Sacha Stone (Part 1)

FREE Podcast available HERE. I showed you receipts and testimonies during the ITNJ’s Deep Dive Part II, In this chapter, the focus moves towards Sacha Stone and his associates. Simon Jean-Paul Sacha Adams was born in Rhodesia in May 1966, in the middle of the independence war. Rhodesia was an unrecognized state in southern Africa from 1965 to 1979, where modern Zimbabwe is today. Why would a “noble” man who has nothing to hide change his name? Who is Sacha’s father? Sir Walter Adams is described as a British historian and educationalist with a vast resumé:

  • 1926-1934: Lecturer in History at University College London.
  • 1929-1930 Rockefeller Fellow in the United States.
  • 1931 Organizing secretary of the 2nd International Congress of the History of Science & Technology.
  • 1933-1938: Secretary of the Academic Assistance Council.
  • 1938-1946: Secretary of the London School of Economics.
  • 1942-1944: Deputy Head of the British Political Warfare Mission in the United States.
  • 1945: Assistant Deputy Director-General of the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office.
  • 1946-1955: Secretary of the Inter-University Council for Higher Education in the Colonies.
  • 1955-1967: Principal of the College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
  • 1967-1974: Director of the London School of Economics.

Calling that impressive is being moderate but, there is more. Adams was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1945. He was named Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St George (CMG) in 1952. Finally, he was knighted in 1970 for his “services in education”. Students opposed him because of his links with Ian Smith’s racist regime in Rhodesia where he was director of the University College. Adams’ arrival and connections were the catalysts for an extended period of turbulence at the LSE.

A family of polarizing figures

1967 saw a concerted student campaign against the Director-designate culminating in the occupation of the Old Theatre. The installation of gates designed to prevent students from occupying the campus caused more unrest in 1969. The riots led to the School’s closure for 25 days and the arrest of some students. Walter Adams died of a heart attack during a visit to Salisbury, Zimbabwe (now Harare) one year after retiring in 1975. Sacha Stone and his sister, Toin Adams, were born out of wedlock. 

Sacha’s father had many children with different women in addition to being married. His wife was Lady Tatiana Adams, and they had four children. The former Tatiana Makaroff was born in Kherson, Russia, before escaping with her mother and a brother. Her father was a leader of the nobility before the 1917 revolution. Sacha’s mother was an anchorwoman in South Africa, decades younger than Sir Walter. His sister, Toin Adams, is a plastic artist radicated in Portugal who specializes in occult artwork.

If you go to Sacha’s website, you will hear his fairytale of a rocker turned activist but, aren’t we all? “Illuminati-baiting misanthropic narcissist with a hyperactive pineal function,” As stated on his former bio on Facebook. A self-description he deleted after I brought attention to i. Satanists tell you what they are, as their bad intentions hide in plain sight. A man boasting about hating humans and worshipping himself, are these not red flags to you? “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Vladimir Lenin

  • Misanthropic: One who dislikes/hates humankind
  • Narcissist: Excessive or erotic interest in oneself

Links with government intelligence

Sacha’s father’s associations with the Rockefellers and British intelligence are relevant. I mockingly call Sacha “Count Rockefeller,” a joke some take seriously, but he is not one. Governments always used agents to infiltrate social movements and opposition. Intelligence agents infiltrated the hippie movement and the black panthers in the ’60s to spy on those who opposed the Vietnam War. Today, secret societies populate the government, entertainment, corporations, banks, and sports.

The most important movement right now is happening worldwide, mainly online. A great awakening where truthers share info nonstop and wake up thousands of people a day. With the mission of preserving our society and, most importantly, our humanity – We all battle through all sorts of inconveniences. Let’s fast forward to 2016 after Wikileaks, as many people got a whiff of pedophilia in very high places. Elites panicked, and when elites felt people were getting too close to the truth, they assigned professional patsies like Robert David Steele for damage control.

