Whistleblower: Masonic Rituals

On November 16th, a man known as Undercover Kyle on X tweeted the following: ”I went undercover with a hidden camera to expose a Freemason Master Mason Degree ritual. I was shocked to learn how much of it comes from ancient Talmudic teachings. I will release a new video every 24 hours to ensure every aspect of the ceremony is exposed.” The man who self-describes as an America First investigator and a Catholic nationalist continued to post tons of great content: ”After being initiated, every Freemason is issued a Jewish Bible with Talmudic/Masonic interpretation. There are hundreds of pages where it falsely interprets biblical teachings and stories to push a Zionist global agenda.”

”Today, we glance into the death ceremony, which ends with the Jewish funeral prayer to prepare the recruit to be resurrected. The Freemasons use ancient Jewish teachings to cover their own sins like God covered Adam with animal skin. Every Freemason is issued an apron made of lambskin as a symbol of mockery to Christ, the Lamb of God. The resurrection ritual is done with various secret handshakes to indicate that only a Master’s grip will raise him from the dead. I will be providing a major update to my Freemason exposé in the next couple of days. I ask that you please keep me in your prayers and bear with me. For now, enjoy some of the death threats that I’ve received.”

Masonic Rituals 01
Masonic Rituals 02
Masonic Bible

”The masonic oath & penalties are sworn over, essentially a Jewish Talmud. The 3 lamps are illuminated to mock our Holy Trinity. BREAKING: After exposing the Freemasons in an undercover video last week, an Officer of the court has gone to my family’s home and stalked and knocked on their doors in an attempt to issue a cease & desist letter to me. I have also had my car broken into, 2 separate times on the same day (yes, seriously). I have received 30+ death threats from other masons. I am in the process of retaining a lawyer, filing reports with the police, and will continue to move forward with posting their satanic secrets. My freedom of speech will not be taken from me.”

”In case it needs to be said, I would never harm myself. I don’t normally ask for help but I am going to desperately need it in defeating this agenda. An anonymous Freemason whistleblower has come forward with an internal memo that was sent to the Masonic Lodges. They are not happy that we have spread their secret Talmudic ceremonies around the world. Freemason Building tour: These buildings host many kinds of events and groups. This includes a masonic sect for children called the ‘Job’s Daughters’ and the ‘Rainbow Girls’ for children as young as 10 years old. If you are reading this, I am live right now watching the raw unedited footage of the Freemason ritual with Ryan Sanchez. You can ask me anything you want to know.”

Masonic Rituals 03
Masonic Rituals 04

”Freemasons have special rituals where they receive child brides for ‘spiritual adoption.’ When a Mason’s child turns 10 years of age they will recruit them into a group called ‘Job’s Daughters’ or ‘DeMolay.’ In the former, they teach their daughters Jewish knot-tying rituals where they clothe them in white and tie bondage rope around their bodies to signify their sexual purity. Freemasons absolutely hate when you say their secret passcodes out loud. They believe them to be extremely sacred and only ever to be said in a low tone of voice. Feel free to post them in the comments to show you’re not afraid and please research their deeper meanings: Talmud, Kabalah, Star of Remphan, Mah Hah Bone, Widows Son, Lions Paw, Boaz, Shibboleth, Jachin, and Tubalcain.”

Masonic Rituals (Complete)

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