Fear & Loathing In Venezuela

The entertainment industry mingles with politicians too often for my taste. There was Fear & Loathing Venezuela, where Ghislaine Maxwell owned a compound at La Orchila. Musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were about to expose some of their friends and acquaintances. The people they were exposing participated in the same human trafficking rings involving Jeffrey Epstein and James Alefantis. Chris (Soundgarden, Audioslave), Chester (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots), Anthony Bourdain (CNN), and Avicii (Top EDM DJ) were supposedly working on a documentary called ”The Silent Children.” This turned out to be a psyop run by Gabe Hoffman from ”An Open Secret.”

What is true is that the project was founded by LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band), and fiancée Lisa Beane, as they started filming in 2012. At first, it was reported as canceled as soon as Chris was murdered (not one member of the crew replied to our emails). We were able to speak to Paul Myhill, founder of Traffic Jam, the consultant for the film. He denied any production knowledge, and neither admitted nor denied the involvement of these men in the project. I kept digging into the subject to get to the bottom of their involvement, and what I found was even darker.

NOTE: This article was posted over 1-year on my Twitter and went viral. Said threads are gone now since I got deplatformed, so all that content will be re-published here. Read the latest updates to the Silent Children saga below, as Paul Myhill contacted us on July 5th, 2020. He was the only person involved with the project who kindly replied to me back in 2018. Every other member of the team ignored my contact attempts.

Traffic Jam

According to the Traffic Jam website, the film hoped to include interviews with multiple celebrities and bands. Despite Paul being a class act, I must say something caught my attention. Wearing a tattoo in a similar shape to the Boy-Lover pedophile symbol is rare, and indeed suspicious. However, he sent a proper response to this article, and I modified it since. Before forming any opinions on Paul, you need to read his explanation.

As truth seekers, we must give a chance to everyone to answer any suspicions or accusations. I never accused him directly, but suspicion alone can do enough damage. We can do better. I can do better. I like Paul, but I was worried when I saw the tattoo, which he claims is a Hawaiian Maori symbol. However, it still bothers me because as you can see, the Maori symbol he claims the design is based on is CIRCULAR, not TRIANGULAR. So, judge yourself. In addition, I spoke to over five friends from New Zealand and they all told me there’s no way that’s a Koru.

We will isolate one story and, through undercover investigative work, expose both the perpetrators and clients. Taking us directly into our backyards and revealing this problem is not just one of developing nations. Young women, even girls as young as five years old, are trafficked to meet the demands of the global sex trafficking industry. Some were kidnapped, lured with the promise of jobs, and others sold by their parents. They are abused physically and emotionally until they are broken and no longer have the will to fight against the demands of their master.”

Lots of moving parts

It is rumored Chris interviewed people who were abused as minors by people in his inner circle, like David Geffen. Chester knew about the Clinton crimes in Haiti, as his band received a $1 million grant from them to open the SRS recycling center. Significant leads say they found a coded black book with the addresses of people they knew where victims were delivered. The book is not to be confused with Epstein’s black book.

Besides the professional connections, were there deeper ties with these people? Yes, VERY DEEP. People close to them overheard what they were thinking of doing and stabbed them in the back. Some did it over greed; others over fear. Traitors were all around them, and most of these people went to pedophile island. Not everyone appears on Epstein’s black book or the flight logs as some traveled by sea. Little St. James is surrounded by a plethora of private islands and is known for small boats, yachts, and even submarines docked on Epstein’s island.

The island is suspiciously close to Richard Branson’s Necker Island which also had business with Chris Cornell and NXIVM. Other suspects like Roman Abramovich, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, David Copperfield, and Mick Jagger own property around. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are close enough so children can be trafficked out by sea without much logistics. Chris remarried immediately after divorcing Susan Silver in 2004, to Vicky Karayiannis, a former escort. Chester remarried after divorcing Samantha Bennington in 2006, to Talinda Bentley, also a former escort and Playboy model.

Who is Vicky Karayiannis?