A “former C.I.A. insider turned whistleblower,” and of course, with deep pockets. Steele threatened to sue me to silence my exposé on Sacha. “Infiltration instead of invasion” – Just like John F. Kennedy said. At the same time, the crown-controlled MI5 kickstarts the ITNJ, with the assistance of shadow Vatican figures. The powers-that-be assign NWO Agenda 2030 enthusiast Sacha Stone, their mission. To gather intel on the victims, preapprove testimonies, control the narrative and sabotage witnesses. They are terrified of people waking up to the horrific reality of human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse.

Accusing critics of sedition

The ITNJ, created for the purpose of robbing people of time, money, and hope, is not what it claims to be. Sacha Stone is the anointed guru wannabe, selected to lead a rotten and misguided new-age movement. He has all the traits needed in a cult leader and a fake hope merchant. If you know the crown is guilty of the crimes you claim to denounce, then why would you use the term “sedition?” Do you see how deeply Prince Andrew is involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case? Why was Prince Charles so close to serial pedophile Jimmy Savile?

Did you know the crown murder Princess Diana to silence her knowledge of child sex trafficking inside Buckingham Palace? She actually said if she died in a car crash it was MI5’s plan to murder her. What makes you think any anti-human trafficking organization linked to British intelligence is honest? When I learned what Sacha Stone and Robert David Steele did to Kevin Annett and Dr. Katherine Horton, I was fuming. It’s a disgrace that these frauds rat on people with the “authorities” they pretend to stand against.

When I worked with them, they instructed me to stay away from the Hampstead Case. I received contradicting statements, and according to Connie Broussard, “there wasn’t enough evidence.” Sacha contradicted her: “MI5 said they were going to kick my door down if I didn’t drop it.” When Annett questioned the ITNJ, Sacha and Robert accused him of being unstable and of sedition. Sedition: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. Monarch? The crown? Annett is Canadian! Irony at its best as Sacha believes in the crown’s forceful authority over non-British citizens.

Deflection and absolution

Now rebranded as “the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Weaponization of the Biosphere,” The ITNJ no longer focuses on child sex trafficking. New Zealand folks flocked to my website to ask for more info on the corrupt organization, and I happily obliged. The result? The Kiwi people and I joined forces to shut down the ITNJ’s New Zealand scam as they recruited people like Sue Grey. My help was most likely non-essential, but I love helping people and sabotaging parasites.

“The ITNJ is the world’s first people-powered tribunal that operates independently of governments and corporations, and is therefore willing to issue rulings against those organizations based on Natural Law, where agents of governments and/or corporations have caused harm or loss to living men and women, and in this case, matters that relate to the weaponization of our biosphere and the existential ecocide and genocidal threat against humanity.” After years of achieving nothing with the child sex trafficking subject, the ITNJ moved to more new-age goals.

What happened to the victims who trusted you with their testimonies? Did they receive any witness protection or proper counseling? Have any of the perpetrators been punished? Why fold after demands were made by MI5 to refrain from the Hampstead case? Whose names are you protecting? Why is absolution promoted as the main goal of the “International Tribunal of Natural inJustice?” Are pedophiles and child murderers forgiven? “Everyone gets the truth, and no one goes to jail” – Robert David Steele. I don’t know about you, but I think absolution is for stealing bread, not raping kids.

New Age bullshit

Are you starting to see the bigger picture? I have nothing against the new age philosophy at its core, great people form part of the movement too. Hey, it sells! Personal freedom, unconditional love for nature, wisdom, and tolerance towards the unknown – the new age is an attractive deal. How many people do you know that have been duped by “new age gurus?” Those who use manipulation and mind control techniques to extract money, time, and sex from innocent people?

People like Keith Raniere, Sacha Stone, Teal Swan, Russell Brand, Jared Leto, and others. These people behave like cult leaders, forming tribes and networks in which they have self-appointed themselves as the authority. Where they are to be revered as some messiah and never questioned. I’m not religious, and I choose to believe in God under my terms without human influence as EVERYTHING has been tampered with. I was raised catholic and baptized, but I despise the Vatican, the pope, and their rituals.

