Sacha Stone (Part 2)

FREE Podcast available HERE. In the previous article, I showed you the origins and the new-age ideology of fake guru Sacha Stone. An ideology he bases on the occult, mainly Luciferianism and Agenda 2030-inspired communism. His words act as a spell for many who listen to him on the regular, hard truths mixed with bold lies and scams. Take out the flowery words from Sacha, and what’s left? It seems he talks a lot about nothing, never really naming names or facts. The ploy to distract using $10 words is an old tactic to deflect away from his darkness.

Sacha’s mother was an easy find after all, as daughter and mother came in attacking from different fronts. Gail Adams on Facebook and Toin Adams on Instagram. “If you attack my brother, you attack me!” As expected, they both deny any accusations against Sacha. I don’t fault them over it, and neither should you, family first. They claim Sacha’s father is: Anthony James Adams, “a presenter for Anglia TV.” I’m open to corrections, and so I asked them to send me a copy of the birth certificate. That way, I can change the article because guess what? I don’t trust these people.

Others close to Sacha Stone but not part of his twisted family have confirmed the fact Sir Walter is the dad. Until I see official documents proving otherwise, the article remains as is. Besides ad hominem attacks and assumptions about my character, I can’t say I got much from these exchanges. They seem to be prone to question others’ “light and grace,” I find the wording interesting. Especially considering how much Toin enjoys sculpting Lucifer.

Fraud and theft

Enough with the Adams family, let’s take a look at the claims of fraud against Sacha. Peter Shelton, who lives across the street from Akasha, otherwise known as the “New Earth Haven,” denounces Sacha Stone of stealing $90,000. A loan that Sacha should’ve paid in two months prolonged for over three years. The terrible experience didn’t end there, as Peter and his wife became a target of Sacha’s cronies. “How dare you, ask for your money back, sir?” Just like they did to me. “How dare you, to give a voice to an abuse victim, sir? Projection.

How about Monica Doe? A woman who loaned Sacha $100,000 – Her total life savings, as she told me. Another life is ruined by Sacha’s fraudulent ways, using his seductive manipulation to make the other person feel comfortable. Sacha was supposed to pay back this loan as soon as the “QT-Pi Technology” paid off, which of course, never did. In the screenshots below, you see him boasting about never having anything to do with the technology, and yet he defrauded Monica Doe using it as leverage.

That’s the common denominator – Sacha asks for $50,000-$200,000 loans that he’s supposed to pay off short-term. He never pays back, but most importantly, he never intends to. Monica Doe knows of another person defrauded for £80,000, and I know of another Bali resident whose $200,000 vanished. That’s a total of $441,013, assuming he paid half to Monica Doe, which should be $50,000. And what about all the pocketed donations that never delivered the promised events or projects? It’s a MILLIONAIRE SCAM. Not to mention the giving folks who just give him the funds no strings attached.

A New World Order

I think those testimonies alone should be reason enough to distrust the man, but what do I know? I said above Sacha bases his new-age ideology on NWO-driven communism, so let me back that up. Everything Sacha earns via Humanitad, New Earth, or The ITNJ goes back to the New Earth Trust. You may read it for yourself in their own words. “The NewEarth Project is an open platform to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace, and prosperity.”

Trusts are handy because you can use them as the “owner” of property or company and keep yourself safe from unpleasant legal entanglements. They’re a great way to handle assets with total privacy and immunity if you know what you’re doing. After what you already know about Sacha, what does logic tell you? I suggest you at least stop with the worship and don’t give this man your money or hope! The so-called New Earth Trust claims property over:

  • The ITNJ (law)
  • New Earth Nation (landmass)
  • The New Earth University (education)
  • New Earth Exchange (finance and commerce)
  • The New Earth Projects (buildings, projects, and ecosystems on landmass)

“Membership is open to all: You can become a member of the New Earth Nation by ratifying the New Earth Treaty.” Who is enforcing this treaty? The ITNJ and the fake judge? There is a “blueprint” posted on the New Earth Project website containing several references to the United Nations, one being UNEP – Big into climate change. Agenda 2030 rears its ugly head with Sacha’s initiatives, as they go hand in hand. Not by chance, Sacha started his journey at the United Nations.

