Wolf Watch: Once Were The Living

The story of the 4th Industrial modified reset man: What’s been put up your nose in nano dust “test swabs” and in your mRNA, 4th Industrial Revolution, Great Reset, how the nano dust tech works, it’s all in there. Are the technologies that surround us tools that the so-called elites can use to control our … Read more

Wolf Watch: Europa The Last Battle

Haven’t you ever at least been curious as to what ”the other side of the World War II story” was? This documentary overviews how Europe has been shaped in modern history. Watch this series and uncover the natural root causes of World War II. It will take you on an epic timeline that will transport … Read more

Wolf Watch: Who Is Bill Gates?

Who is Bill Gates? This question, once merely academic, is becoming very real for those who are beginning to realize that his unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over the fields of public health, medical research, and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Bill Gates has … Read more

Traffic, Bed & Breakfast: Airbnb

Yes, Airbnb is to travel what Facebook is to social media. In other words: Atrocious. The novelty of Airbnb has slowly eroded until all that’s left are unpredictable lodging experiences at high prices, unmeasurable big tech manipulation, favors to the predatory class, and of course, covering up for crime. Reddit, Stripe, Deliveroo, and Airbnb are … Read more

Wolf Watch: Trust WHO?

The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded with the aim of building a healthier future for people all over the world. Whether it’s the effects of smoking, the Swine flu pandemic, or a nuclear disaster, the WHO is the body we rely on to advise on and resolve a public health crisis. But can it … Read more

Wolf Watch: What Is A Woman?

It’s the question you’re not allowed to ask. The documentary they don’t want you to see. Join political commentator Matt Walsh on his often comical, yet deeply disturbing journey, as he fearlessly questions the logic behind a gender ideology movement that has taken aim at women and children. The changing concepts of sex and gender … Read more

Wolf Watch: The Clinton Chronicles

This film focuses on the investigations into the alleged criminal activities of Arkansas’s former Governor President Bill Clinton. Many people involved in the research and investigations reported by this film have been murdered or died under questionable circumstances. The names and faces of the key players whom Clinton used to build his circle of power, … Read more

Wolf Watch: Andrew Kaufman’s Terrain

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s film exposes the tyrannical world pandemic hoax, built upon the flawed model of illness and disease known as Germ Theory. This documentary explores Terrain Theory, a model for health that works in symbiosis with nature to promote wellness and healing free of a corrupt and flawed medical paradigm. It aims to motivate … Read more

Wolf Watch: Died Suddenly

Healthy adults are dropping dead all across the globe. In the last 18 months, the term “Died Suddenly” has risen to the very top of “most searched” Google terms. Now, the award-winning documentary team that brought you “Watch The Water” and “These Little Ones” travels around the world to find answers, and tell the stories, … Read more

Wolf Watch: 2000 Mules

The 2020 United States presidential election was rife with fraud orchestrated by the Democratic Party. That’s not just an accusation; it’s now, thanks to bestselling author and investigative journalist Dinesh D’Souza, an established fact. With eyewitness testimony and the pinpoint precision and analytic sophistication of the forensic technique of tracking, D’Souza demonstrates how an already … Read more

Wolf Watch: The Poison Squad

By the close of the Industrial Revolution, the American food supply was tainted with frauds, fakes, and legions of new and untested chemicals, dangerously threatening the health of consumers. Based on the book by Deborah Blum, The Poison Squad tells the story of government chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley who, determined to banish these dangerous substances … Read more

Wolf Watch: Head Of The Snake

Head of the Snake is a condensed version of the three-hour phone call between sex trafficking survivor Maria Farmer and investigative journalist Whitney Webb. Vast and deep intel exposing Mossad, The Mega Group, Les Wexner, The Rothschilds, and the Zionist Jewish mafia that operates within the United States and Israel. These are the key pieces … Read more

Wolf Watch: 911 The Mossad False Flag

The 9/11 terror atrocity and the War on Terror plots were both conceived by Israeli military intelligence in the 1970s under the leadership of Menachem Begin, the self-proclaimed “Father of Terrorism” and founder of the Likud party who became prime minister in 1977. The War on Terror doctrine was rolled out in a “propaganda offensive” … Read more

Communism By The Back Door

Another sensational and revealing documentary from the brilliant Dennis Wise proves that we have all been fooled into thinking Communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed. This is a must-watch series for anyone who wants to know the present-day illusion of democracy and how communism really has been sneaked in through the back door. In … Read more

Wolf Watch: Beyond The Forbidden Veil

The Vatican City State is a landlocked independent country, city-state, microstate, and enclave within Rome, Italy. It became independent from Italy in 1929 with the Lateran Treaty, and it is a distinct territory under “full ownership, exclusive dominion, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction” of the Holy See, itself a sovereign entity under international law, which … Read more

Wolf Watch: Planet Lockdown

Planet Lockdown is a 90-minute documentary on the situation the world found itself in during the Covid-19 plandemic. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman, and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak the truth against all odds … Read more

Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry

Altiyan Childs, the singer who won the second season of The X Factor Australia in 2010, was subsequently signed with Sony Music. His debut single “Somewhere In The World” reached the top ten in Australia and New Zealand and his self-titled debut album peaked at number three on the ARIA Albums Chart; and was certified … Read more

Wolf Watch: Mouthy Buddha’s Pedogate

This documentary looks deeper into the evidence of an organized pedophilia ring in Washington D.C. which came to light during the Barack Obama administration. These networks have been in existence prior to this and still continue to this day. Mouthy Buddja exposes their secret codes and discovers a very dangerous flaw in search engines such … Read more

Wolf Watch: Enter The Pizzagate

In the final stage of the U.S. elections, in early November 2016, the emails of John Podesta, who was Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager, were harvested by an unknown source working within the Democratic party. One of these emails was between John Podesta and James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, the pizzeria in Washington … Read more

Wolf Watch: Jesuits Oath

This documentary has been called by some the greatest expose of the Jesuit Order ever produced. It details the history of the Jesuit Order from 1534 to the present day. It exposes the Order’s “Black Hand” in the course of history including the French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, the Bolshevik Revolution, and subsequent communist and fascist … Read more

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