The Weekly Report: Episode #109

The Weekly Report returns after a 4-month pause due to the website’s relaunch, among other priorities. Tune in this Sunday night, and every Sunday for the new delivery. My name is Alessandro du Châtel and I created Total Disclosure in early 2018 as a means to expose human trafficking, pedophilia, high-profile murders, and occult secret societies. I strive to unite patriots worldwide to fight against the tyrannical New World Order and the WEF’s Agenda 2030. Support investigative journalism! Please become a member and watch hundreds of exclusive videos. Look out for our free blog, newsfeed, and truther forum. There are FREE episodes available for each series and hundreds of documentaries available.

Weekly Report #109: February 18th, 2024
1) America/Europe: Illegal Migrants Wreaking Havoc.
2) Kabbalah Brothers: Vladimir Putin & Tucker Carlson.
3) Jerusalem, Israel: Argentina’s Javier Milei Wails Away.

Weekly Report #108: February 4th, 2024
1) European Union: Farmers Revolt Against Agenda 2030.
2) Samford, Connecticut: Vince McMahon’s Sex Trafficking.
3) London, England: Chinese CCP Spies Attack Pianist.

Weekly Report #107: January 21st, 2024
1) Nogales, Arizona: Border NGOs Involved In Human Trafficking
2) Santa Fe, New Mexico: Hollywood’s Alec Baldwin Indicted
3) Denver, Colorado: Ebola’s 1st Sheeding Vaccine Administered

Weekly Report #106: January 14th, 2024
1) Brooklyn, New York: Chabad-Lubavitch Underground Tunnels
2) Kharkiv, Ukraine: Journalist Gonzalo Lira Dies While In Prison

Weekly Report #105: December 17th, 2023
1) Michigan: Radical Imam Calls For Jihad
2) France: New Age Human Trafficker Arrested
3) Iowa: Veteran Destroys Satanic Statue

Weekly Report #104: December 3rd, 2023
1) Ireland: Algerian Migrant Stabs 3 Children
2) Crepol: Teenager Killed In Anti-White Attack
3) Whistleblower: Freemasonry Rituals Exposed

Weekly Report #103: November 19th, 2023
1) Glasgow: Satanic Pedo Ring Busted
2) Red Flags: Four LASD Suicides In 24 Hours
3) Las Vegas: Racist Mob Beats Teen To Death



4 thoughts on “The Weekly Report: Episode #109”

  1. Thanks so much for this incredible content and making me aware of Nick Alvears’s controlled opposition. Another one bites the dust.
    I just discovered you on Telegram via ICONS ( anyway I am beyond thrilled to discover your work!) love from Australia
    God bless you Alessandro.


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