Sacha and the occult

As if stealing funds and landmass UN-style wasn’t enough, guess we can always refer you to the symbolism. The Phoenix symbol present in Egyptian culture and Freemasonry, used for a botched award show, is a tiny example. Let’s start with the pinecone present in their logo. The pinecone refers to the pineal gland, the third eye, a symbol of human enlightenment if you will. However, the pinecone is also a pagan fertility symbol, associated with the child-sacrifice god Baal and the cult of the goddess Cybele.

The pinecone in their logo has a long stem, so it can also symbolize the artichoke or Thyrsus. The leaves of the artichoke refer to the crown chakra, and it’s known as the magic flower representing hope for a prosperous future. In the 18th century, the artichoke was a culinary privilege reserved for the aristocracy and can be considered a symbol of the Italian upper class. The artichoke is also a symbol of the Italian Mafia. A curiosity that holds more weight as you continue reading.

Project Artichoke was a C.I.A. program precursor of Project MK-Ultra, a form of mind control through hypnosis, drugs, sleep deprivation, and torture. Many Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are victims of MK-Ultra techniques. According to Sacha, he wants to recuperate these occult symbols and bring them to the light, or some bullshit. Here are his excuses for this and many other things. The pinecone is a prominent symbol in Vatican City, where a statue sits on “Cortile della Pigna.” The armored roof of “Archivio Segreto Vaticano”, contains the archives, where all of the Vatican’s secrets and treasures are stored. Proper?

The gatekeepers of the Vatican

The pinecone symbolizes the church’s hijack of humanity’s enlightenment and replacement with religious surrogate dogmas. The facing peacocks act as the guardians of the Vatican’s secrets. Why would the ITNJ use symbolism that refers to the exact location of the protected secrets of the Vatican? Sarcasm? Unless they represent their interests, it doesn’t make sense. More like hidden in plain sight. Please visit Ella Ster’s website, a great researcher who took my testimony and found more things as we collaborated. Sacha is essentially a Dionysus/Bacchus worshiper, a pagan guru like many before him.

The ancient Greek god of wine, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. Is Sacha Stone another bad actor? And yet, the “all-seeing eye” is shown on Sacha’s website promoting his brand. When you place the Humanitad logo next to the Jesuit logo, you see a strong resemblance. Especially with the H in the center of the sun. Does the H refer to Humanitad or the Holy See? The ITNJ is the legal branch of the umbrella organization Humanitad, after all.

Who is Ciro Orsini, the man hiding behind the curtain, pulling the ITNJ strings? Any Jesuit links there? The sun in the Jesuit logo is a nod to the emblem of the Order of the Black Sun. According to Sacha, he is the sole creator and owner of all the logos and symbols representing his assets. Questioning his motives as he uses trigger-happy symbols that may affect survivors negatively is only fair. Is the ITNJ treaty signed in blood for dramatic effects only, or is there more to it?

Sacha, the predator

The number of red flags with this guy should be more than enough at this point, public death threats and all. Yes, he is known to get crazy online and threaten women with beheading them (even if it’s figuratively) when confronted with his scams. Or he can also brag about sleeping with “hundreds of women” when going ad hominem at some troll while representing the ITNJ. This behavior is not acceptable for the so-called new age guru many have come to accept, albeit blindly.

Testimonies of abuse towards women and girls (even underage) populate the web. These women are offered “no strings attached shelter,” just to find themselves sexually pursued 24/7. Many of the women who sent me their stories wanted nothing more with him and his troll army. Yes, Sacha is known to aim several people to stalk you online if you discredit him, and my supporters suffered so. So when he was not abusing women like Jessica Schaub, I guess it was because he was going for younger. You can read Jessica’s memoir HERE.

Sacha Stone has inclinations that are very troubling considering what he portrays himself to be. Keeping a vault of porn films and images, some taken without consent, of his sexual partners is abusive. Resisting to delete said material when confronted by the victims, is criminal. Storing sex videos of the daughters of his lovers is indeed worrying, assuming all of them are over 18, which I doubt. But when I heard of Sacha sexually grooming a 6-year-old, I decided I had enough:




59 thoughts on “Sacha Stone (Part 2)”

      • Alessandro, it would be great if you could do one of your in-depth articles on the two Charlie’s that are big on the scene at the moment, and hoodwinking people to the max. There is an expose video that has come out on M Seeker of Truth’s youtube channel which is getting a lot of traction. Charlie Ward is now saying he knew the whole ‘Gregory Hallett is the New King of England’ script was a lie from the beginning. His background is extremely dodgy but thousands are still lapping up his every word. So sad to see this. Charlie Freak is equally dodgy. This subject needs your keen eye and excellent writing skills methinks. I hope you have the time to look into it. Many thanks!

