Wolf Watch: Jesuits Oath

Some have called this documentary the greatest expose of the Jesuit Order ever produced. It details the history of the Jesuit Order from 1534 to the present day. It exposes the Order’s “Black Hand” in the course of history, including the French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, the Bolshevik Revolution, and subsequent communist and fascist dictatorships of the 20th century. Yes, The Jesuits are behind all the world’s problems as they control the world through intelligence communities and secret societies like the Freemasons, knight of Malta, and others. All it takes is one quick look at their blood oath to destroy and infiltrate every single institution in the world, but the Catholic Church especially, to understand the threat.

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4 thoughts on “Wolf Watch: Jesuits Oath”

  1. That was a great documentary. Learned a lot. I’m a Christian but I definitely thought that there was something awfully wrong with the Catholic Church and actually many of our churches in America.

  2. Alessandro. A decent documentary with holes in it. I am much older than you and I come with a good wealth of knowledge. As I soon I hear Christian bend relying on the second coming of Christ, I shudder. The entire Bible Belt of the USA are such people ..my goodness. Most of them being Christian Zionists and they don’t even know it. The doc left out the Zionists/ Jews and that was a flaw. A Big One.
    Yes it was only 2 plus hours and more time was needed I grant that. But it could have easily been sown in. Moderators were good but again one sided as all documentaries are. The versions of the Bible’s purely subjective. There is no Good Bible. It’s been written with the small minds of men so many times. Honestly.
    Tell you when this all pans out for good hate to be a Jew or a Christian because they will be the targets.


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