these testimonies. The content is intended to promote open dialogue and understanding, and … Read more

Blind Item: Bohemian Chef

This pair of men had not seen each other in at least four years, and their friendship had gone sour over a woman. They met at a tiny but famous new-wave club that closed its doors for private parties after 2 a.m. and until noon. Our unknown rock singer was not quick to forget his … Read more

Wolf Watch: 100s Of Free Documentaries

*NOTE: We don’t vouch for the total veracity of any of these productions. They are shared for educational purposes. Please make sure to use your discernment and fact-check the information available here, as we are not responsible for it. Thank you so much for your support and patience! By SUBSCRIBING, you can watch hundreds of … Read more

Wolf Watch: Habbening Net News

Habbening Net News creates documentaries on some of the most censored topics of our time! Enjoy these deep dives into some of the lesser-covered topics and discover truths the MSM DOES NOT want out there! That’s What Happened is a multi-media network dedicated to decentralized hosting and ensuring that content creators who seek to deliver … Read more

The Weekly Report: Episode #111

The Weekly Report returns after a 4-month pause due to the website’s relaunch, among other priorities. Tune in this Sunday night, and every Sunday for the new delivery. My name is Alessandro du Châtel and I created Total Disclosure in early 2018 as a means to expose human trafficking, pedophilia, high-profile murders, and occult secret … Read more

The Dark Truth: Fake New Age Gurus

Rhonda Byrne’s Film, “The Secret” popularised the “Law of Attraction” greatly, and has allowed this philosophy/belief to permeate the mainstream for a very long time. But the history that lies behind “The Secret” has its roots all the way back to the 1800s, when the New Thought Movement began taking strides, as well as other … Read more

Hollywood Blind Items: Jamie Dlux

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, and relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC, at the age of 11 years old, Jamie Dlux is a musician, most notably for SharkLegs, Dead Center, and Sons of Atom, a photographer, graphic designer, published poet and author (Poetry’s Not Dead: A Collection of Poems by Southern Punks) and a Youtuber. As of … Read more

Wolf Watch: Demon Possessed

A new documentary film exposing demonic possession in America. Demons or drugs? Why are people being affected by poison of the mind? Many belief systems hold demonic possession to be the control of an individual by an evil supernatural being. Descriptions of demonic possessions often include erased memories or personalities, convulsions, “fits” and fainting as … Read more

NWO: Secret Societies & Biblical Prophecy

This film by Leonard Ulrich studies how evil is systematically fulfilling Bible prophecy. It is a 6,000-year survey of secret societies and a 220-year survey of progressively engineered warfare. Far from “conspiracy theory” or “Bible thumping”, it calmly relies on original source documents. This video will challenge your worldview, regardless of your background. It is … Read more

Wolf Watch: Farmlands (Laura Southern)

Compelling documentary uncovering the violence against South African farmers. What is most shocking is the barbarity of the violence: torture, rape and other horrific crimes. These are race-based hate crimes in what is clearly a campaign of terrorism and carried out with the unofficial support of the government. The rapid dissolution of South Africa into … Read more

New York: Chabad Underground Tunnels

The scandal/coverup of the week went mainstream thanks to a video revealing the inside of a bizarre tunnel built by a group of Hasidic Jewish men underneath a historic Brooklyn synagogue. The footage leads viewers down stairs and through hallways to a dirt-filled room where a roughly 2-foot-by-2-foot grate has been removed from the wall of the building, … Read more

The Hidden Cult: Jewish Ritual Murder

For most of history, belief in Jewish ritual murder was acceptable and widely accepted. Naturally, the Jews aren’t the only group who have practiced (and might still practice) ritual murder. Historically, it is fairly common: the Aztecs, numerous African tribes, and the ancient Carthinagians come to mind. But since WW2, with the rise of Jewish … Read more

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