        • Hello Ariella, I have not made a real effort to send this to whoever Sacha is working with because I ignore all his content and videos. Just watching him pollutes my energy, so I avoid spending any more time dwelling on this man and his ilk of new-age fakester narcissists. I did my part, I concluded a year-long investigation and exposed every detail with no reservations for my safety or even popularity (many feel I’m controlled opposition because I exposed Sacha) – The investigation didn’t take a year of my time but it took me that timeframe to be able to publish it all properly. Please feel free to send this to all of them, I’m too busy with the documentary and the podcast at this time and I have no plans on refocusing on Sacha, Charlie Ward, or Charlie Freak – Perhaps in the future!

          • thank you for you hard work on SS i don’t understand why people would give anyone a red cent wo know what they are i never donate anything til i know for sure the ward group is taking thousand from people and they won’t listen to anyone who tells them the truth. So much for the great awakening

      • I’m glad I came accross you Alessandro… Good on you!! Bravo!! I was getting very suspicious of Stone and RDS.. It seems.. It’s not lon before any of them start charging for info! My lass is German.. (former East German!) So, can smell shit from long way off… She is getting tons of good info.. but none are charging for it! Unlike all these goody 2 shoes on YT! I’ve been giving Charlie Ward it big time as I did listen and heard LIES.. as I am in Spain.. and & knew he was talking shit about things he was saying bout the stasi here! But then I seen Stone and RDS appearing on his shows.. and I (at one time) held Stone and RDS as real truthers! Oh how wrong I was… I started to question them… RDS first.. and he said something which really irked me.. was about Prince William… and Kate! He said he really liked them.. then CW agreed, and then said he actually was a Royalist! I was like.. WHAT? I sent RDS a message and asked him about his statment about William.. and reminded him that he stands behind a book by Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State, in which he clearly states in one chapter (I forget exactly which chapter) that Prince William was primed to be the head of the Pyramid in the NWO to be worshiped as the Anti-Christ! (they always seem to slip up with their BS!) He wouldn’t give an answer.. he just say, “well, I like William & Kate” EH? Then… I actually started arguing with Stone recently on one of his YT chats… I seen him standing up for Charlie Ward… to which I informed him that he has actulally been proven to be a conman!! fleeced ppl for money etc.. and your right.. he started to come at me with vile accusations!! i thought.. OH WOW! How wrong was I about sum1!! Which eventually led me to your website etc….I agree with what u stated..I reckon at least 80% of these big YT accounts are all scammers…BS’rs…Taking ppl for a ride! and trying to fleece them for as much as they can in the process! Until this Kung Flu hit.. I never did any social media.. infact,I’d never waste my time and energy on sitting at a laptop!! BTW – I do listen to Kerrang radio every day! and totally loved Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell, Good on you for exposing all these Muppets…

      • I suspected so. New Age gibberish does not fool me. Now Scott Mc Kay has went on tour with Socha and seems to be joining the New Age cult. Socha came back from the Arise tour 2021 and started tearing Trump down on his fb page. I don’t follow him but after RDS died I took a look at his page.

      • Hello Deb, I have no idea who has this information or not, I have not made a real effort to send this to whoever Sacha is working with because I ignore all his content and videos. Just watching him pollutes my energy, so I avoid spending any more time dwelling on this man and his ilk of new-age fakester narcissists. I did my part, I concluded a year-long investigation and exposed every detail with no reservations for my safety or even popularity (many feel I’m controlled opposition because I exposed Sacha) – The investigation didn’t take a year of my time but it took me that timeframe to be able to publish it all properly. Please feel free to send this to all of them, I’m too busy with the documentary and the podcast at this time and I have no plans on refocusing on Sacha for now.

    • I don’t believe you will get much help from the two Chucks ward & Freak both have been outed last couple of months especially ward is a known pathological liar . Charlie Ward especially has been proven to be a conman by his words and 10-15 YT researchers and freak said he spoke to the Q team they claim zero outside comms

      • Well done. Love your work. I knew he was dodgy after he attacked my questioning comment on one of his yourtubes and then within half an hour I had a migraine. ..when i went inside to see what had caused it ‘I was told it was a physic attack…creepy much

        • Hi..yes he attacks very quickly and personally…typical Cluster B Personality Disorder…from my decades of study….grandiose messiah complex and seems to be getting away with it still.