Vicky was born in Greece to a family that has a criminal history. Brittany Murphy confirmed she knew Vicky from the trade, as she was an on-and-off escort pimped by her mother. The actress allegedly told some wedding attendees about Vicky and feared for Chris’s safety even then. Brittany was dating Hollywood agent Jeff Kwatinetz, who worked for Chris Cornell back then, and knew Vicky “really well.” Vicky met her wedding maid of honor while on business, Dasha Zhukova, a former escort from Russia. Zhukova happens to be one of David Geffen’s best friends, along with Oprah Winfrey and Rita Wilson.

A witness claims: “Vicky was my best friend in school, I can confirm her marrying someone rich and famous was her goal. From the time she was 14, Vicky’s mother (Toni Vasil) schooled her in the art of seduction and pimped her out to older men for lavish gifts.” Hear that? Vicky was 14 when her mother was pimping her out. That’s called child sex trafficking! There used to be tons of pictures of Vicky and Dasha on the web, but most of them are scrubbed today.

Why the mystery? Why is that friendship being hidden by Vicky and her enablers? Maybe to hide any associations of Vicky that may expose her former profession? Dasha married (and divorced) Israeli/Russian mob boss Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC. She is best friends with David Geffen, the owner of the record labels that employed Chris and Chester. Besides Geffen, who else is Dasha friends with who is also involved in Epstein’s human trafficking ring?

Naomi and Heidi

Naomi Campbell was one of Epstein’s main procurers as she recruited young models and clients for him. She also worked as an escort for his clients, like Bill Clinton, for example. Curiously, Naomi owns an island where her house shaped like the eye of Horus stands, an Egyptian symbol championed by Luciferians. What is she involved in? Nothing good. The elite supermodel is close to Heidi Klum, another on-and-off procurer/escort for Epstein. Naomi Campbell dated André Balazs, owner of the Standard Hotel, and Le Chateau Marmont, known human trafficking hubs.

Heidi Klum is the former client/girlfriend of bodyguard Martin Kirsten, a part-time driver for Epstein, and the last man to see Chris Cornell alive. So, the last man to see Chris alive is a trained assassin, and the police did not check further? The singer had a head wound, nine broken ribs, and uneven ligature marks when they found his body. See the parallels everywhere? I’m no expert, but I read many forensic studies on suicides and deaths by hanging. Suicide always presents EVEN ligature marks.

Naomi and Heidi seem to have a close relationship as they have lots of friends in common. Those friends are involved in the Epstein case and were part of Chris and Chester’s social circle. Both supermodels worked for Leslie Wexner, owner of L Brands (Victoria’s Secret) and founder of the MEGA Group. Wexner gifted his Manhattan mansion to Jeffrey Epstein but claimed the pedophile scammed him. He is the head of the MEGA group, the financial arm of Mossad in the US, and who also includes big names like Steven Spielberg (NAMBLA) and the Bronfmanns (NXIVM).

A nasty business…

The timeline in Chris’s death presents tons of gaps and inconsistencies, not to mention the statements by Kirsten sound ludicrous. Frail elderly can get 3-4 broken ribs because of CPR, but never 9, there are no cases that exceed that. Chris was in good shape, and he was not frail or elderly. He had to be in good shape to play 2-hour gigs and travel the world. I will write an article focusing on forensics and the timeline alone later on. For now, let us focus on the human trafficking ring.

Take a look at this blind written by @TheHimmmm that first exposed some of the links so I could dig deeper. All roads lead to Rome, or so they say, but you could argue all roads lead to Epstein and Maxwell. My advice to you? Please read all three parts so you can follow this article accordingly.


Blind solved revealed:

  • MARIA: Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • MONSTER: Jeffrey Epstein.
  • MARIA’S DAD: Robert Maxwell.
  • COUNTRY: Venezuela.
  • DICTATOR: Hugo Chavez.
  • A-LIST ACTOR: Sean Penn.
  • RUSSIAN MOBSTER: Semion Mogilevich.
  • PRINCESS: Kerri Kennedy.
  • PRINCESS HUSBAND: Andrew Cuomo.
  • LAWYERS: Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt.

