Kabbalah Brothers: Vlad & Tucker

While everyone was losing their heads over the most anticipated interview in recent years, I was probably looking at more pressing things. Why would I have any interest in listening to second-layer geopolitics from two confessed Kabbalists, two men who albeit interesting, are bought and paid for as two of the most notorious controlled opposition players out there? Once KGB, always KGB, just like once CIA, always CIA. And while Vladimir Putin joked with Tucker Carlson about his rejection when he tried to become a special agent, there is no reason to believe these players are on opposing sides.

Putin, the antihero who many right-wingers pointed out as a reluctant Western savior (LOL, I would love to hear how that ends). And Tucker, the journalistic crusader who works for the people but coddles pedophile elitists like Hunter Biden. Yes, during the interview, Putin talks about the Coup De’tat in Ukraine involving Joe Biden, George Soros, the CIA, and Victoria Nuland. But I have known this for the last 2-3 years. And while this may wake up a few people about the war, the result has become predictable and inconsequential to our people. The Ukraine war was organized by the hidden hand and is just another depopulation/resettlement program like Palestine.

Henry Kissinger started the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab. Putin was one of the initial members, along with Angela Merkel. Putin has not turned against the New World Order, and he even met with Kissinger shortly before the elderly zionist warmonger passed away last year. The pieces are getting ready, building themselves up for the ”second coming” of Donald Trump. The team fake light that is supposed to replace the old world order and mislead billions of patriots into the abyss is becoming more cohesive and daunting. As the paid controlled opposition influencers shill for the main characters, we carry on: Avoid paying them too much attention. It’s all a distraction.

Whatever happens with these insidious players and their secret societies is mostly irrelevant now. As the predatory class prepares itself to receive the antichrist and welcome his persona into their fold, our world has entered the final stage of degeneracy. Things have never looked so grim, and they will only get worse. Stay close to your family and open your heart to God and Jesus Christ, as the time to make that crucial decision is almost over. You cannot serve two masters, and you cannot stand in the middle of the road. The time has come for you to decide what side you are on: Your cheap false idols, or the Holy Father? What’s it gonna be?

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