    • Charlie Ward is a con man and he needs de platforming ..he lies and spreads disinformation and misinformation

  1. I would be surprised if Charlie Freak and Colleen are NOT staying True to their teachings. I personally, feel they are authentic. Knowing Others may Not be so true does Not make them any less Authentic.

  2. I have had an uneasy feeling about Sasha from the time I first heard him. David Steele as well.
    I think Charlie Freak is authentic enough, probably just starved from his frugivore diet, which is affecting brain function.
    But, I believe Charlie Ward. The thing about Charlie Ward is that he is a bit of a mediator. He brings on all different sorts of people and allows them to share their views. Charlie, has had a colorful past. But, who is one to judge another? Don’t we all have our faults. I believe him to be genuine and honest. His heart is in a pure spot. Just because he knew about Hallett, people want to crucify him. They are sad fools who need to wake up. I was taken in by the story, but I believe they did this to help us open our eyes to the misinformation that has been flooding us from the media, and such, for years.
    Thank you for your hard work and the risks you take.

    • Hello Kate, thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly, I NEVER CAME AFTER ANYONE FIRST, in fact, after Sacha acted like a petulant child on our last email I let it be UNTIL abuse victims came forward and shared their stories with me. I have an obligation towards any abuse survivor, NO MATTER who they are denouncing if I feel the story is credible I publish it.

      I never came after Robert David Steele, until he CAME AT ME flaunting his money – threatening to sue me out of exposing Sacha.
      I never came after Gabe Hoffman, until I saw him (repeatedly) come after SRA survivors and other people I love.

      People have asked me to “expose” Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak – Not only I don’t have time to do that but is not my thing, I’m here to expose pedophiles, human traffickers, and killers – Scammers are not on my radar, and like you say, who am I to judge if one has had a dodgy life? My life has been a rollercoaster too.

      I wish people wouldn’t be fooled by these people but I cannot go after every single one of them either. People need to start using their own discernment, they claim to be awake but some of them recoil at the possibility of controlled opposition in the truther movement. WAKE UP! 80% OF THE BIG CHANNELS OUT THERE ARE CONTROLLED OP! Thats why they thrive.

    • Kate the lie is bigger then the fake king stuff I believe he came clean because he knew the jig was up and did not want to loose the money making opportunity of over 160k. the video about the QFS is a big fat lie. that spread sheet was taking from us gov and changed the original Doc was QIS and they changed it to fit their needs. Other information was released in the white Hat group that was fake and charlie ward gave it out that he got it from his inside source. also since WH Paladin and Lady Justice mentioned they was working with the reset CW also said he was working on it FYI WH Group is in America.
      doesn’t really much matter the FBI is to be looking into a lot of YT scammers i know from the person who couldn’t get money back donated to king hallet in wards accounts

    • C’mon!! CW!! really? (as he would say!) Thereis enuff there by M and Just tis (and ME!) to tell you he is a clown! It would seem… THEY ALL are!

    • Kate Kelly…. the same CW started a Just Giving page for the King Clown…. and took lots of money from ppl….Ok, he said it wasn’t him.. just wassum1 with same name as him!! lol… yeah right!good one Charlie… and.. if u pay attention to ALL he’s said… it’s all made up rubbish!!! I debunked him on several of his ludicrous statements!! Like the Spanish Police standing down!! as I too live in Spain!!!

    • Well Kate, I wonder if u still feel that way 6 months after u posted this!!! CW is a complete Fraud!! He is ripping folks off big time…. and the little GESARA Club circle they have is disgusting!!!

  3. I know someone who ran off to Bali to be with him a few years ago after falling for Qanon. She blocked me on everything when I kept refuting her claims. Not sure what became of her but I would imagine it’s not good.

    • Excuse my Ignorance but have just Chanced upon this Information… I me shocked & Well Actually feel like a fool at the moment because I’ve Bern Protesting since May on the streets & have Been taken in by this Seemingly Enlightened individual as I’ve listened to so many Genuine people on he’s Sovereignity site podcast…. Ime Dissapointed & a bit pissed off with myself for Bieng taken for a fool by thus guy if he truly is Occult based… Please can u send me more to read up on this as I’ve had nothing but praise for this movement & I need to rectify & put my energy Elswhere as I go to yet another protest.. Doin my best..

