Testimony: Jesse Petersen

The death of Monica Petersen was one of the first cases that caught my attention. During my research, I must have messaged more than a hundred people, but not many replied. One year later I spoke with Jessie Petersen.

  • Total Disclosure: Hey there, Jessie! So sorry we lost contact, got banned again.
  • Jessie Petersen: Hey man, yeah, I was a little sketched about the timing of all that. I watched your video a couple of times (my podcast teaser about Monica). I think your details are correct.
  • Total Disclosure: Thank you, man, that’s great to hear. I was nervous about your opinion. How close were you?
  • Jessie Petersen: Growing up, our families were close, and I remember everything very well. The most important thing I can say is she never gave any reason for anyone to think that she would commit suicide. She didn’t have that in her.
  • Total Disclosure: Yes, I’ve heard that from everybody who spoke with me, pretty much a unanimous diagnostic.
  • Jessie Petersen: She was a level-headed, intelligent, rational person with no chemical imbalances. I don’t remember her being any other way. She was indeed very passionate about her field and very optimistic about her future. I just cannot imagine her hanging herself, especially with her dog’s leash. She had too much love and respect for her family and loved ones. And I just know she would never leave her dog’s well-being up to chance like that. She loved her dog like a child. There’s just no way she would leave him there with no certainty for his fate, and actually likely a bad one with her gone. That really just strikes me way out of place.

Details unknown to the public

  • Total Disclosure: Thank you for that invaluable information.
  • Jessie Petersen: There are a couple of things I didn’t see in your video. These are possibly things that are only really known within the family. I haven’t seen any mentions of these things anywhere:

1) Monica’s sister received a text message from Monica time-stamped for the day after Monica’s death. On top of that, written with poor grammar which isn’t something the Petersen do. It was supposed to be a sorry note, but there’s just no way the last message she sent to her sister would be in poor grammar.

2) To my knowledge, we never received an official autopsy report. Haiti took several weeks to deliver the body, and it was so full of embalming fluid that no autopsy was possible once it got to America.

3) Monica’s sister has tried to get reporters to look into Monica’s death, but they all say the same thing, it’s too high-risk a story. Aside from all that, on my last visit to her parents, her mother told me that several days before her death, Monica was practically begging her mother to fly her home right away. She said she had a horrible toothache and couldn’t stand the pain. Her mother told her to try to find someone in Haiti to look at it rather than coming back to the States.

She knew somebody was on her

  • Total Disclosure: Wow, Jesse, thank you, that confirms my fears. If the mainstream media fears the story is because they know it was murder, and powerful people are involved.
  • Jessie Petersen: After looking into her death, I think she knew something and knew somebody else was onto her. That is just speculation, but the timing of it all is odd. Pretty much what I know, besides what you already put in your video. If it was murder, I think her parents need to know that, and can possibly find some measure of peace from that. I do not know how to go about that, but I very much appreciate your work.
  • Total Disclosure: Thank you so much, my friend, you have been amazing. With your help, I think we are closer to uncovering more truth about her case. I appreciate your courage immensely. I know it is very hard.
  • Jessie Petersen: For sure, please do let me know if you find anything else about her.

At the end of this short interview, I immediately sent all my files on Monica to Jessie. The interview continued a few weeks later as Jessie needed to clear his head. I admire his courage and his human quality. A smart, sensitive person trying to please family, all while helping me to bring the truth out. During the second part, I had the chance to clarify a few things I wanted to know.

Monica’s thesis

  • Total Disclosure: Thank you for everything so far, Jessie. Did you and Monica keep in touch at all during the last few years?
  • Jessie Petersen: We didn’t keep in touch as closely that couple of years. I basically got very involved in my project and missed a lot of family events and gatherings from 2010-2016.
  • Total Disclosure: How open would Maureen (older sister) be about talking to me? She replied to my first message but I guess it was out of courtesy more than anything else.
  • Jessie Petersen: I don’t imagine Maureen will be open right now. Perhaps in the future. I want to think that she doesn’t believe Monica committed suicide either.
  • Total Disclosure: Is there any way we can find out what Monica’s thesis was about? I received some intel that I perceived as false and used to mislead me. “What Are We Rescuing From and What Are We Rescuing To” was the title, allegedly. Speaking of kids who are charged criminally and forced into youth corrections. It doesn’t seem related to human trafficking at all which is super odd. This came from Claude D’estrée who I think is a person of interest.
  • Jessie Petersen: I could possibly find out what she was working on through the family. My (edited) was very close to her, but I almost guarantee (edited) won’t want to talk with anyone outside the family.

The Chris Cornell link

  • Total Disclosure: Do you have any leads on anybody else who might want to talk to me? 
  • Jessie Petersen: I, unfortunately, don’t have any other leads, really. Except perhaps her ex-boyfriend, whom I know did care for her very much but has his own set of problems.
  • Total Disclosure: Was Monica in touch with anybody who you could consider famous or “connected”?
  • Jessie Petersen: I don’t know specifically if she was in touch with anyone famous, but I know she was ridiculously good at getting into backstage and VIP areas at concerts, so, I wouldn’t put it past her.
  • Total Disclosure: Have you heard anything at all about her employer/teacher Claude D’estrée (Human Trafficking Center), and his associate Billie (Boogie) McIntyre?
  • Jessie Petersen: No, I didn’t know anything about them until you and I got in touch.

At this time, this is all the information I got from Jessie, but more could come later. I will update this article as needed. God bless Monica Petersen and her family, may she rest in peace. You can read my deep dive on Monica’s case HERE.

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