When people politely question me, I ALWAYS strive to reply. I’ve decided to enable this Q&A section – This way, I can be held accountable and have all questions listed in one place for everyone to find. Remember you can email me at alessandro@totaldisclosure.net. Eventually, I’ll make videos with these but in the meanwhile, I will start with one of my favorites. Q&A Question #1:

Q&A 1 – “You mentioned that it is not right to use symbolism that can trigger mind control victims. Then, why do you use a half-black sun that can function as an eye? Why also the pyramid-like structure? Did you notice these? The black sun looks similar to the ones you have shown while denouncing the Jesuit Order. I’m sure there is an explanation for this, and I’m curious to hear because I can see what inspired this. But that goes against what you have stated and criticized by the likes of Sasha Stone and others.”

Hello, and thank you for your questions. Listen, I’m going to be brutally honest. I didn’t design the logo, and mine was simpler and ugly. My best friend is a Costarican artist named Boreal Arburola (he appeared on the top 100 designers worldwide a few years back, maybe more than once). He is an amazing man, but he’s still very much influenced by pop culture. I think he didn’t put those symbols for the occult meaning, but because they are trendy, I guess. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, and I really liked the design, especially compared to mine.

“Yes, people can question it, but my work speaks for itself.”

I think you can see by my following size and being ostracized from everywhere that I’m not a LARP. LARPs go after me, and all of them have: Sacha, Steele, An Open Secret, Craig Sawyer, Defango, and many others who are not on my radar. Also, I’m not flushed money-wise, and sometimes I had problems paying for my internet. I couldn’t afford an artist like him, and other designs I got weren’t as slick. I recently got a great job in a private internet company, but barely started last week. Is my friend part of any of those secret societies? NO. We became close while DJing and hosting events at a London-style pub circa 2013.

I rented an apartment next to his back then and attended his wedding. We are not as close now, but we still talk and care for each other. As soon as he saw my ugly design, he told me “gimme 20mins” and sent me that. If you look at his art, you will see things one could consider triggering, as he does work in several styles. I lost contact with most people involved in that place since 2014.

Some channels use these symbols to identify what their content is about. It wasn’t my plan, but when I saw the design, I said: “why not?” Sacha’s use of symbology is more covert and predominant. He uses dozens of logos that he admits designing himself. Total Disclosure didn’t have a logo for 3-years until now and I like that it was my friend who made it. I don’t have the heart to hurt those I love or turn their gifts away. I’d rather take the heat myself.

This is my ugly prototype

Q&A 2 – Soundgarden & the occult

Q&A 2 – “That Soundgarden album (badmotorfinger) contains heavy symbolism. Other covers from the band portray occult symbols and innuendos. Also, Temple Of The Dog can easily mean the temple of Sirius. The song “Mind Riot” is also very interesting. Don’t you think that they were involved and maybe later became a liability? Cornell ran a foundation with the Clintons, and you have also written about that. Shouldn’t we be skeptical about these highly-paid musicians ‘exposing it from the inside stories’? If all entertainers come from bloodline families, how ‘pure’ are they, to begin with?

Trust me, everything I’ve heard and know about them tells me they weren’t part of it in the kid-raping burning crosses kind of deal. If you listen to Chris’s interviews from ages ago, you’ll notice he always had the utmost respect for religions and faith. He didn’t adhere to any despite being raised Roman catholic. Chris converted to Greek Orthodox due to the demand of Vicky, his handler-wife. He always wore a Christian cross necklace. I’ve spoken with many who were close to him or his ex-wife Susan Silver, those witnesses are red-pilled like us, they confirmed all of this.

Matt Cameron is in his band, and he is definitely sketchy. I’m reserving the details that made him a person of interest for now but, rest assured, they are disturbing. I believe he also has a part in what happened. I think the same of Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine. So maybe others in the band pulled for those designs? What if it was the record label’s choice? As for Temple of the Dog, remember it’s mostly Pearl Jam members, and they are 100% cabal owned. I mean, look at their politics and friends. Eddie Vedder is a traitor, in my opinion.

“Chris wasn’t into any of that. He wasn’t even into groupies.”

As you can see by the images attached from his art, a tiny minority brand occult symbols. Chris wasn’t into any of that. Most grunge bands happened “by chance” – the music industry didn’t plant grunge, grunge planted itself, and the music cabal immediately SWAMPED over. The way that music scene came to be was 100% organic, unlike the hippie movement in the ’60s, a social engineering example. When Soundgarden became huge in 1994, they had been around for over seven years. It was a total grind. They killed Kurt Cobain with Courtney’s help because they couldn’t control or blackmail him.

Kurt hated groupie culture and ALWAYS handled himself with decorum in that regard, so did Chris. The cabal planted Eddie Vedder after Andrew Wood tragically passed away. Chris promoted help for Haiti through a branch of the Clinton Foundation back in 2014. He owned a foundation with his wife until she stole the money, and he realized what she was doing along with other shenanigans. Chris and Chester were pro-Clinton, but that changed in early 2017. They told people: “I cannot support the Clintons after things I’ve learned.” We all know about those things.

Go back and watch some interviews with them and try and get a gut-feeling of anything dark. They are likable and kind because they were likable and kind – Knowing them was loving them, and I include Anthony and Avicii. I hope that answered your valid questions. When people question me politely, I tackle it as direct as I can be. Sacha Stone doesn’t, as he evades and goes for ad hominem attacks or straw man arguments. He belittles those who ask questions. I don’t. Lastly, I liked that my logo reminds me of Chris’s last album, “Higher Truth”. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

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