Jerusalem: Javier Milei Wails Away

Flaming Argentinian President Javier Milei landed on Tuesday in Israel, where he announced that he would be moving Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem. Milei, who made Israel the destination of his first bilateral visit since he assumed the presidency in December, had pledged to make the move during his election campaign. The United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, and Kosovo have embassies in Jerusalem. Other countries, including Hungary and the Czech Republic, have embassy branches in the capital. Milei’s personal rabbi, Shimon Axel Wahnish, joined the former economist on his visit as an envoy.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz met Milei at the Ben Gurion Airport and thanked the Argentinian for supporting Israel in its war against Hamas in Gaza and for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Milei also met with President Isaac Herzog, welcomed with an IDF band playing the national anthems of both countries, the first such welcome since the war with Hamas began on October 7. The usual political posturing and warmongering took place as the Israeli politicians took the opportunity to focus on war propaganda. Milei stated that he had sent a bill to Argentina‘s Congress demanding the release of all hostages, including the 11 Argentinian citizens.

Milei brought Argentina’s Foreign Minister Diana Mondino along with him on the three-day trip, in addition to Wahnish. While Milei is not officially Jewish, he has expressed an interest in Judaism and has talked about potentially converting. He studies with Wahnish in Buenos Aires, has quoted Torah passages in rallies, and walked out on stage for a campaign event to a recording of a shofar. On his first trip abroad after winning the election in November, Milei visited the tomb of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in Queens, New York. A very shady character, by the way. His visit was pretty dangerously close to the discovery and destruction of the underground ritual tunnels found in the headquarters of the Chabad Lubavitch.

Some people online suggested he had participated in an initiation ritual on the premises, and thats why the cult was trying to destroy the tunnels and fill them with cement to obliterate any evidence. Talmudic Jew cults have been documented across the ages, participating in the sacrifice of goyim children for their occult rituals. The first time I heard about Milei, it was probably around 2020. As a libertarian, it would be natural for me to be a bit excited about his rise to power, but there has always been something off about the passionate speaker. You could say his speech is violent, but it goes beyond that. But this recent demonstration at the Wailing Wall shows a fanatic submission that seems like bad news for Argentina.

The country has suffered enough due to years of shameless socialist policies, and Milei has managed to deceive many nationalists and enthusiasts across the globe as the solution for the South American nation and a first step to change the current political landscape in the region. But once you get through the hopium and take a look at those who own him, it is clear that Milei, much like Donald Trump and the rest of controlled opposition politicians, is all about Israel first. With the Argentinian, his apparent emotional volatility is a valid concern. Many ask themselves what he may bring to the fold, as war drums are sounding in the European and American continents. Is he the South American war pawn like Volodymyr Zelensky is in Europe?

After his presidential victory, Milei also participated in a Havdalah ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat in Once, a Jewish neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where he received blessings from Kabbalist Rabbi David Hanania Pinto. Milei is now in Italy and the Vatican, where he will meet with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Milei will also meet with Pope Francis, a fellow Argentine. The white pope is also an infiltrator, as he is a known Jesuit and a freemason. Milei called Francis “the evil one” and an “imbecile” who “promotes communism” before his election, but the two seem to be working to reconcile. In reality, we all know all these cryptojews work together.

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