Patriot Week: 40% Off Membership Plans

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  1. Register ( on the website.
  2. Make sure you are logged in.
  3. Choose ( a membership plan.
  4. Enter coupon code ”PATRIOT”
  5. Questions?

PS. Expires on July 10th or when 50 coupons are used.

6 thoughts on “Patriot Week: 40% Off Membership Plans”

  1. I cancelled earlier today before I found you. The cancellation says pending cancellation. I changed my name to Gone when I cancelled. What he has done to Phil Godlewski, and now finding out about you, is atrocious! God will repay and Phil is taking care of business, as he should! How do I send you the proof of cancellation?

  2. A: I’m cancelling today, takes days I hear, not good!

    I purchased His and Alpa’s ARII product for my 7 year old grandson with ADHD/ADD and his 5 year old brother (who had childhood vacs and was showing ADHD symptoms.

    After 3 nights using detox one I noticed the oil had small black spots in it. I stopped using immediately and responded to an email from Alpa (I never got confirmation of order shipment and messaged them on wesite re: delivery. I know she got it because it did not bounce back!

    Week two, I messaged website to respond to refund request and if this was harmful!
    I messaged Nick one week later on telegram, no answer!

    I messaged website (on site) again and Nick! Still no response! I asked for refund and shipping label to send product back so they can test if it is harmful, NO RESPONSE! No phone number or address on website or on internet. Website and package only say SF, CA.

    So much for them caring about children. I’m not saying something is wrong with it, but if it was me I would have it tested. I might just do it myself and contact an attorney.


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