Wolf Watch: The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Candace Owens revisits Minneapolis and the violent, racially divided aftermath that fueled BLM’s global rise and filled its coffers. Why did authorities not release the exculpatory evidence earlier to prevent the violence, looting, destruction, and death? The police didn’t kill Floyd. Why did they let cities burn? Authorities deliberately withheld evidence that could have cleared the police, undermined the narrative, and stopped the mob violence. Black lives don’t matter to the Left, the media, the Democrats, or their brown-shirt militias. Blacks are simply pawns in their game. They use them, reckless charges of police brutality and “systemic racism,” and the consequent civil unrest to agitate their base, get out the vote, and win elections. It is a naked will to power, nothing more, whatever the cost.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told (2022)

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