Derek Johnson Exposed

Derek Johnson’s Twitter Bio reads: ”Donald John Trump is Commander-in-Chief via Military Occupancy and Continuity of Government via Laws & Orders found in my Documents I’m noted for.” When he is not berating and threatening those who question the veracity of his intel, Derek can be found spreading the psyop among conservatives that Trump is still president, all the while the United States goes under with several casualties along the way, not to mention the massive invasion from UN-backed military aged migrants who have been summoned to wreak havoc. Derek and his ilk keep brave and fiery patriots pacified and confident and are here to make you feel unpatriotic if you dare to ask for receipts or results. Controlled Opposition at its finest.

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4 thoughts on “Derek Johnson Exposed”

    • Because he hangs onto Trump coattails as if he will get his fifteen minutes of hero worship when all he truly is, is a fraud internet huckster with an angle.

  1. There is so much evil in these times in Our World. Shame on every one of these Grifters! All We can do is protect one another and know the difference in whats real or fake. Thank You so much for this video. This is a War on all of Us. This evil spreads far and wide everywhere. Love eachother and just stop watching these idiots. Never donate to any of them. The truth is the Military will never tell anyone whats happening. Its the Art of War. I Love Total Disclosure Films because its all actual truth! The People deserve nothing less than truth at this time. Thank You once again and many Blessing to You.

    • Your comment made my day and gives me strength to work hard despite the pain. I have no other agenda other than the truth and I wish more people would see things as you do. Some have this weird notion we all have to stick together, grifters, scammers, and truthers… I dont believe that. They don’t belong in this battle, they murky the waters and accept money and sponsorships to promote psyops and cross promote with other scammers. EXACTLY, the military would never tell, much less to someone with as little self control AND military achievements (zero, all stolen valor) like this Derek Johnson guy. He is a disgrace.


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