Silenced: Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was murdered on May 17, 2017, in Detroit, Michigan. He is known as the singer of the bands Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog. Chris worked with several charities helping children, including in Haiti, during the Clinton Foundation debacle. His foundation assisted vulnerable children and he visited a refugee camp in Greece a few weeks before passing. Chris also delivered a report to the United Nations on child sex trafficking affecting refugees at the same time.

He worked with Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Brad Pitt, and Rick Rubin on his charity “Luminary Lane”. A name reminiscent of Layne Staley, his deceased friend, and frontman for Alice in Chains. Susan Silver, his first wife, was the manager for both Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. He found a black book containing a list of addresses where children were delivered for sex trafficking or worse. The black book included several of his acquaintances – Actors, and musicians he knew or worked with at some point.

Unfortunately, these revelations would be the least shocking for him. He discovered his wife Vicky was embezzling the funds of their foundation, funds meant to help children. Besides, she’s involved in trafficking young women to Mykonos and Dubai for yachting (high-class prostitution). Her associates for these crimes are rumored to be her mother, Antonia Vassiliades, Anna Vissi, and Sanela Diana Jenkins. Antonia pimped her daughter since she was a minor to have her marry a rich man. That man was Chris Cornell.

Suspects and accomplices

Chris Cornell and Vicky separated in early 2016. He lived in Florida, and she lived with the kids in New York. The divorce was imminent and would have left Vicky with no money due to a prenup agreement. Add that to the revelations involving the paternity of their two children: Toni and Chris Jr. Vicky signed a deal with the Devil and helped set up Chris for murder, she had $60 million reasons to do it. The love was long gone, the love was never mutual, it was all on Chris’ side.

The main suspect in the murder is South African army grunt, Martin Kirsten, with a history of blackmail and violence. Rumors link him to Mossad’s elite killing squads and as an occasional driver for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He dated supermodel Heidi Klum, who worked for Lex Wexner, both involved in the Epstein debacle. Directly involved in the murder planning: David Geffen, Ron Burkle, and Eric Esrailian. Courtney Love (barbiturate supplier), Linda Ramone, JD King, and Antonia Vassiliades are accomplices.

People like Tom Hanks, James Franco, Jeremy Renner, Taylor Momsen, Courtney Love, Anna Vissi, Diana Jenkins, Billy Idol, Tom Morello, Brad Pitt, Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Ron Laffite, Jared Leto, George Clooney, Mike Shinoda, Talinda Bennington, Eddie Vedder, Bono, Sting, Elton John, Daron Malakian, Serj Tankian, Ciro Orsini, Nikos Karvelas, and Lord Mandelson know about the murder. Some before, others after the fact. Brad Pitt was gagged by the Cabal, and threatened with his family; he sheltered himself in alcohol after the murder.

Silenced souls

Vicky has also taken legal and immoral actions against the band, Soundgarden – Trying to steal their share of the last songs recorded. She went after Chris’ daughter with Susan Silver, Lily Cornell – Took her out of the will and isolated her from her siblings and events honoring her father. The person who has been closest to speaking is Ben Sheperd, he and Chris Cornell were very close. He spoke out against the murder in private but won’t talk in public.

Chester Bennington was looking into the murder until his death and had copies of the black book Chris was working on exposing. Kato Khandwala, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Ines Zorreguieta, and Avicii suffered a similar fate. Chris Cornell died by strangulation: He had nine broken ribs, uneven ligature marks, a bleeding head wound, and a torn shirt. Suicide ligature marks are ALWAYS even due to pressure. All signals of a confrontation before his death as he fought for his life.

He took two Ativan pills, nothing extraordinary, but then someone slipped a barbiturate substance into his drink. Drugs are used as a scapegoat for the suicide bullshit and to make him vulnerable to an attack. The bodyguards worked alone or assisted by the security guards dressed as policemen escorting them to the MGM. Witnesses recall Chris being annoyed at the presence of the “fake” cops, and one of them roughed him up before the show. This event caused his head wound to reopen, Vicky had hurt him a few nights earlier during their last confrontation.

