Ireland: Migrant Stabs 3 Children

A five-year-old girl and a woman in her 30s are in serious condition in the hospital after they were attacked and stabbed near a school in Dublin on Thursday afternoon. The incident took place outside Gaelscoil Cólaiste Mhuire on Parnell Square East after 1.30 pm. Two other young children. A boy (5), and a girl (6), were also hospitalized with minor injuries. Both have been discharged since. The injured woman, a creche worker, is being treated for serious injuries at the Mater Hospital. According to witnesses, the woman tackled the attacker shortly after he was disarmed by a man identified as Warren Donahoe. Stacey says her husband tackled the terrorist while his daughter Abigail ran away.

“I saw what looked like a woman and a man fighting across the road. And I said to the kids, come close and stand beside me. And then I just saw him grabbing the child and stabbing her. I screamed, I said, Warren, he’s stabbing her! He’s stabbing the child. And Warren ran straight across the road. He didn’t even think. Warren was attacking the man, pulling the man away from the child. And then the Brazilian man came.” Stacey was unable to locate her daughter for half an hour and didn’t know she had run to the Rotunda to ask for ambulances and nurses, where a midwife looked after her. A Brazilian Deliveroo driver then used his helmet as a melee weapon, which incapacitated the suspect.

At a press conference that evening, gardaí confirmed that the man in his 40s was a “person of interest” and that they were not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident. The attack occurred while children were leaving primary school just to the north of O’Connell Street. Predictably, the corrupt law enforcement leaders labeled the incident as an isolated event with no relation to any other crime in the country, but we know better. For years, and especially during the last months, the influx of illegal invaders with unknown criminal records aided and abetted by the government and globalist NGOs has intensified. Under the flag of wokeism, the real intentions are disguised: The promotion and execution of the great replacement, otherwise known as the Kalergi Plan.

The Irish mainstream media even went as far as to hail the Brazilian migrant as the true and only hero as an Irish Christian family man being the one who acted first just doesn’t fit the narrative they want. The treason is undeniable, as not only the Irish but European and American citizens are all experiencing rising violent crime rates thanks to virtue signaling and tolerance. Or is there more to it? Stacey says her husband isn’t looking for money or fame, but she believes his story deserves to be told. The GoFundMe for the Brazilian Deliveroo driver is now up to €358,000, a tad bit over the €200,000 goal. Again, not to demerit the brave Caio Benicio in any way, but one has to wonder, why do the media and our so-called leaders hate their own countrymen?

To understand the rage of the fighting Irish is to be updated and knowledgeable of the constant incidents against nationals perpetrated by naturalized invaders who come to Europe to add nothing and live off welfare, all the while committing crimes against the people who feed and shelter them with their taxes. The failed migratory policies of the European Union and the United Kingdom are reaching a point of no return where the only ones who will suffer are our most vulnerable: Women, children, and the elderly. As the housing crisis intensifies and thousands of Irish are constantly losing their homes and getting evicted, so-called asylum seekers are granted rooms in luxury hotels free of charge, added to a weekly allowance, and all expenses covered.

As riots exploded during the evening, some hotels hosting migrants were vandalized as a result of the national outrage against these migratory policies. Again, color me shocked when the media and the liberal talking heads have decided to focus on such nonsense instead of what really matters: The safety of the little ones. British newspapers ran front pages focused on the riots with little mention of the stabbings. The second children are targeted is the time to act, period! The uproar was blamed on the far-right spreading “rumors” of the criminal’s background, despite the ”rumors” being all true! The Algerian coward responsible for stabbing kids in Dublin has not been arrested yet because he’s in a medically induced coma.

Gardaí are already suggesting that he stabbed kids because his welfare payments were turned off, similar to the suggestions they made when an Angolan man stabbed a tourist at Dublin airport. At least Gardaí did admit he deliberately targeted children. The Algerian was issued a deportation order when he was arrested in 2003, but he fought the order with the help of NGOs. Tragically, in 2008 he was granted an Irish passport. Had he been deported in 2003, nobody would have been stabbed. It also emerged in the last hours that this same individual was arrested on a knife crime charge earlier this year but released. What the hell is going on?

The Irish government has responded by promising more stringent hate speech laws to quell dissent, all the while mind-controlled MMA fighter Conor McGregor (accused of very violent rapes against women) has called for war against the government due to their migration policies. The result? The athlete is now under investigation for “dissemination of online hate speech”. Perhaps, a ruse to further condition patriots to lay down and cower from fighting. Is McGregor trustworthy? Does he even matter? Do you start to understand the anger? For years, I have done my best to warn people about this nefarious agenda to get rid of the white populace of the West.

My thoughts on the invasion

As the riots were happening, I had people on my social media talking smack against the Irish standing up to the police, making it clear this is not going to fly anymore. They warn us that the elites want this, but everything proves the contrary. The constant conditioning to remain idle and do nothing. Conditioned to vote for that controlled opposition candidate or thinking some benevolent alien race is coming to help us. It’s all bullshit. The fact there is outrage and hesitation over a burning police patrol car instead of it being caused by this obscene act of random violence that just repeats itself all over again is beyond anything one would expect from so-called patriots.

The fragmentation on how to ”do things” is pointless. Can we all agree shit hits the fan the moment children are stabbed in the streets? Seriously. Others claim we need to remain united. United with whom, exactly? Killers? Rapists? Let’s not pretend this unvetted migration is for our benefit. Let’s not pretend violent attacks don’t happen every day all over the West because of the hatred against our people. When has sitting idle been the solution for anything? So, let me get this straight: You suggest tolerance? Has not your tolerance done enough harm already? Those of you crying because Irish men rise to DELIVER their obligations as men, you are ALL cowards.

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