I’m not religious, but I respect your right to be religious if you want. We are free to choose our path, but please beware of snake-oil-selling scumbags who are ego-driven or worse. I keep hearing these horror stories of people victimized by these predators. Women confide in me how they were abused by their “master” during their sabbatical in India, Thailand, or Indonesia. It’s time to explore Sacha’s compound in Bali and the occurrences there. It’s time for me to unleash testimonies of pedophilia, trafficking, and fraud. PART II HERE.



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    • I reacted on Sasha promoting “forgiveness” to the pedos/satanists, so “we” shall not do the same “revenge game” who “we” find bad.
      I dont forgive child rape/torture/rape in any circumstances.
      From there I realized Sasha is a fraudster.

      • That part bothered me greatly as well. Only God can judge, yet if humans do great harm to others on Earth then the consequences have to be great as well, life in prison or death

        • What was said to be about the Anti-christ…
          A young man,very well versed, very good looking,when he speaks all will follow, very powerful.
          There will not be a heaven on earth until Jesus returns, nothing man can make can be pure,sorry Sasha your wrong

  1. Dear Alessandro,

    Thankyou so much for your great work on getting this information out.
    Much appreciate your efforts.
    I have been suss on these guys for a while
    Its not easy telling people their favorite Rock Star guru is a fake just especially when hes attractive (hes not!)
    You may have heard of a guy called Brian Harvey from Britain who was an ex pop star back in the 90’s with a band East 17?
    He stumbled into a massive hornets nest early on involving the manager Tom Watkins assaulting band members and much more,including the famous phone hacking scandal in which Rupert Murdoch and News of the World were under scrutiny.
    If you have the time and energy here is a link to an interview he gave 2 years ago when he was pumped to go to court but unfortunately it came to nothing as they sent in the saboteurs and he received numerous death threats (just the usual)

    Thanks again for your work

  2. Also Russel Brand 🙄😢😭 omfg no one is good. And Echart Tolle 😳 wow….
    Thank you for all your truth. Much appreciated.

  3. This is mindblowing to me…I will for sure be looking into this ITNJ and Sacha Stone with critical eyes now. But please tell me how Echart Tolle is part of all this… I was shocked to see his name mentioned… I for sure will be doing some research bassed on your information here. Thank You.

  4. Oh ,great timing ,I just looked at those two guys with Reverse Speech Decoding .Find me on facebook to see them .Jared Leto is Temple of Seth if I am not erring.Good list,will work my way through it with RSD.Great job ! Thanks .x

  5. I saw Sacha doing an interview on Camelot castle tv

    Having been told to look out for symbology and warned it will be their downfall – the opening scene if their channel shows the castle with a flag flying about it

    If you look closely it has an upside down cross on it

    Since then I’ve been really wary

    Do you know of this? Many thanks x great article

    • They are Scientologists. Another type of ‘secret society’. So, so many of these people out there to distract us. We have to stop watching them and just use our eyes and ears to know what is going on. We have to look after ourselves and avoid all these egos who want to lead us. I just found a website called ‘Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped’. Have a look and you will find he is another phony. Forget them all, we needs grass roots change, not ego filled ‘leaders’.

      • @Claire

        So I took a look at that site you mentioned (it’s a WP blog) & I’m on the fence about her.

        She may be right, I’m not saying she’s not, but I found a comment from a guy who said that 3 others were CO, one of which is Leuren Moret.

        Now granted, I don’t know Moret other than I uploaded one of her videos back in 2020, so I asked Jim for proof of them all being CO, & Heather was clueless.

        First she wanted to know who Jim was when all she had to do was scroll up to see he was someone who commented years ago AND she even responded back to, then she wanted to know why I wanted proof or what kind of proof. LOL

        Plus she also went after Laurent Louis calling him antisemetic. Maybe he is, I don’t know, I spoke to him once & I thought he had BALLS for speaking out the way he did.

