Testimony: ”Nick Alvear And J6”

First, I want to thank you for helping others in these deceitful times and keeping my identity private. I’m still working in the film industry and living in New York. My wife and child rely on my income to survive. I am sure you understand, brother. We read your page daily and know how much courage is needed to do what you do. We pray for you and your family all the time. Here is my take on this guy, Nick Alvear. I met him a while back before I saw him online with whatever he was doing. I knew he had some drug issues, but nothing to the level of what we are seeing now. One of his high school friends is friends with my wife, and that is how I met him. They called him Nicky. 

He was introduced to me at an event some time ago in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. When I saw your work with him online, I was thrilled that, finally, some good people were speaking about the hidden Hollywood dark stuff that no one talks about in fear for their lives. Nick told me he worked for a TV show and was also a film editor (which I was then myself; since then, I’ve become a producer ). He was more than shady when I asked him who he worked for. I had only seen your work with him (back then, it was called Pervywood). I guess since then, he has stolen all your stuff. Anyway, Nick never said he worked for Apple.

He made it really clear he was under contract. Under contract for whom? I was very confused by the shady answers. I remember looking at him; he seemed disturbed, but not all there in retrospect. He told me and a few others about this event at the capital and told us ”we need to go.” We asked him who and why. We knew nothing about this Capitol thing now being called January 6. Nick kept saying he was going. How was this guy going to an event that easily costs all this money (hotels, travel) when he didn’t have a penny to his name? I told him it didn’t sound like a good idea. He spoke about it as if it was an organized mission he couldn’t and didn’t want to back out of. Like it was going to be his rise to the big stage. The Big Time. 

I’m unsure who he said he worked for back then (before Covid). I think he said Entertainment Weekly; I remember it being cheesy and lame. Something that no one would be proud of to even mention amongst real professionals in this industry. Maybe some of these things will help me connect and remember more. I’ve been through so much since then, as we all have. I remember asking Nick if he worked for Paramount or Warner Brothers since that is who I worked for then. He laughed, saying he didn’t work for those “big guys.” He casually mentioned his ex-wife had a restraining order on him and seemed worried about it. He couldn’t see his kid.

 It sounded like he was hiding from the authorities. He wasn’t living with his wife at the time. I can’t really remember all of it, but we didn’t like being around him and didn’t engage with him after that much. I assumed this was a drug issue with him, but hey, man, you never know. Looking back now, knowing what we are finding out, who knows what these people are capable of? I hope she and the kid are safe from this POS. When I think back, he looked almost homeless and dirty. I told him not to go to the Capitol on J6, just like you, and that it was going to be bad news for him in the end. He was so confident. It sounded like Hollywood was sending him, as it turns out, most likely all their dark connections.

But Nick certainly told me he had to go and couldn’t back out. He mentioned being hired for it and being under contract. I don’t forget that because it sounded so weird. My thoughts after seeing you online again? They’re all actors and paid by the left. Nick said a group of them from California was going, and he had to go. I think he was not just paranoid but also doing some really dirty work for bad people. Lying is just the tip of the iceberg. Drugs always end up in disaster. I see now that he was putting out your content as his at the time (meaning the Pervywood stuff).

I realize now that all of these people are connected. Jimmy Saville, Charlie Ward, and all the characters and central casting people on their list of liars are grifting off we the people. They’re all paid controlled opposition, and Total Disclosure needs to expose them all. Nick was always working for them. We never spoke to that scumbag again. I realized now that the few donations I made to him for both of your projects were never going to you. Only to his drug use. I asked him about donating to you, and he told me, “It’s the same if you send it to me.”

[NOTE: Nick Alvear NEVER shared any donations addressed to me specifically; everything, including the amount defrauded/stolen, is six figures.] As I watch these fools online, Nick and his cronies are all employed by the lowest-level scum out there. Now, he has a lover named Skriptkeeper. Another loser. They sure do flock together, don’t they? They promised them something, and that’s for sure. Nick kept talking about how he would be a famous filmmaker one day. You know how they do it with these lowlifes: sign here, and you’re famous, just like that.

Nick is ready to sign and do anything for fame. I’m not so surprised that he’s turned out to be such a scumbag. I hear that Nancy Pelosi and her staff were in charge of hiring all the controlled J6ers. I believe Nick and all of them were signed to work for her (indirectly). They all have their fingers in the entertainment world. We are all discovering that they are online losers here to mislead us. I truly believe these are the lowest and bottom-of-the-barrel assets sent out to try to thwart us. Their time is coming. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up, bro!

NOTE: If you are unsure about the veracity of this testimony, please know I have known the source for way longer than Nick, and he’s one of the few people who has never betrayed my trust as a source and as a friend. You may also need to check the Mega Thread on X with all the receipts proving Nick stole $150,000+ from me and continues to illegally use my content.



7 thoughts on “Testimony: ”Nick Alvear And J6””

  1. Wow… Nick Alvear is one sick, bought and paid for, puppet. He seems to be spiraling out of control. Where are his backers, his puppet masters? I guess they’ve all been taken down. He just wasn’t a big enough fish (but his day will come). Karma always catches up to people like him. Good riddance.

  2. Alessandro your work is just phenomenal & I admire your work greatly.
    Thank you for all you are doing for the movement & for bringing truth to the light.
    With great love & respect from Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️🤟🏼

  3. I thought he was so good until he did what he did to Phil. I’m sorry his lies hurt so many. He said I would apologize to him one day…lol..I said no I won’t. Allesandro, I stand with you.

  4. I came across Nick’s films (yours, Alassandro) and was SO impressed by the content and the way the fils laid bare the Deep State.

    I was blown away when the truth was exposed by way of you and Phil Godlewski. You both are men of honor.

    I pray for you and your families daily. Keep up the tremendous work.♥️


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