Pervywood 8

Our film PERVYWOOD 8 is available for the public on BITCHUTE! Forget YouTube and their vile corrupted agenda. Please disregard the campaign Twitter and Facebook have against Bitchute, as you will see a safety warning. Ignore it as it’s 100% SAFE. Do you think Facebook and Twitter care about your safety? The censorship during the last year has been relentless and will continue to intensify unless things change radically. The war against freedom of speech has cut the promotion of this film short, unfortunately. And so, I personally ask you to share it with as many people as you can. Thank you.

This film is the first collaboration between Total Disclosure and GoodLionTV, but won’t be the last. Pervywood 8 focuses on exposing the murders of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, and Michael Jackson. These men were not quitters, cowards, or junkies. They acted in good faith, fed up with the blatant pedophilia and sex trafficking prevalent in the film and music industries. The character assassination these men are subjected to by the media, family, and “friends” is disgusting. We hope we can try and clean their names as much as is possible for a third party.

Nick Alvear is a very talented editor and producer, as you can see by this and the rest of his work. When he contacted me to collaborate a few months back, it was a no-brainer. Due to different complications, my project Louder Than Love has been delayed more than once. I fear that it may take longer to complete because of new employment demands, which cost me 60+ hours a week. Please bear with me while I’m able to finish my promised film and in the meanwhile, give Nick’s work a good LOOK! He is the master editor/director of this film, as I simply shared my research and writings.

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