Why is this relevant to Chris and Chester’s untimely deaths? There is a military island in Venezuela called La Orchila, where Ghislaine Maxwell owned a compound. Who else developed a friendship with Chavez during that period? Kevin Spacey, Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Johnny Depp. James Franco, Oprah Winfrey, Jared Leto, Bono, Elton John, and Tom Hanks may have visited as well. We know for a fact, that all of them visited Little St. James and Necker Island.

Evil friends and evil ways

A lot of the Satanic Ritual Abuse also happens at sea in international waters, aboard mega yachts. Dasha Zhukova, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Tom Hanks, and wife Rita Wilson are frequent travelers aboard Geffen’s megayacht. Back to Campbell and Courtney Love, they are way more involved than people think. Both are in the black book and flight logs, and their close friends are mostly all suspects. Courtney has a body count: Kurt Cobain, Kristen Pfaff, El Duce, and others involved in the Cobain murder.

She was never friends with Chris, but she seems to be close to Vicky. Can someone explain what she was doing at the funeral of a man she mocked in the press more than once? How on Earth has this woman avoided jail time for so long? How connected is she? Who is pulling the legal strings for her? Geffen? Clinton? Maxwell? Courtney Love’s dad, Hank Harrison, allegedly was a CIA agent or informant as he toured with the Grateful Dead during the summer of love. Did Vicky ask Courtney for murder-suicide tips?

Courtney supplied some of the drugs found on Chris’s body used to incapacitate him and make him vulnerable. She was Epstein’s drug provider (for the recreational use of clients and to drug the children). She also referred clients to him who had a taste for sex with minors (like Michael Stipe). What was Courtney doing at the funeral if they never liked each other? She seemed giggly at the event like it was a celebration for her. Sadly, the funeral service was a celebration for many in attendance. The man who knew what they were was gone before he could speak up.

Links to the Deep State

Courtney loves her some Kevin Spacey, the disgraced actor accused of sexual abuse by over a dozen men, even underage. A man spotted in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Venezuela, hunting for minors. Curiously, Chester developed a friendship with Spacey months before his passing. Some of Spacey’s accusers died mysteriously, and as a result, all the charges were dismissed. Spacey and Bill Clinton say they share a ”bromance”. Love for pedophilia united them, perhaps?

Clinton went to Epstein’s island 26+ times and lied about it. Secret Service members say they have heavy dirt on Clinton regarding Epstein, but nine of his former bodyguards are now dead. Why would Clinton give Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, a $1 million grant? Maybe John Podesta had something to do with that decision. Rumors of Chester being the illegitimate son of Podesta populate the web, the resemblance is uncanny.

As exposed by Wikileaks: Podesta, Clinton, Abramovic, and others communicated via email using pedophile slang. They joked about sacrificing chickens to Moloch, the Luciferian deity found at the elite campground, the Bohemian Grove. Pizzagate is called a hoax by the mainstream media, do you think they do it because they are covering for these people? The text written in blood is part of spirit cooking, a Satanic ritual using urine, semen, and menstrual blood. It sounds insane but is all documented.

Witches and cults

The Satanic high priestess is friends with lots close to Chris, some whom attended his funeral. Why is this witch popular? There has to be more to the story. Jay-Z and Jared Leto used to tour with Linkin Park often, and they are very involved in this mess. They all follow the “Do What Thou Wilt,” a philosophy coined by Satanist Aleister Crowley. “Always do what you want, regardless of who you harm.” Crowley patented Thelema involves Satanic rituals involving child abuse and the consumption of adrenochrome.

Richard Branson owns Necker Island, where the sex cult NXIVM held meetings. Names like Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Sarah Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Stormy Daniels were members. People like the Dalai Lama attended these sex cult retirements on Branson’s island. He denied knowing about NXIVM, but just like Courtney, he is lying. Why deny if you are innocent? Marina Abramovic, Bono, Barack Obama, and George Bush are guests there often.