During Louder than Love, I will destroy the timeline proving the perps are lying. I will expose testimonies by friends, musicians, family, intelligence, police, and others. The forensic analysis will be the last nail in the coffin for the killers.



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  1. Cannot wait for DT to clean the swamp and put these murderers behind bars were they belong . It is a long time coming. They know their game is up.

      • DT wasn’t and He isn’t a Pedo, He was involved in with a sting operation that has been going on ever since 9/11 and with in the whole time that he was “undercover” He had been gathering up information of “the who & what & where” was doing this that and so many “other things” that were involved.
        There are documented statements from Epstein’s Young Victims who that when interviewed they were asked about Who they saw & who they had witnessed raping young girls etc and the witnesses had mentioned Joe Biden, Clinton’s, Obama etc and They were asked about whether they had Seen Donald Trump involved in any of this & the witnesses had all said “No, He would catch a flight to go to or from some where on Epsteins Plane but That was it, He never went towards the back of the Plane where the young girls & boys were kept.
        The witnesses were also asked about whether or not if they seen Donald Trump involved sexually with any young adults on Epstein Island and they all said “No, Never & I kind of got a feeling that He hated or didn’t like Jeffrey Epstein because He would stare him down with daggers in his eyes” or something to that effect

    • I knew chris cornell was murdered and it wasnt suicide. Thank you for putting it all into words. I wish there was something that could be done to get justice for Chris cornello

  2. I am looking forward to the documentary – I have always believed Chris and Chester were killed — thanks for all that you do and the risk you are taking!.

    • Linkin Park is a military base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was a place where MK Ultra and child abuse took place. The day that Chris Cornell was murdered, is the anniversary date of the Linkin Park massacre. Notice that the kids were taken to a mink farm and the governments have been killing off farmed mink “due to Covid”. I don’t even know what all that means, but it’s weird…

    • Chris Cornell has been in several of my dreams in 2020 trying to tell me something. Each dream we did not connect. However, as much as I love or should I say loved Pearl Jam I stopped listening to them when they wrote the very hateful song about President Donald Trump. Also, alarm bells went off when I learned Eddie did not attend Chris’s funeral. That bothered me and I was consumed by it. Chris Cornell was a truly unique, beautiful person with the most amazing voice ever. After I stopped listening to Pearl Jam, Chris not longer appeared in my dreams. I am awake now with all the evil in the world. It is extremely sad and sickening. Is Eddie good or bad? Does he have the gift of gab that fooled us all. This entire situation with the world has made me realize that I feel I was lied to my entire life.

  3. Dear Al,
    Stellar work I gotta say – MASSIVE RESPECT for your bravery against these satanic pedos. Been following your work for years. Am not sure if you were aware but there was an Indian actor who was recently “arkancided” in Bollywood and has many parallels to Chris Cornell’s arkancide. Do look into the mysterious deaths of SSR aka Sushant Singh Rajput – death by strangulation and strange ligature marks – there is a massive uproar with the Indian movie going public who has started to boycott the film industry there. There have been other ‘arkancides’ in India as well including Disha Salian, Jiah Khan, Parvin Babi, Divya Bharti, Sunanda Pushkar and many others – all their deaths are being exposed by REPUBLIC MEDIA NETWORK & TIMES NOW NETWORK in India. Thought that the murder of SSR may interest you seeing as you are an ace investigator – strangely SSR’s murder resembles that of Isaac Kappy as well – likewise SSR was trying to expose traffickers and pedos in Bollywood among other secrets he wanted to release. ssr died on June 14, 2020. keep up the great work and the good fight. Great to see you back on social media as well after a long time.

  4. I looked into it as deep as I could from the second I herd he was dead . As I read his autopsy report , I in real time I accepted what I was reading to be proof he was murdered . A deep sadness rose from my heart . I cried m eyes out but this didn’t stop me for looking into all this myself .

