Conspiracy Theory: Season 2

Former Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), professional wrestler, actor, and Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura examines various conspiracy theories on subjects such as global warming, the September 11 attacks, secret societies, government surveillance, and secret weapons projects. In the first season, Ventura teams up with a group of investigators consisting of skeptic Alex Piper, reporter June Sarpong, and investigator Michael Braverman. In season two, Piper is replaced by investigator Daniel Kucan in a few episodes. In season three, Ventura’s son, Tyrel Ventura, and Oliver Stone’s son, Sean Stone, are part of the investigative team. Be advised Sean Stone is an admitted freemason and a known LARPer, and while the show presents good intel, it’s likely to be a limited hangout.

Episode 1: Plum Island

Episode 2: Area 51

Episode 3: The Wall Street Conspiracy

Episode 4: The Police State Conspiracy

Episode 5: The JFK Conspiracy

Episode 6: Great Lakes

Episode 7: Gulf Oil Spill

Episode 8: Pentagon




2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory: Season 2”

  1. Thank you very much, this is very valuable information. I am, very proud of myself, I watched all your episodes, and 80% I knew. I am sick to my stomach, this invisible war is for decades. Depapulesion of Humanity, making $ and now pandemic they poisoning as, this horror has to STOP. I don’t know the day, only GOD, knows, but I know we will Win. GOD already WON. Very emberesing that so many people still sleeping. I am 4-5 years serving for GOD, trying wakes people up. Thank God people like you and others on different platforms telling the Truth, I share all the information I know everywhere, and everybody hates me. You are my family. I am hoping very soon the Truth comes out. God Blessings to all, much love and light.


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