Jared Leto, a Luciferian puppet who tours with his band Thirty Seconds To Mars, is also a cult leader. Mars Island, as he calls it, can be considered a cult-like event like NXIVM, where Leto has large numbers of women to prey on. The actor/singer was involved with Alexis Arquette, a transgender actress/escort who was an informant for Monica Petersen. There are testimonies from multiple women and underage girls describing their abusive experiences with Leto. You can find the same results with James Franco, who was Abramovic’s boy toy for a while.

Oprah and Bono

Where does Oprah fit in all of this? She is known to make ambiguous comments about abusers that are disgusting and owns schools and NGOs in Africa. These are known covers for human trafficking. She endorsed John of God, a sick pedophile accused by over 200 women of sexual abuse in Brazil. He kidnapped and raped women, breeding them for up to a decade and selling off the babies. Once done, he dispòsed women like rags, often killing them. The babies went for sale internationally. 

Oprah is friends with a lot of shady folks, like Harvey Weinstein, Tom Hanks, Bono, and David Geffen. Bono sold out decades ago to the death cult and is signed to Geffen’s record label too. His band, mostly average and not groundbreaking by any means, has been pushed by the establishment since day one. He is loyal to his masters, including his friends: George W. Bush, Richard Branson, and George Soros – His associates via the One Foundation.

Chester stated in an interview he met Bono and Oprah during a night out a few years back. They ended at Oprah’s place, drinking in an afterparty kind of setup. It seems these vampires were trying to get close to Chris and Chester for some reason. Did Bono pay Chester a visit on July 19th, 2017? Bono is not new to betraying his friends and ratting on them, as he was Bob Geldof’s informant which led to Michael Hutchense’s execution.

Tentacles everywhere

Sean Penn, who allegedly was appalled by the pedophilia he witnessed in Venezuela, is close friends with Eddie Vedder. The frontman missed the funeral and any events organized by Vicky despite being one of Chris’s best friends. Does he know more than he is letting on? Vedder has questionable friendships with Damien Echols and Bill Maher. What about Chester? The 911 call made after Chester’s passing was released to the public was staged. Go ahead and make a voice comparison.

The man calling 911 is Mike Shinoda, always jealous of Chester being in the spotlight, a traitor. Chester’s sister, Tobi Knehr, has been very vocal about Shinoda and Talinda being nasty to Chester. In response, Talinda (Chester’s widow, already remarried) threatened to sue Tobi and Chester’s firstborn Draven. How about Sanela Diana Jenkins? She is a known human trafficker and is a close friend of Sean Penn, Elton John, and George Clooney.

Elton betrayed Princess Diana as she confided with him the horrors she witnessed at Buckingham Palace. That is why the British crown had her murdered. Curiously, he was arrested in the U.S. a few years back when found in possession of child pornography. One call from Buckingham Palace is all it took, so they let him go. Sadly, the media covered for him, and nobody seemed to know about it. I believe he replaced Jimmy Savile as the crown’s child supplier.

Can you say surrounded?

Let’s not forget Rita Wilson, who is Toni’s godmother (Chris’s daughter) and a close friend of Geffen. Her husband, actor Tom Hanks, is accused of raping women back when they were underage. Was Chris aware of the people around him? I think so. You can see Heidi Klum hosting their anniversary party in the snaps below, see how all comes full circle? Heidi, the once girlfriend of Martin Kirsten, was the last man to see Chris alive. Tom Hanks was also a participant in the murder of Hollywood whistleblower Isaac Kappy.

Tom Hanks, whose net worth is over $ 350 million, is known to make strange posts on social media about missing clothing that belonged to children. Too far gone, Hanks is deep inside the death cult. Many believe those images are messages to other pedophiles or trophies. A lot of sick serial killers and rapists collect trophies to revive the experience and the trauma they bestowed on others.

Maybe Klum is the one who recommended Kirsten to someone close to Vicky or even Geffen himself? Brad Pitt owes his career to the record label mogul. Pitt has been depressed since Chris passed as a member of the cult, he knows what happened. I have a testimony in my power saying Brad indeed was forced to rape an underage girl as his part in the club required. He did it reluctantly but did it anyway, and the woman may soon come forward. Can you say SURROUNDED?

