Agenda 2030: EU Farmers Revolt

It started in Poland last spring, the world started noticing it in the Netherlands, it reignited in Germany weeks ago, continued in France, and now? It has expanded across Europe. Farmers across the West have a myriad of reasons to protest, but all roads lead to Brussels and Davos. The farmer protests sweeping the European Union have taken political leaders by surprise and it’s clear this has been an effectively coordinated movement on an international level. Our brave farmers are burdened by debt, choked by taxes, squeezed by powerful retailers and agrochemical corporations, undercut by cheap imports, and asphyxiated by excessive environmental measures based on lies, all while depending on subsidies favoring the big players.

The war in Ukraine has only made the situation more dire as a spike in prices for crops like wheat proved to be short-lived. The EU has waived quotas and duties for the country and renewed negotiations to conclude a trade deal with the South American bloc Mercosur, which has spread discomfort about unfair competition in sugar, grain, and meat. The farmers resent the imports because they put pressure on prices while disregarding the environmental standards imposed on themselves. Farmers also take issue with new EU subsidy rules, such as a requirement to leave 4% of farmland fallow. They denounce excessive bureaucracy, which farmers say governments compound by over-complicating implementation.

In 11 EU countries, prices at the farm gate fell by more than 10 percent from 2022 to 2023. Only Greece and Cyprus saw a corresponding increase in their farmers’ sales revenues, helped by a surge in demand for olive oil. German and French farmers have railed against plans to end subsidies or tax breaks on agricultural diesel. The protests have expanded to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Romania, Latvia, and Lithuania. Here at Total Disclosure, we support and applaud these men and women who represent all of us regular people: They are not only fighting for their future, they are fighting for yours!

The French government was flexing as they deployed 15,000 police officers to stop protesters from entering the capital, and armored vehicles were stationed at the Rungis market. For those of us who are more in tune with what’s going on, we know the end game is slavery via the total control of the food supply chain by the so-called New World Order, as the blueprint for Agenda 2030 clearly intends under virtue signaling and well-disguised words. This action plan devised by the United Nations aims to achieve 17 sustainable development goals. All UN member states adopted the goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015.

Agenda 2030 targets farmers with unaffordable regulations on small farms worldwide. In addition to killing the fossil fuel industry, farming is being strangled as mega-corporations take them over. They know if you control the food supply, you control the people. While they destroy agriculture, the UN claims that they want zero hunger. What they want is totalitarian control. The New World Order ultimately wants to get rid of private land ownership as they target medium and small farmers, those who are independent and who are not part of the system. They create imaginary problems and provide imaginary solutions. We will cover this critical subject and more during our weekly report.

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