England: Chinese Spies Attack Piano Player

Brendan Kavanagh, also known as Dr. K, is a British pianist who specializes in improvised boogie-woogie music. He combines this genre with classical, jazz, blues, rock & roll, and traditional Irish music themes. Kavanagh regularly takes to London’s St Pancras station to play, but yesterday, he was attacked by entitled Chinese ”tourists” while doing so. He was livestreaming when a woman approached him while claiming she was working for Chinese TV and asked whether or not they were recorded. When her suspicions were confirmed, she said it ‘wasn’t allowed’. The Chinese gathered around the pianist, who repeatedly explained that he was allowed to film since they were in a public place. ‘We are in Great Britain, we are not in China,’ he added. 

The situation soon escalated after Mr. Kavanagh pointed at the communist flags when a male member of the group, who was the most aggressive one, suddenly started screaming. Then came the false accusations: ‘Why are you touching her? Stop touching her. Don’t touch her.’ He added: ‘You are not the same age, do not touch her.’ The woman intervened and said: ‘Don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him. What’s the problem?’ Mr. Kavanagh, seemingly confused after being shouted at, defended himself by saying he only touched the flag. The piano player repeatedly pointed to the small red flags with five yellow stars, which he claimed were communist flags.

The woman the pianist allegedly touched said she was ‘here to celebrate the new year’ and didn’t want to be filmed doing so. A well-built bystander also intervened and told the tourists to leave if they didn’t like being filmed, which seemed to calm down the most aggressive of the crew. Finally, two police officers approached the group and tried to de-escalate. One tourist said that Mr. Kavanagh filmed them, and when asked to remove the footage, he refused. ‘You’re in a public place,’ the policeman explained repeatedly. Then, the female officer chimed in and said to the cameraperson: ‘Excuse me, if we’re having a police matter, you need to put that phone down.’

The woman who approached the pianist first is Mengying Liu, who runs the UK-based recruitment agency Top Offer Academy and offers advice on British universities and the job market via several Xiaohongshu accounts and YouTube channels. The Chinese woman is now claiming they were provoked by Kavanagh when he played ‘Ching Cheng Hanji,’ a ‘racist’ song, she said. The debate on this seems to be in the middle, but the thing is, she wasn’t aware of it until after the video had gone viral and someone else brought it up. The man in the orange scarf who yelled at Kavanagh is Newton Leng, a consultant with the Financial Times as per his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. 

The other woman in the video is Adelina Zhang, who has been serving as a host in various state events in the UK for years and was a journalist with China Daily in 2014. She’s been mingling with top UK political figures and elite all these years. If you browse Liu’s Instagram, you would never guess she’s the ”patriotic” type who would wear a red scarf wielding a Chinese flag in public space. As per her social media, she lives a Western lifestyle, dating a Caucasian boyfriend and mingling with friends who look Western, too. Her significant other, Davis Kuma, works for Liu in her recruitment agency. Ironically, she is being sued for violating someone else’s image rights in China because of stuff she posted on her WeChat account.

Mengying Liu and Newton Leng have direct contact with thousands of students in the United Kingdom. They can double as ”recruiters” and ”handlers” while Liu can place some of these students into different jobs and successfully run a front for the Chinese Communist Party. They appear to be working for the CCP’s United Front Work Department. Based on the video, they were recording a video for Chinese New Year for CCTV or other state-control media. A political and honorable task only reserved for those with some heavy connections with the Chinese power structure. This is a classic example of how the CCP members are trained to mislead people by falsely accusing ”anti-Chinese racism” and even sexual harassment.

PS. Check out my series exposing the Chinese Communist Party: Red Dragon. The proponents of the great leap forward, the cultural revolution, the one-child policy, and many other failures now want to extend their barbarian ways to the West. As the United States renders harmless under Joe Biden’s command, the Asian threat now turns its eyes to Taiwan, and from there, the rest of the world. Their subversive ways have been perfected for decades and under the ruling of Xi Jinping, the red dragon is more dangerous than ever. From their ridiculous human and civil rights abuses to their blueprint to introduce a technocrat totalitarian system aided by mass surveillance and a social credit score system, the Chinese Communist Party expands its influence as the West crumbles.

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  1. I think it’s disgusting that this DAVIS KUMA, is actually dating this commie! You deserve so much better, than her. How can you stoop that low to date a communist Chinese such as Lui! She’s absolutely appalling, disgraceful and disgusting. 🤢


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