So, why Hugo Chávez?

No matter how you spin it, the fact that Chávez is cozy and super friendly with all these American artists is suspicious. Venezuela’s predicament and poverty make it a fertile ground for the traffic of drugs, organs, and humans. Especially when you think with malice and realize Chávez probably planned on having some blackmail material of his own. If he can leverage the United States, he can lead for longer. After Chávez died, Nicolás Maduro kept the deal until he just “was not able to.” The compound, robbed by vandals during a turmoil period that the South American nation suffered years ago, was later abandoned.

Maduro’s claims could be true, but there is a chance that he is bluffing. What if his special forces broke into Ghislaine’s compound and stole the safe with the blackmail tapes? That would be the smart thing to do. That is why I find his recent indictment as a narco-terrorist very interesting. Perhaps he has something he can trade for a reduced sentence. There needs to be something that can bring some justice to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Why is Alejandro Betancourt (oil tycoon) being investigated for laundering billions of dollars? Whose money was it? Why did Jeffrey Epstein sell one of his planes to Oscar Farías, Maduro’s confidant? Follow the crumbs, and you shall find a GLOBAL network.

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    • Many of these people mentioned are people whom I enjoyed watching their movies! Now that I know this about them I can no longer watch their movies without thinking about their perversities and evilness! I will no longer watch anything new or old they are in! thinking about throwing out all their movies I have !!!!!!!!!

  1. I hope Eddie Vedder isn’t involved. Even if he knows something it would be a real shame for this guy, who was known to be outspoken and rebellious to be lying, protecting the establishment. Horrible!! I know he’d be trying to protect his own safety, but still…

  2. I have always liked Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. I admire them as great artists, and I hope they have a conscience, and will speak up and testify against these sex traffickers and child abusers. Otherwise, they are just as guilty as the perpetrators, by allowing these atrocities to continue. This is ALL very disturbing to me. It is not a coincidence that witnesses that can testify against powerful people (politicians, leaders, royalty, celebrities, etc.) have been murdered or committed “suicide” (which we all know were murdered to keep them quiet). The magnitude of people involved in these alleged crimes is overwhelming and difficult to fathom. The bottom line is: this EVIL MUST BE STOPPED! I only have one question (for now), is this why Princess Di was killed? Did she know too much? Her mistake was to confide in her good friend Elton John, who betrayed her!

      • Thank you for taking the time out to inform people about what has been happening for years. Your work is very much appreciated.

          • Leto is so deep in something. It seems that Talinda knows about all of those creepy staff, like Vicky, like who murdured Criss & Chester. Mike Shinoda always look in Chester on jelous way. I know that nothing can’t back Chester, but I hope the murder and all of them who knows about that, will pay for that soon.

        • And who’s in the same area as those disgusting pigs?

          President Donald J Trump. He is blowing this shit wide open. This is exactly why they hate him. He’s taking them down 1 by 1.

          When Linkin Park In The End was playing WITHOUT Chester’s voice at his Tulsa Rally… I KNEW… HE WAS SPEAKING TO SOMEONE…

          Chester Bennington’s truth is about to come out!! Chris’s will follow… Watch the beginning of his rallies… See if you hear in Dave Matthew’s Band, Soundgarden….. President Trump is dropping hints to the demonic people He’s fighting!!!!

          • A lot of people think President Donald Trump is as bad as these people, I truly believe he will be vindicated, when this whole thing comes to “light” it will blow the whole worlds mind but, this needs to happen, the whole world needs a reawakening, it needs to be reset on the right path.

          • I believe anyone who is against Trump is part of these pedophile baby eaters. That’s why they hate him so openly.

          • True that!
            Trump was an outsider moving in their circles long before running for president. He knows how evil and vile the swamp is.

