Law Of Attraction: Fact Or Fiction?

The Law of Attraction has been around for quite a while now, with roots that stem back to the 1800s, along with the rise of New Age Spirituality. But with Rhonda Byrne’s film, “The Secret” which was promoted extensively by Oprah Winfrey, the Law of Attraction has reached whole new heights of popularity. This in addition to the continuous popularity and sales of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, has created a large following of believers in the Law of Attraction and the idea that our thoughts and feelings can quite literally change the reality we are living in. Which begs the question… does the law of attraction work? Can I truly manifest the life I want?



4 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction: Fact Or Fiction?”

  1. Just like any other belief system, LOA can be misunderstood and twisted. In all the genuine material on LOA, I have not found the guilt you show in this film. On the contrary, the basic teachings ask you to always reach for thoughts that make you feel better, and not worse. Finding a way to conceptualize events in the most positive way is always a better solution with better results. LOA does not claim to eliminate the duality we all came here to learn from. LOA does not blame you for experiences you have, it just gives you a tool to make the best of it.

    You have shown pictures of Esther Hicks – can you show her using blame or guilt? I have not been able to find it by her or in any of the books by her or several other authors on the topic.

    I think your presentation so far has shown an immature understanding of the LOA. I do, however, look forward to your second part of the film.

    • You are right. I’ve studied and practiced the LOA for nearly 20 yrs and reality my lifetime w/o realizing it. To me a cult would be someone like Jim Jones and LOA is not a religious practice nor have I ever gotten together with anyone to chant or anything like that. Those featured in LOA have stated not to stop medical care in his example above, but use that care with your attitude, gratitude and spirit for healing.

      I know a lot of ppl don’t get LOA and blindly practice bringing things into their lives and then get upset by their circumstances. I’ve brought and recognized so many miracles in my own life that I can’t count them all.

      I’m also looking forward to Part 2. I really wish he would have studied this instead of attacking it (or it seems to be an attack) b/c many things he seems to have put light on in other areas can also be misconstrued as conspiracy or cultish. Maybe, in time, he will realize what LOA is all about and see how it has operated in his own life. I hope so.

    • I completely agree with your reply. Thank you for your concise response it saved me so much time😉
      Although, I will add that, there are always “shysters” in the world that willing and on purpose do harm… I personally do not feel that the overall point of LOA is that. I believe it is wonderful foundation for those on their path of “remembering” why they’re here.💜
      Also very much looking forward to Part 2.

    • It work. That’s how the brain works. Ppl do try to manipulate the concept but they are doing it wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️


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