Wolf Watch: Hollywood Takeover

Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry” is an NTD Original Documentary that pulls back the curtain on how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda, the consequences of that on our own future, and what brave individuals are doing to change the tide. “Hollywood Takeover” follows Chris Fenton, a former Hollywood … Read more

England: Chinese Spies Attack Piano Player

Brendan Kavanagh, also known as Dr. K, is a British pianist who specializes in improvised boogie-woogie music. He combines this genre with classical, jazz, blues, rock & roll, and traditional Irish music themes. Kavanagh regularly takes to London’s St Pancras station to play, but yesterday, he was attacked by entitled Chinese ”tourists” while doing so. He … Read more

Wolf Watch: Empire Of Dust

In the documentary “Empire of Dust”, director Bram Van Paesschen explores the fraught relationship between the Congolese and the Chinese, as shown through their efforts to build a road between two major cities in the DRC, wryly observed with humorous interstitials from the Congolese radio DJ invented by Van Paesschen himself. China endeavors to take … Read more

Red Dragon: Exposing The CCP

The proponents of the great leap forward, the cultural revolution, the one-child policy, and many other failures now want to extend their barbarian ways to the West. As the United States renders harmless under Joe Biden’s command, the Asian threat now turns its eyes to Taiwan, and from there, the rest of the world. Their … Read more

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