      • Boa tarde, é realmente decepcionante mas não esperava nada diferente, porque muito sucesso demasiada tem algo por traz.. Aqui nós devemos ter também artistas envolvidos até o. Pescoço.
        É morte na certa, sem perdão, em porque ninguém vai trazer vida e dignidade dos menores de volta.

  3. Take all these famous and powerful people. Add in the CIA, MI6, Mossad and all the other heads of state you haven’t heard about yet. Now ask yourself why has our entire planet been shut down and destroyed for a mild flu? As soon as Weinstein and Raniere went down its like someone flipped a switch. Massive media campaign of fear. Bots, trolls and spooks everywhere on the internet. Massive disinformation everywhere. Bill Gates can’t keep a virus off his computer but all of a sudden he’s giving out medical advice? The democrats just threw the election on purpose. Your job is gone and your constitutional rights are going fast. Not to mention the food. They are still on their islands right now fucking your children. The banks just got their 3 trillion dollars while you are confined to your house wiping your ass with a sock and waiting on your refund check that won’t cover the rent your late on. Their not done yet either. It will get worse. You aren’t ready to go Mad Max today, but don’t lie to yourself, it’s coming. They have already destroyed the life you used to know and they intend to destroy the planet as well. There is still time to fight back. ORGANIZE. You are looking at a well laid out plan in action against you. You won’t make it alone. Egypt showed you how in the Arab spring. Hong Kong has been showing you how for the last year. Sun Tzu showed you how 2500 years ago. Seems as though Soros hired ANTIFA to cause problems at the colleges but then didn’t pay them. Pretty sure their more than ready to engage. They also have the loose organizational skills and urban warfare skills to operate under the level of surveillance they’ve recently installed with 5G. Lots of heavily armed militia groups out in the boonies too. It’s time for the right and the left to stop fighting with each other. We are all Americans. Our founding fathers fought to liberate this country. They told us we would have to fight to keep it. Thank God they gave us guns. We sit in awe and disgust looking at what they did yesterday while they are looking at tomorrow. Think further ahead than what you want to watch next on Netflix. Look around! It’s time. Never have rights been given back once they’ve been taken. NEVER! They want you scared and alone like the children they prey on. Your fear gives them strength. Your silence gives them power. We can stand together as Americans to keep what we believe in, or we can let them rape our children. They’ve shown you what they are. Now they laugh. What are you going to do about it?

    • Daniel Olson – what you have stated is excellent and very true. May I copy it to use if I put it in quotes and give you credit?

      WOW – someone actually gets it. Thanks. Nancy

    • Daniel Olson What you wrote is awesome. I have been thinking the same. Flipping back and forth between how you are thinking and hope from Q. Do you think Q is run by the deepstate to control the narrative or on our side?

      • Yes, listen, it all depends on this Ghislaine Maxwell ordeal. If no justice comes, or if the off her I’m done with the bullshit. Q would prove then, that they are NOT in control, so regardless if Trump is a good guy or not… I’m gonna try and celebrate the few victories we are getting, despite this Covid-19 bullshit. I’m thinking at the start of Trump’s 2nd term we will see the mass arrests begin.


    • Excellent summary of what is happening…rise up to them as they fear us finding out about them. If we do nothing then we face our own Holocaust and extinction. Our children deserve better from us. Stand up and fight for your rights and freedoms…they are not better than us…fame and fortune gained by raping children is not role model material. We are all equal in this world,stand up and fight back…Nuremberg Trials are now being set up for most governments, all royals (including Harry) around the world. A load of ‘celebrities’ and the 1% elitists who got rich from our misery. Stand up and call them out…we 99% will win.

