Wolf Watch: Vatican Secret Societies

This documentary focuses on the unknown history of the setting up of the American Colonies, and the influences of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit order in the Establishment of the Sovereign Constitutional Republican Nation States of America. The truth has been modified by the Society of Jesus and the people indoctrinated via their state-controlled and mandated education system. The Jesuits have produced an Index of Prohibited Books: texts Catholics are officially forbidden to read. Why do this unless you are trying to divert and control the free will of the people? Free will given by God’s natural law? Their influence on Catholic philosophy and theology is more significant than ever thanks in large part to the appointment of the first (openly) Jesuit Pope, freemason Jorge Bergoglio.

Vatican Secret Societies (2020)

4 thoughts on “Wolf Watch: Vatican Secret Societies”

  1. “6m J died in the concentration camps” and not a word about the fact the Jesuits origins is Jewish – this docs is full of lies, mistakes or ignorance. Be really careful.


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