Communism By The Back Door

Another sensational and revealing documentary from the brilliant Dennis Wise proves that we have all been fooled into thinking Communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed. This is a must-watch series for anyone who wants to know the present-day illusion of democracy and how communism really has been sneaked in through the back door. In reality, Western countries were both ”victorious and defeated” after World War II and have been covertly under Communism since 1945. A deep look at how Freemasonry, a Kabbalistic institution created by Talmudic Jews, has been behind all revolutions over the centuries as it shows the events of World War II and the coming of the Antichrist.

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2 thoughts on “Communism By The Back Door”

  1. The authors aren’t the Jews, although Communism and Socialsim may have Kabbalistic teachings, the evidence is overwhelming that the start of Socialism and present day Communism begin in the redoubts of the Uruguay, Argentina and Southern Brazil during the 18th century under the Jesuits. In fact thats part of what got the Jesuits banned from all of the Americas except the United States by King Charles the III. In exiling them perhaps as much as 30 to 40% died from exposure in their trek to the Island of their banishment. A little later they were disbanded for 41 years by the Catholic Pope at the time. He unfortunatel was shortly therefore murdered by being poisoned by them.
    It would be wiser if the author would read some serious history before posting. Of course this kind of history is no longer found in college or university history books. One has to get up from one’s duff and do some serious searching and study.

    • Good stuff and I will have to agree with your review. This is why there is a disclaimer for these films who are not produced by myself… They are for informational purposes, and you settling the record straight in the comments has merit, which is one of the reasons I share these films here, so they can be properly inspectioned.


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