        Then she said or eluded that if you are anti zionist, that means you are antisemetic. WHAT??? No it does NOT!!!

        So I’m not sure about her.

    • Lord Mapin is scientologist..this did make me wonder. But just because someone speaks to others doesn mean they are in cahoots. X

    • I came across a few articles of talk about SS being a bad dude. As warped as the time we’re living in I figured so could their opinions and decided to form my own. Fast forward a few months where I meet SS while he and RDS were still together on a cross country tour for patriotism in America where I meet SS. He was a seemingly warm & caring person so I thought maybe the articles were there to mislead. Move past that time to tonight a few months where I hear that SS is trying to say we need to not appreciate the American flag as we do. WRONG! The American flag is AMERICA! Our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, sisters,mothers and so on have DIED protecting what that flag- our American Flag represents…. FREEDOM! The only free country of its kind and that’s under attack! When you attack the flag you attack our country, culture and everyone who’s gone to war for America. You may not understand it unless you’re an American so next time keep your opinions to yourself when threatened or disgracing someone else’s flag, country or opinion. Like my mama always said- if you don’t have anything nice to say- say NOTHING!
      As for SS- I don’t know … wish I did but I don’t and until I hear with not yet two ears something insulting and can have a dialogue about it with SS- the jury will be out….. and I’ll be in the fence!

      • Our freedom is a farce also…they’ve told us we are free all our lives and we repeat because it’s what’s engrained, but are we truly free? Every aspect of our lives are controlled and manipulated and we have been lied to since we were born. Our history is a lie, our food is poisoned, our money is controlled and stolen, and our education is mind control. And you still cling to this false freedom you’ve been programmed to believe you have?

  6. I think at the highest level, this all reinforced my concern that the whole Q movement is a massive psy-op. It seemed to get global immediately (how convenient).

    With all the talk of white hats and draining the swamp, I wonder if there is a massive shift coming, but it will be from the frying pan to the fire, unfortunately.

    Finally, I believe the elites will sacrifice some of their own in order to achieve their ends. So all the sealed indictments might be just more deception. Sacrificial lambs, but for something sinister.

    • Yes Tony, I would hate to think that you are right here, but I would say that each and every one of these pretenders are buying time for the big event. I have recently learned that there are a few 5G towers that are un regulated in the UK and one of them is at Trafalgar Square. I am sure that it will be operational at the next gathering 26/09. 60GHZ will stop the uptake of O2, and no doubt when this happens we are going to see a lot of people suddenly getting the c19 symptoms .

  7. It’s at times like these when we need to be relying on something that we are told we should never use in our decision-making process. That ‘thing’ is our personal ‘intuition’, and the reason we are told not to use it, but simply ‘follow the money’, follow the logic, is because everyone wants us to believe what ‘they’ believe which may not coincide with how we actually feel.

    At every level the game is played, hoping that we will fall on one side or the other and give our energy to one cause or another. But, this is a game, and anyone who has studied Transactional Analysis to any depth will know that where a ‘game routine’ is being run there is only one way to win when others are setting the rules. That way is not to play.

    Wherever you look these days there are groups and individuals professing to hold the ‘truth’ and offering you that ‘truth’ provided you are willing to give your energy to them. Some use emotion for their main lever, some use logic – neither, though, do more than offer you their version of the truth. Their perception of reality.

    We are seeing our heroes exposed as paedophiles, psychopaths and satanists. We are seeing the lies and distortions spread by our political class, our entertainers, our news organisations, those who we have been encouraged to look up to all our lives, all in pursuit of protecting those who are now being exposed as paedophiles, psychopaths and satanists. We are beginning to see the seedy underside of the control mechanisms that have been used to control and steer us into directions where we know we will not prosper. This, having been well hidden for centuries have gone from being ‘covert’ to openly ‘overt’.

