Wolf Watch: Eyes Of The Devil

This film explores the underground world of trafficking, where children are used for prostitution and organ harvesting. Patryk Vega interviews a totally detached mother who intends to sell her unborn child to traffickers and pedophiles. While the internet speculates about the veracity of the facts exposed in this documentary, the director’s style has been criticized due to his latent opportunism, stealing a bit of protagonism from the story itself. Whether that’s the case or not, the reality is child sex trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal cartel in the world and it happens everywhere in the world. One thing is certain, is not easy to confront the devil and even less easy to look at it in the eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Wolf Watch: Eyes Of The Devil”

  1. this rips my heart out listening to these evil demons. how can someone do that to a child. to hear what they do to them makes me sick . they have no souls or consciance . I pray they save all the children missing from this world. sad to say that cps is involved as well in kidnapping and sex trafficking and organ harvesting including planned parenthood. god help these children

  2. I had to watch this in sections. The things they do to these children are horrific. How can this be possible? How can this evil live on this earth? How can people sell their babies?! Please, God save these children.


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