The Kinsey Syndrome: Normalizing Pedophilia

The Kinsey Syndrome shows how “The Kinsey Reports” have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is how the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education – training teachers, psychologists, and even Catholic priests in human … Read more

The Mystery Of Israel Solved

This film exposes something so nefarious, evil, and mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing light on the criminal entities who have always been hiding behind both the state of Israel and Hamas. This film has the … Read more

The Last Days Of The Big Lie

This controversial documentary (a solo effort by a young American Revisionist named Eric Hunt) uses extensive footage from Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed yet seriously flawed “The Last Days.” The viewer may not care for the narrator’s polemical and, at times, acerbic style, but once that obstacle is overcome, there are few serious criticisms to be made … Read more

Wolf Watch: The Architect

The statements about the Zionist plans for world domination brought together in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion have had an enormous political impact of an educational nature on Jewry. Through them, thousands and thousands of people have been made aware of the blueprint to destroy the white Indo-European race, targeting Christianity as an … Read more

Jerusalem: Javier Milei Wails Away

Flaming Argentinian President Javier Milei landed on Tuesday in Israel, where he announced that he would be moving Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem. Milei, who made Israel the destination of his first bilateral visit since he assumed the presidency in December, had pledged to make the move during his election campaign. The United States, Guatemala, Honduras, … Read more

New York: Chabad Underground Tunnels

The scandal/coverup of the week went mainstream thanks to a video revealing the inside of a bizarre tunnel built by a group of Hasidic Jewish men underneath a historic Brooklyn synagogue. The footage leads viewers down stairs and through hallways to a dirt-filled room where a roughly 2-foot-by-2-foot grate has been removed from the wall of the building, … Read more

Michigan: Radical Imam Calls For Jihad

Ahmad Musa Jibril, a Michigan Islamist preacher, has called on American Muslims to wage Jihad while suggesting that in the time following the October 7 incident between Hamas, Mossad, and Israeli civilians, young Muslims should understand that ”the infidel West, particularly the US, are the enemies of Muslims.” He also urged Muslim mothers to ”nurse … Read more

The Hidden Cult: Jewish Ritual Murder

For most of history, belief in Jewish ritual murder was acceptable and widely accepted. Naturally, the Jews aren’t the only group who have practiced (and might still practice) ritual murder. Historically, it is fairly common: the Aztecs, numerous African tribes, and the ancient Carthinagians come to mind. But since WW2, with the rise of Jewish … Read more

The Dynasty Of Rothschild

The Rothschild family is one of the world’s most powerful, influential, and wealthiest families. They all descend from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew, to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel. He established his banking business in the 1760s, and through his five sons, he established an international banking family with headquarters in London, Paris, Frankfurt, … Read more

Whistleblower: Masonic Rituals

On November 16th, a man known as Undercover Kyle on X tweeted the following: ”I went undercover with a hidden camera to expose a Freemason Master Mason Degree ritual. I was shocked to learn how much of it comes from ancient Talmudic teachings. I will release a new video every 24 hours to ensure every … Read more

Wolf Watch: Europa The Last Battle

Haven’t you ever at least been curious as to what ”the other side of the World War II story” was? This documentary overviews how Europe has been shaped in modern history. Watch this series and uncover the natural root causes of World War II. It will take you on an epic timeline that will transport … Read more

Wolf Watch: Head Of The Snake

Head of the Snake is a condensed version of the three-hour phone call between sex trafficking survivor Maria Farmer and investigative journalist Whitney Webb. Vast and deep intel exposing Mossad, The Mega Group, Les Wexner, The Rothschilds, and the Zionist Jewish mafia that operates within the United States and Israel. These are the key pieces … Read more

Wolf Watch: Khazarian Mafia

The history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia, the largest organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian money magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books. The authors of this study have done their best to resurrect this lost, secret history of the Khazarians and … Read more

Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Authoritatively written and narrated by Francis Richard Conolly, the film begins its labyrinthine tale during the era of World War I, when the wealthiest and most powerful figures of industry discovered the immense profits to be had from a landscape of ongoing military conflict. The film presents a persuasive and exhaustively researched argument that these … Read more

Wolf Watch: Marching To Zion

For over 1800 years, the Jews were scattered throughout all nations without a homeland. Then in 1948, the impossible happened. The State of Israel was founded, and the Jews once again possessed the promised land. Many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God, but was this really the blessing … Read more

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