    The gloves are off, the war is raging and one of the main weapons always used in any war is the elimination of the ‘truth’. Truth becomes subjective depending which camp you have chosen to join, because one camp is always 100% right and the other is 100% wrong. That’s the myth we are sold, but the world is never black or white – it’s always grey.

    Bear that in mind and engage your intuition to decide where you will choose to stand – and inevitably choose to stand in your own space.

    • Most excellent! it becomes more and more clear to me every day that my most precious gift is my own “inner knowing.”

      The deception is so thoroughly implanted in every aspect of our lives that the only one to trust is myself… For my inner director.

  8. The Great Battle is for the control of the Narrative.

    Who is right and who is wrong?

    What are the ultimate goals in this ridiculous farcical show?

    On a more serious note: What are our true origins? Is it possible to transcend ‘this’ ugly part and make it true and pure again?

    good to meet you. also subscribed to your yt channel. keep up truth clarification work. (don’t get caught up in politics and emotion 🙂

  9. Ciros Orsini satanist who is on the board of ITNJ with a chain of pizza. Best friend of Sacha Stone….Find all photos on the net with all the so called famous celebs involved with Epstein and politicians

  10. Its true what they say sons of businessmen become hippys and sons of hippys become businessmen.
    And each generation gets sicker

  11. Good God..Im 72 years old and have followed all of these people over the years the lastest being Sacha Stone ..and generally took me awhile to “go off them” for one reason or never did I ever imagine ..that I COULD BE SO WRONG ABOUT SO MANY…Im feeling really really stupid now..sigh…at least I know for sure now thanks to your podcasts

    • Hey Roslyn, don’t feel bad, we have all been fooled in one way or the other… focus on what’s next, instead of focusing in things you cannot control. How will you make use of all this new information? You have total control over that, focus on that 😉

    • I am 76 and also have followed this entire crowd for some years. This page, and all the comments, has probably been the most productive read I have done for a long time. Seems this is a great awakening to me, though have always had some inner doubts; now confirmed. Ward and Parkes were often sus, but I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt. Like Rita, I was feeling somewhat stupid, but now feel better knowing a bit more truth.

  12. Holy Smokes Batman!
    Now I know why I couldn’t stomach Sacha Stones vibe. Wow!
    Always go with yr gut hey?
    Many thanks for confirming what my intuition was telling me.
    Blessings to all…..