          • I really enjoyed your writing thank you very much for sharing all this. I’ve been looking into this for a very long time as well I wanted to see if you and come to some of the same conclusions I had that this is way bigger than just Hollywood the recording industry but something much more expansive and terrifying then I can’t ever imagine what I started looking into it put all the different research that I’ve done has Lead me 2 the D.u.m.b. deep underground military bases being all around the world numbering they think around 10,000 some as deep as two miles under the surface and home to horrible experiments human trafficking and projects that follow MK Ultra and others as such another interesting document that they’ve tried their best since it was written in 1903 to discredit what it it says but it happens to be lining up with everything is going on is that Protocols of the Elders of Zion that all of the stars of the singers have been put in place to lead us like the Pied Piper to destruction and their own end I had my suspicions about Trump but after falling down some of these rabbit holes I have to believe in him because if he’s not on our side there is no one left and it truly is lost we have no choice but to put all of our eggs in this basket I love all of you my shallow people and may your God bless you and keep you all safe hold fast to the right side of life and all is not lost

  4. Thank you again for your perseverance. You are a great researcher and journalist. I know you have paid a price for your commitment to finding out the truth about Chris & Chester’s murder along with the deep dive on the demonic circle of well known faces. Keep up the good work. Be safe

    • Wow, I’ve been waiting years for this to be explained. I’m gobsmacked and although I have always done my own research I didn’t know that about Vicky and Talinda. Also to know that about Mike Shinoda is interesting and sad. I’ve promptly stopped following them on Twitter. The one that I am struggling to accept is Eddie Vedder.. My head is spinning with all this information. Thank you for your courage in bringing this to light. Please take care and stay safe, you’re exposing big names here.

  5. Certainly was a DEEP dive.

    Well written. My only criticism are the many accusations stated as fact. It’s not necessary imo

    It demisishes credibility to the already overwhelming heresay evidence provided.


  6. I’m especially concerned with Rita Wilson being little Tony Cornells GODMOTHER.. HOW did this happen wheres the connection

  7. I think Trump is involved also, there are to many pictures and videos with trump and Jeffrey Epstein together, there are just to many things that don’t add up with him, I have never hoped more in my life to be wrong about someone, I truly believe we are all being played!!!

    • Considering Trump’s current position, his is the most important question around. There is consistent evidence/argumentation he was cooperating with law enforcement/FBI for many decades and it includes the pedo rings.

      The photos with Epstein are old and you can expect Epstein to socialize with normal people as well. He is clearly supported by segments of the military, I’d say the cyber warriors, NSA, DIA

  8. Alessandro, Do you think the mercenaries who were caught trying to take out Madero may have been sent to recover contents of Maxwells safe? Who were they working for? Richard Branson. Do you find it is strange that, accused pedophile and Epstein client, Bill Richardson was in Venezuela on Monday July 13, 2020 trying to secure the release of these two? Or, maybe pay a bribe to get the contents of that safe in that compound? Trump says he knew nothing about the attempted coup and the State Department claims they were not aware, yet Maduro says one of the guys is a DEA agent. The DEA first denied they knew anything but it came out that they did know about Jordan Goudreau shipping arms to Columbia Supposedly, they thought it was for Columbian rebels and they claim they had no idea who Goudreau was and never bothered to investigate the intel. The FBI are now investigating him and his company Silvercorp USA. The article for his being hired by Branson is here: https://nypost.com/2020/05/09/ex-green-beret-behind-failed-coup-was-desperate-for-money/ Hope to hear your feedback. It is making me wonder how Trump is handling this and what he may know.

      • Thanks for your feedback and everything you are doing. I pray you are protected.
        It seems Ghislaine’s cohorts would have attempted to extract the evidence from the island compound. If Maduro has this contraband and Trump is trying to bring down child traffickers, he would want to protect Maduro and strike a deal. It seems something big is going on, as Trump has made recent statements that are aiming at some big changes there. He may be using the term “narcoterrorism” in general, but is very focused on human trafficking in his speeches lately. In the meantime, we will have to hope justice will come for these monsters, hard and fast! Take good care and God bless you.

  9. I pray for your safety, Alessandro. You’ve done a lot of digging, and I fear the more you dig the larger your bounty gets. What you are doing is extremely important, especially right now in our current climate. People are listening now more than ever. If you’re not already doing so- be sure to save everything you’ve researched and hide it. Only let one person know where you hide all your info. Get if off your computer. These people will come for you once you connect the right dots.