  4. As a long time resident of Bali I have known Stone for many years. He is the real deal: a complete fake and fraud who abuses people with the callousness and lack of empathy only the truly sociopathic can command. He is dangerous and manipulative and due to the twisted legal system here, and powerful friends, he is virtually untouchable. I certainly wouldn’t want to get into conflict with him here because it could end in captivity. He has revealed his true, far right wing colors this year which further tars him with the brush of spiritual Nazism.

    • I would like to add that I caught Charlie Ward in a complete fabrication on 9 January 2020 in his interview with Doug Billings (Right Side Radio, I think) on YouTube. In it, CW claimed that the Marines had raided the C_A over the weekend prior, and then presumably read from an email sent by one of his many sources detailing the raid. As he read the supposed email aloud, it sounded familiar to me, and I didn’t trust it. After a quick search, I discovered the “inside information” was entirely plagiarized from a Ben Fulford newsletter published in 2017.

      I can provide you with the link to the interview and the Fulford newsletter if anyone is interested. I was never a big believer or listener of Ward, Stone or Freak, but this just cinched it for me.

      • He always talks BS!! from the very beginning!! I’ve been trying to warn others with no avail…. M-Seeker-Of-Truth exposed him too.. and is currently doing a new video on him which should be out soon… Their little GESARA Club circle is disgusting.. and now i see RDS has fleeced Patriots out of money (lots!) to make 3/4 movies and all of a sudden.. guess who’s involved too? Sacha Stone!! haha… U couldn’t make this shit up!! And their latest member to their little club.. Simple Simon Parkes… OMG… the biggest LOON to ever come out of my country!! (who should be in an institute for his own well being!!) I truly hope all these Social Media Gurus who have been playing with good peoples emmotions ever since last March get their just rewards in the end! I hope once the DC swamp etc is drained… Then they go and drain the Social Media Swamp too!! as that is vast aswell!!

        • Martin,
          You are right on target with your comment about these media Gurus. What’s going on in this world isn’t just about waking up sleeping Zombies, and vanishing demons. There’s more to it. It’s about discovering the truth about a whole world based on lies. It’s about patriots/people, allegedly awake, falling for con artists because they are not listening or trusting their own inner guidance system.

          I believe it’s time for people to quit relying on outside authorities and other people for ‘truth’ information, and to quit passing the buck. Humans need to take back their powers, start doing their own research, and to self-govern. When has relying on other people for ‘truth’ or to get things done for us ever worked before? NEVER! That’s why we are in the boat we are in.

          Lies and deception seem to permeate through EVERYTHING! What a major clean up job will remain when this ‘shit’ is over (I do believe a major wake-up is happening).

          I appreciate your comment. You apparently are listening and trusting the ‘truth’ whispering in your ear, and not falling for the bullshit being spewed from outside sources! Kudos to you!

      • They’re ALL in it together…. This is the GESARA Club and their Allies… ALL in it to rip people off!!! All Conmen & Conwomen !! I’m classed as a TROLL… lol.. I always tell them.. then I must be an Intelligent Troll then!!
        Ward Fraud is exactly that….
        Simple Simon… well… the name says it all
        Ben Fulford… BATSHIT BONKERS .. and if u go read all his comments after his weekly reports.. u shall see all his followers are equally BATSHIT BONKERS!! (although, let’s say.. they are lost perosns!)
        All the GESARA Clubbers… – CONS!!
        Sacha Stone – well…. reading Alessandro’s reports tells u all u need to know!
        Robert David Steel – god knows… I think he’s still working… for ALL sides!! But I have offered him a job at my garden pond… I told him I’ll supply the pointy hat, fshing rod, stool, red shorts and green shirt!!!
        The Bottom line is…. DO NOT waste any of your money on any of these CONS!! ANd do not listen to a word they say!!!

  5. Hi Alessandro,

    Thank You kindly for your hard work. I noticed what Sacha was when I saw him interview the Dutch banking whistleblower, Ronald Bernard. At one point, he put up the hand sign known as the ‘horns’ which is commonly used by MK handlers to control programmed people. When I exposed this on Twitter, he confronted me personally, and then I realised that the account ‘exposing’ him was a bait account. I was not about to argue, however, because I’ve already been down that road with the freemasons and felt as though I’d like to spend my time trying something new. Nevertheless, I see him continually preying on other genuine whistleblowers by contacting them for interviews and it’s bothersome. Unfortunately, professionals like those in banking and medicine who want to speak out do not realize the heavy occult infiltration in the so-called ‘truth’ movement and therefore need to be warned.