  13. Dear Sasha, It is an honor to write to you considering the hard work you are doing for your fellowman and woman. It is with deep respect we write to ask you please read without disdain although you may disagree with our journey and path to be “enlightened”. This is the most important ten minutes of reading. Please we humbly ask you read despite the fact it may disagree with your path up to this point. Sasha, we understand from watching many of your videos about 5G and the New Earth Project that you believe there is a real invisible Lucifer who is inspiring many in his work of destruction of humanity whom he hates. We understand this because it is written he is our arch enemy of souls and works with invisible a “dog-god” to catch souls. This dog-god was made manifest visible to one man named Mark Cleminson who was born into an Illuminati family and who they were putting into the top committee at IBM. He discovered from friend’s research who the Illuminati really is and he escaped, even though his own earthly father said if Mark ever came out from under the protection of the Lord Jesus, his own father warned he would kill his own son, Mark. Mark saw the dog-god catching souls when the KKK threatened to kill him but Mark told them he was with the Lord Jesus and Jesus told Mark to take off his shoes because the ground he was standing on was holy, where God was to protect him. They couldn’t shoot. This scenario (of being unable to shoot at God’s people) has been repeated many times to those who trust and believe in God’s only Son. Sasha, you seem to believe in Lucifer that he is real – Lucifer claims also to be God’s other “son”, but Lucifer also wants to sit in the place of the Most High God on God’s throne to be “worshipped” proven in Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28. The only difference is Lucifer is a created “creature” and the other “SON” is the “I AM” from “everlasting to everlasting” who condescended to spilled His blood. The “Two Witnesses” are the OT & NT. Sasha, the Vatican Jesuits have counterfeited the Bible with other “scriptures” and many new age “versions” because the Vatican Jesuits vehemently despise the KJV Received Text. Sasha, you seem to know about the United Nations too which has been laid open bare by research by Dr. Walter Veith at Amazing Discoveries called “United Nations Occult Agenda” who bases their spiritual agenda on the writing of new age writer Alice A. Bailey writing of the coming christ, Lucifer. Lucifer lied & “charmed” one-third of the “stars” holy angels from heaven and are now the evil unholy principalities and powers. It is important to remember that one single warrior angel is so powerful that one single angel killed 185,000 pagan human men of war (whose nation sacrificed their own little children to false gods in the OT). There is no way, we, puny little humans are going to developed “god-like” “hero” powers (Lucifer’s lie) and be able to battle against the spiritual coming forces working behind the world powers, who obey & worship Lucifer for money, power and control. Sasha, have you seen for yourself the video evidence in the cities of ashes on many youtube documentaries (like Ron Wyatt & others) evidence proving what happened to the godless sodomites in Sodom & Gomorrah with the fire, sulphur and brimstone from the Lord Most High. The labs confirmed that Sulphur is unlike anywhere else on planet earth. Sasha, do you know about God’s Judgments of the 7 Last Plagues? They are expressed for our admonition in Rev. ch.16. Sasha, whether we like it or not, or whether we admit it or not, this polluted nuclear degraded planet earth will soon be destroyed and after 1,000 years, the Most High Maker & Creator will Re-create a brand New perfect Earth where God’s New Jerusalem will descend from heaven. Sasha, the Most High God has been protecting us from Satan killing us, but God allows consequences of our personal choices to affect us, i.e. drugs, smoking, drinking, immorality, etc. to kill us slowly. Lucifer has been lying to humans, since the first Eden that there are “many other paths” to take and the “power is inside us” and we will “become God” and we “never die” but we are “immortal” already in our “spirit” ascending higher and higher to “enlightenment”. Lucifer is the “father of lies” our great “adversary”. It is clearly written that the “many other paths” are paths of “thieves” and “robbers” and they will be thrown into “outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Sasha, this one life is our one chance to prove our loyalty – either to Lucifer the original “light-bearer” or to God’s only Son—it’s not Lucifer ! Do you know there is only one Name by which we can be reunited with the Father Most High God, by His only Son. John 14:6. Do you know that anyone who denies, or rejects or is ashamed of God’s Son, Jesus is then automatically by default on the side of Lucifer. There is only one Name to get us back to Eden and a New Earth and the Tree of Life of immortality that the holy angels guarded with two-edged swords from man and woman when they fell to Lucifer’s lies and “enlightenment”. “There is no other name under heaven given among men where we must be saved, the name Jesus Christ of Nazareth”. Acts 4:12, 10. God is bringing all this suffering, sin, degradation, and death to an end very soon. God’s real “climate change” is expressed in His Judgments. Sasha, you would be wise to read them for yourself because it affects you and everyone around you in your circle of influence: Isaiah 24:1-6, 2Peter 3:10-14, Rev. 16:1-21, Daniel 2:34-35, 44-45, Rev. 21:1-5, Rev. 13, Rev. 14:6-12. Sasha, please note the “mark of the beast” is a spiritual mark of the beastly earthly kingdoms who have their seat, power and authority from Lucifer. The Vatican’s mark of authority usurping God’s authority is the “mark” of their Sunday worship the first day of creation, a deceptive counterfeit of the Lord’s 7th day of Sabbath rest and celebrating His creation and loving, honor and obeying our Maker and Creator. When the Vatican and United Nations and the USA merge to make a “Lockdown Climate Sunday Law” forcing the nations against God, then it will be each person’s choice of obedience to man or obedience to God will be the mark of the beast. Sunday worship is the mark of the beast. God’s Seal is listening to the Holy Spirit in loving Him. God’s Seal is found in His 7th day Sabbath commandment : His Name, His Title, His Territory. (Lord God, Maker Creator, of Heavens, Earth, Seas and everything therein). Many will be deceived because they didn’t bother to study that the real Messiah Christ will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the angels and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Many will worship the counterfeit Messiah, Lucifer who will come to the Vatican and the United Nations walking around on earth doing miracles and deceive all the nations to worship Lucifer on his counterfeit sabbath because he craves worship and he knows he has a short time until his own destruction with God’s fire within. Please watch a 25 minute youtube documentary called “USA in Bible Prophecy – End Time Warning – Hope Through Prophecy” and watch an online zoom seminar series in California called Revelation from October 23 to November 14. You can also read the USA in Bible Prophecy Study Guide at Amazing along with a whole study lesson for free at Amazing Facts. One final thing, please note that pantheistic nature earth worshippers who believe in “mother earth” “brother sun” “sister moon” are worshipping God’s creation – not God. God is a real BEING. We are made in God’s image. We aren’t not made in the image of “earth” or “nature”. God bless you Sasha.