  10. Freemasonry was created in 1717.. Q is the 17th letter… every side of this well orchestrated illusion is the same side. In Manly P Hall’s book ‘the secret teachings of all ages’, he says that everything built on a lie can only be a lie. And that the biggest lie, the lie that has distorted it all, is within our greatest assumption…

  11. They are all heading to the pit, they are disgusting and will never get peace because slowly the people are waking.
    Godbless you for your efforts,

    • Have you ever watched Goodfellas? All great guys, right? Then they turn on their best friends bc they were ordered to. That’s what this industry is built on. A pretty smiling face that turns on you.
      Be aware. Stay alert. They’re picked bc humans trust pretty faces.

  12. The story of Paul Myhill’s tattoo is very disturbing. For one if you want to celebrate your marriage with a local tattoo why stylize it from a round shape to a triangle shape? If you’re being told that your tattoo is almost identical to the love-boy pedophile symbol why keep it and not head straight for a tattoo removal? If I was told my tattoo had any resemblance to a pedophile symbol I would never, ever keep that on my body.
    Second that picture of him holding what I can only imagine is his wife by the neck with two hands (as if ready to strangle her) is more than disturbing. I’ve never seen a picture of husband and wife where the taller man holds his wife in such a grip. That’s a sign of possession and domination.

    • Hello Cat! I agree with you on all counts. I tried to remain neutral as a journalist is supposed to, but at the same time I knew that by publishing his response, most people would feel what I felt on my gut. To this day, I’d be cordial with Paul, but no, I don’t believe him. I treat people as they treat me, and so he was allowed to share his side of the story. Its not a rare occurrence, they end up exposing themselves.

  13. I’ve been looking into the Bahamas and apparently they practice the most powerful form of witchcraft there that requires human sacrifice. It is a form of serpent worship (Lucifer was a serpent that told humans they could be like Gods if they disobeyed the creator, Yahweh).


    This guy researches genealogies and origins. He has a ton of info about societies that worship serpents and those who believe they are descendants of serpent beings (fallen angels).


  14. Thank you for this information, I just lost my twitter account yesterday without warning or explanation even though I have had it 7 years; I was posting too much stuff questioning the narrative and trying to get the truth out about the satanists who run the world. But it won’t deter me! I will keep researching, keep trying to find the truth. God Help Us.

  15. Thank You for sharing excellent research. I would really like to know why Brittany Murphy was murdered along with her ‘husband.’ Her mother was a typical stage mother when she was in grade school and after her dad was jailed for mafia activity, I suppose that she saw her daughter as the next ticket. I do recall evidence that Brittany was working as a high-level prostitute, but I hadn’t pieced together the notion that her Mom was behind it all. When I looked into the details of her death, some commented that they seemed to think the mother’s grief was phony. The Dad was released from prison and hired investigators, but would not make a public statement about his conclusion.

  16. Hello Alessandro,

    First of all, I really enjoyed reading this. It was very interesting. Such stuff like this really does change your views on ‘celebrities’ and celeb culture, with which I was obsessed for many decades. I don’t look at them with the same eyes anymore which is a good thing, and something that will happen to anyone who seeks the truth behind the media lies.

    I am not a journalist, but I would be very keen to learn how you came to the conclusion about Brad Pitt and what he did in order to join the ‘club’ and how and in what way Bono was involved in the death of Michael Hutchence. It would be interesting to look into Bob Geldof too as several people in close contact with him (Peaches, Paula Yates) have died. Is Tiger-Lily safe?

    Where can you access and research that kind of information on Michael and Brad? I’d like to find out for myself, not echo-chamber someone else, if you see what I mean.

  17. PLEASE stop with this fake story. It’s been 4 years now. Still not one single verifiable proof has ever been given. By you and/or anyone. Kim Thayil is a very good family friend. He went to school with my father. I gotta tell you. This story is one that really pisses Kim off. Because he said its not true. He dares anyone to bring it up with him. I think your site is on the watch list. The longer its watched & more posts you make. Is not going to be a good outcome for you. Stop now. Unless you have deep pockets for lawyer’s fees.

    Olivia V


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