  5. Wow…. fantastic connections and research. I also like to research similar subjects. I wonder how many of these “Non Profit Save the Kids foundations” are really a cover. Meaning these front men “philanthropists” are being used to give validity to a human trafficking syndicate. Just yesterday was a reading about Scott Stapp from Creed. I found it really strange when I saw he promotes questionable a charity called child fund. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/1e/14/97B28F27-79CF-48CB-B194-2FE8095E5FE9/Screenshot%202021-02-13%20at%201.00.11%20PM.png

    Check out the logo. It is a known symbol for child sacrifice.

    Some believe that the child trafficking Foundation called THORN founded by Ashton and Demi (god) was really just a company used to police the crimes they commit. After seeing Demi Moore French kiss a 15 year old, it seems odd.

  6. Thanks! Great reply. I’m about to devour all of your information.research. Cant wait. I want to watch the movie Louder then Love. I can’t seem to find it. Can you advise?

  7. To All who Care,

    Tonight was Chris’ final performance. Little did he know, he had less than 4 hours to live, before being murdered. Little did we know how to go on knowing these gruesome facts and how to move forward without him. His Wife’s greed is the cause of his death. The manner of death was surprise attack and strangulation – but it’s just a vehicle by which Chris evolved from Earth to Heaven. Do not let anyone convince you he took his own life, his death was staged and the reasons for it are clear.

    I reach out with empathy and understanding to all who, like me, are struggling to accept his loss of life. Peace & justice to all, including Chris. xoxoxo

  8. I believe every word of this. From the moment I first heard of his death, something inside me said it was murder, not suicide. How careless can the Bad Guys be? How stupid do they think we all are? This has been going on for a very long time now, and it’s easier each time to spot wrongdoing. The Bad Guys must, MUST be stopped! Too many sisters and brothers being taken from us in the name of protecting the most vile and wrong enterprise in our world.

  9. Thank you for this amazing webpage and for YOUR LEGENDARY COURAGE! An ex-gf of mine is/was a survivor/victim of Monarch Programming. I KNOW this shit is real. There was no reason for Christ to take his own life…he had so many good things going for him.

    • He died on Demri’s (Layne’s gf) birthday, no doubt synchronicity is involved..
      Like how Layne died on the same day Kurt Cobain did 8 years prior. You know how these things go…

  10. I KNEW the moment his death was announced, that it was NOT suicide. I KNEW the moment CB’s death was announced, that it was NOT suicide. It broke my heart so deeply in both cases and I’ve searched over and over for anyone in agreement. I didn’t find anything until last year when Natly Denise was discussing it on her channel. Bless you for looking in to this. I pray it comes out soon. I knew of CC & CB’s involvement in the child trafficking fight, and the moment I heard of both “suicides”, I KNEW that was why. I’m so glad you’re doing this and also glad you’re offering BTC/LTC donate options. As soon as I figure out this wallet, I’m donating for sure! Please don’t give up on this. Both CC & CB had quite a few on their own children and it would be a fitting end to their fathers’ stories, to know they were hero’s martyred for a noble fight. Thank you again!

  11. It is unbelievable that the law looks the other way on these suicides. And the mainstream press are just as bad. How many other mysterious deaths are linked to these circumstances? What about all the camera footage thats all around? Nobody sees anything?

  12. Thank you for doing this … it is so obvious and in plain sight.

    I would never believe after all these years that anyone would kill themselves at their age….

    And the timing with “The Clinton’s” makes it even more obvious

    Also others like anonymous dk and the collective saying the same thing regarding child trafficking,

    Confirms all of this .,.

    Keep it going… they all need to be exposed…

  13. Chris’s mother in law Toni Vasil always points the finger at the bodyguard for his death. So why would Vicky have him murdered by the bodyguard? They would not make it so obvious.

  14. Thank you Alessandro! I was in two minds whether Chris was murdered or maybe faked his death and still alive. But I knew he definitely didn’t commit suicide!
    There are so many evil people involved in this whole mess! I hope they all suffer for their many sins! How they sleep at night, and live with themselves is beyond me!

    Rest In Peace Chris (and Chester and all the other good, kind, loving souls) – your work is not in vain and you will forever be remembered and loved!!


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