  14. Sacha was on Project Camelot yesterday being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy.
    So beautifully deceitful and eloquent as ever, he lies so completely it’s actually quite insightful to watch an intelligent person who’s entire persona is based on lies and a fabricated history just spin and talk, misdirect and manipulate.
    He is a true master, it’s his true talent.
    He references your good work here:

    An unprompted defence of his heritage and lineage.
    It bothers him, clearly.
    This pandemic has him seizing the opportunity with both hands and the eloquence just bamboozles the people who can’t believe that a person could articulate in such a manner.
    And to think prior to Covid 19, he was on a world tour promoting his 5g USB shield scam.
    He’s quite honestly the most entertaining charlatan of them all.
    Simon Adams re-invented!

  15. Check out his recent interview with Dr Sharnael on Utube and his delight around 21.28 mark!! Discernment is key to the truth

  16. This is devastating, Sacha’s talks got me out of deep depression. I always thought he and his organisations were genuine. I feel very stupid now, hard truth, but better than not knowing, thank you for your work. Do you think all the doctors are controlled opposition as well, eg Dolores Cahil?

    • It would be good if Alessandro answered your question relating to Delores Cahill. This article has got me reflecting, not coming to any conclusions. I’ve watched a lot of Sacha Stone over the last year. I’m open to all possibilities in our strange human world.

        • Sacha Stone is working with Scott MacKay now, filming on the Patriot Street Fighter tour, after switching over from the Robert David Steele tour.
          On Jan 24, 2021 Scott MacKay made a comment on this thread: “Sacha Stone and the Ossinis”.
          Seems a disconnect? What do you think is happening here?

      • Check out Annie Logical on YouTube. She does a video exposing Cahill and other so called truthers. (Kate shambles Shamarini being one of them, the so called ‘nurse’).

        She also exposes Mark Steele as controlled opposition. He is prominent in the 5G movement.

    • I know this was a while back, but don’t feel bad at all. There is such a mind boggling amount of deceit right now, I do t think any human can keep up. Everyone speaks truth sometime, even (especially) when trying to deceive.

      Some of what he says is nuggets of truth. Those nuggets of truth is what caught your attention and it made you a better person. The messenger doesn’t matter.

  17. The branching are interesting to say the least all sorts of military and deepstate intel folks pops up all connected!
    Sacha Stone->Robert Steele->Steve Pieczenik->George Webb->Roger Stone->Paul Manafort->Marine Corps Alfred Mason Gray Jr and on it goes!

  18. When George Floyd died (or did he?), stone said that “blessed, blessed man gave up his life”.
    I knew something was off.