  6. Thank you for this and I’ve had a creepy feeling about Sacha. I appreciate you don’t want to investigate Dr Charlie Ward (fraud) however the timing of me reading this is perfect. Just last night I discovered he’s not a Doctor and he didn’t receive at 7am Spanish time the Biden pre-recorded 2021 inauguration tape. Confessed both on two different YouTube interviews. I saw a great quote – I’d rather be HONEST than impressive. So I’m going to stop blindly looking to these guys as truth and see them all as entertainment. It’s good to know and good to not give them any money.

  7. Alessandro… This is amazing… lol… literally within minutes… I have received a personal email from sacha stone…. lol… a little threatening…. So.. I must be over target… what a wimp!! I’d love to square up to that wanker face to face… 2 slaps at most!!! Imagine that… how on earth did he get my email…. lol… Having spent my life in the Construction industry… He is a little Pussy cat compared!!!!

    • Alessandro. First of all thank you for the research. Ratified what I always felt. I got introduced to this truth movement through a dear friend a month ago so I went into it open minded. She hosts on her own channel People mentioned and has even been to Spain to visit CW. I worked him out after researching what he was saying and looking at his website. The usb 5g con got me straight away. For the past 3 weeks I have tried on fb to counter all these blinded followers who claim to me awake. I am general concerned for my friend as her intentions are to save children and commutes to making a difference but when I tell her make a change by marching she says CW and that stone fella are ok. I don’t want to fall out with her because of her real intentions but for her own safety and everyone else blinded by this I am determined to expose that scumbag. He is ripping people off big time. Even if I have to fly out there and sort it. That’s how angry I am. The thing is 95% of what they oost is complete BS. I mean this child eating USA CORPORATE big tech are all satanic etc. I believe that whole money is controlled by a few, that somewhere people do kill and eat people, child abuse, peodos in government uk proven. But it’s not the usual people. No one truly knows. These people should be brought to justice and pay. But tbh this movement is cult like. I get attacked for challenging questions. I would live more ammunition because I will use it to expose the Cw’s of this world exploiting honest people fighting a cause. Thanks

  8. Ok, thank you for the heads up, I must admit I drank the SS kool-aid; I thought he was genuine enough despite his repeditive monologues, however I could never understand the connection with Robert David Steele, who severely exposed himself when he made erroneous public claims about the Christchurch mosque shooting. It was quite apparent that he either had no real firearms knowledge/military experience or was controlled opposition. It doesn’t matter which, same outcome, he’s a flimflam man, along with the very obvious b.s. artist supreme, Greg Hallett and the two Charlies with their neverending Q-anon-sense…

  9. I was born gifted from a sensible gifted grandmother. We see through all b**ls**t
    they tell everyone theyre brainwashed. If all the Qanon stuff is right why has news not seen all the kids come out of underground tunnels.
    They all said trump would win election he did not. Everyone needs to
    listen to there stong im right your wrong attitude many more
    false light all over you tube Fbook. Many get banned removed lots they say is instilling fear into viewers. Best i heard is everyones awakening many of these people say they can activate you for sky high fee. Joke Do u truly think enlightenment is something bought.
    Many are happy to believe anything everything not me

    • Hi Carol,
      You said: …all the kids come out of underground tunnels….
      Do remember, legally, children are protected under the law and no info of those under 18 can be released.
      I want it to be truth that children are being saved from a life that is the true meaning of hell and will always want the best for them.
      Not backing anyone, defending anything, just explaining.
      Always, the children come first!

  10. Good to find your info Alessandro!
    Presently having a go round of fb with SS, hah!
    Wonderful that all of this is compiled. For years I have been dogging him and trying to wake ppl up. Just my gut knew about him and all the others mentioned here in this thread.
    You are much more forgiving, you say 80%, I say at least 95%.
    If they have fame, and the more fame they have, The more they are hooked into the evil cycle.

    Finding reverse speech on some of these ‘people’ can be very revealing!
    Bless You and Thank You!!

  11. Thank you for this. Has spent many hours listening to this guy, and he did shed light on many aspects for me. Although there was always some strange gut feeling. I am Very glad to find your articles.

    What about Santos Bonacci? Any hints on him?

    Blessings for your work!


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