Magicians And Demons

Many tricks real magicians perform require demonic help. Chinese face changers have dozens of masks and even whole gowns replaced instantly. Demons read minds and tell the magician, transport items at incredible speed, levitate them, or move them through solid objects. However, David Copperfield going through the Great Wall of China is a hoax. You can see the fake wall panel move at 21:48. Enjoy the show and see if you can spot simple trickery from real demonic intervention. Remember, these magicians have sold their souls for fame and fortune. Magic in itself is never safe; even if some call their brand of trickery white magic, it’s still aided and fostered by dark entities posing as something harmless.

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3 thoughts on “Magicians And Demons”

  1. Your email came only three days after I watched – yet another – show of a magician.
    A talent from the world of miracles wins the Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent 2024
    By this time I know of magicians selling their souls to the devil, so no trick impressed me anymore, they can do whatever they want and I simply know it’s via power they got from an entity (often having a name).
    But then – at the end of this video, a message came up: “important note: These types of videos did not happen in reality but it was modified by Montage for the purpose of entertainment and delivering an important message.” (what important message??)
    I googled Montage.. › graphics › share › ImageMagick › www › montage.html
    montage: ImageMagick – Image Processing and Display Package – MIT
    Description. montage creates a composite image by combining several separate images etc

    In my opinion no image can make him and the child levitate.. unless it like e.g. ‘HUGE Hologram Whale Splashes Students In School Gym’.
    I also noted the kitten is much bigger than it should be, and the dog and teddy and himself up in air – levitated – is like it was ‘CGI’s… it had like edges around them.

    Your opinion would be appreciated.
    Kind regards


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