  19. Great research on Sacha, but you’re wrong about Rhodesia. They wanted to be independent and Great Brittan would not recognize their independence unless it was majority rule. Ian Smith knew that the majority wasn’t ready to take over and run the country and he was trying to get the majority up to speed with the whole process of governance. Smith even agreed to a 50/50 split, but that wasn’t good enough. Joshua Nkomo was backed by the Chinese and Robert Mugabe was backed by the Russians and they were in a bitter war against Smith and the Rhodesians. Mugabe eventually seized power and ran the country into the ground with a brutal regime/ Rhodesia had actually supplied much of Africa’s food, and that ended under Mugabe. It was a very different situation than South Africa. I get it, you’re trying to make a point by painting Sacha’s dad as a racist along with all the other touchpoints, but you’re really doing a huge disservice to the Rhodesian people (black and white) by making this enormous, blanket condemnation.

    • Thank you for your clarification and I will see how can I fix that part althought I was very brief in what I said about it. Clearly things are always more complicated and cannot be put into a few words but due to space constraints, I hope you understand I cannot explain it like you just did.

  20. I think you will find that Annet was kicked out because he had been exposed too much. He was running the old site as an entrapment operation. Asking people to fund armed militias whos’ purpose was to arrest the queen. Right or wrong, in the law books that can get someone sent to prison for a long time. ( except annet )
    Annet was also closely linked to the witch Belinda McKenzie.

  21. Wow….I am open minded and just got my mind blown away by Europa: The Last Battle parts 1-10 on Bit-chute..check it out.. there were no gas chambers!!! Regarding Sacha who is on the Arise tour at the moment in the USA… he seems truly against the Sabateean Luciferian agenda…I guess we will see the meantime take a look at my book Love Joy Trump..God is using Trump for this time and Q and the Great Awakening has a divine element to it. I love Mel K and I resonate with many of those who you are calling out and at the same time I appreciate your information because look how we have been fooled over and over for centuries.

    • Mel K… lol….. just another scammer!!! THEY ALL ARE!! Any and every one of them that hang around Charlie Ward Fraud….EVERY!!

  22. I’ve met Kevin and chatted at length with him – I believe he is a good man doing God’s work. I’ve always had doubts about RDS (once CIA, always a spy) and I was a bit surprised when SS linked up with him to do the tour (none of this did I know about Sasha at the time) and it was not really surprising that they had a falling out mid-tour. But seeing this info makes me wonder about Scott McKay for having stepped in to continue the tour w/ SS. Any thoughts on Scott? He has seemed sincere, and Scott’s father was killed by a bio-weapon attack that occurred at the PA tour stop. He, Sacha and many other people on the stage or in the first 2 rows fell ill (I know people who were there). I’m a member of Connecting Consciousness, but I’ve also had some doubts about Simon – mostly from who he’s aligned himself with (like Charlie Ward), and much of the mixed info I hear about these “healing centers” he claims to be planning to set up in the U.S.. My CC state leader had told me they were not going to be what they were cracked up to be, which stunned me. Interestingly, she is a friend of SS also, and she was just “removed” from the CC leadership role, with no explanation to the group shortly after this event. I’m reserving judgments on everybody, because I see more disinfo and deception than I have in the past 20 years of diving down rabbit holes. But trying to seek the truth is just getting exhausting these days.

  23. Well done. Parkes, Ward, Stone/Adams (mi6), Steele (cia) and Bosi (sasr)…Do you know what links all these characters? When you find out watch your back they won’t take you to court.

  24. I dont know much about Sasha Stone but I certainly think you are correct about Robert Steele. He emerged around the time of the Wikileaks. I was suspicious at first, but became sure he was a fraud when he started pushing the “International Tribunal of Justice”. This is something the communists in the United Nations do. Problem, reaction, solution… “International law” that comes from unelected bodies and is imposed onto nations thru treaties should be of great concern.

  25. Hello, I’ve had my back and forths with Sacha Stone for the last few years and I’m in the middle of one right now. I never liked this guy from the beginning 7 or 8 years ago. Anyway, he hates when he’s outed and will lash out. He told me, “Going up against the leviathan was foolish of me” the ego on this moron is incredible. Your info is thorough and very interesting and when Steele joined the ranks of the ITNJ then that sealed its fate, these guys in their black robes.


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