Anthony Bourdain II

Anthony Bourdain (June 25, 1956 – June 8, 2018)

Continuing where we left off in Anthony Bourdain PART I. You can argue that these high-profile hits are often a joint effort, a consensus by many people. The Clintons, Henry Kissinger, Harvey Weinstein, and Adam Schiff = All work for the same NWO (New World Order) goals and pray to the same demonic entities (Moloch, Baphomet, Lucifer, Osiris, or Horus). If these people rape children, I guess they plan murders over brunch as casually as you and I discuss the workday.

Asia Argento said Harvey Weinstein raped her after he invited her to a party. She arrived to find him alone in a hotel room, wearing just a bathrobe. He forced her to give him a massage and then forcibly performed oral sex on her. She was terrified by the horrible trauma, “He was so big. It wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare. I was not willing. I said, ‘No, no, no!’ It’s twisted. A scary fairytale.” These declarations sound weird when you realize Asia started dating Weinstein two weeks later, a relationship that would last for more than two years. 

More than eighty women came forward to accuse Weinstein of sex crimes. It took a while, but Weinstein did end up in jail. The real question now is, will he survive prison? Worth noting is that Weinstein did reach an agreement with some of the victims, including Asia. Was that the plan all along? Was Asia in on it? At the very least, she was an opportunist as she dated Weinstein for career favors. We know Asia targeted Anthony directly to date him, why? Under whose direction?

Like reading a script

Anthony was becoming a concern with his frontal and honest journalism. It’s plausible to say some people felt he needed to hold back. Weinstein hired the services of Black Cube, run by former Israeli intelligence officers of Mossad and Kroll, the biggest global corporate intelligence firm in the world. Invoices reveal he agreed to pay $600,000 for information that could stop the press from publishing allegations against him. Weinstein used former Mossad agents to spy on actresses and journalists, even threatening them. 

Is this why the mainstream media failed to report his many sexual assaults for decades? Who can say he didn’t hire assassins to go after Anthony and others? Who can say he didn’t refer them to Adam Schiff? Another man with Zionist ideology and lots to hide. Asia used her speech at the finale of the Cannes Film Festival to denounce her abuser, describing Cannes as Weinstein’s hunting ground. Anthony 100% empowered and supported Asia to take on the Hollywood elite on their turf. 

He gushed over every display of defiance, and his public support, fiercely stated many times. The worst part? There are hundreds of women and underage girls victimized by Weinstein that never saw justice. The most notorious celebrities deflected all the attention, sadly, some did it precisely with that intention. A common bait and switch to gatekeep the social movements, and divert from worst crimes. Every time they fear the darker stuff may get exposed, they concoct a plan to deflect. They select a sacrificial lamb, and they all assume a part in the script.

Why is Mossad suspect?

Mossad has a brutal reputation regarding murders for hire. Probably, their most public assassination was the poisoning of PLO leader Yasser Arafat – A crime verified by French authorities. Lots of Mossad agents act as freelance mercenaries, the agency itself feeds with similar men as long as they swear allegiance to Zionism. Note I say Zionism and not Israel. These are two very different things despite the efforts by some to merge the terms as a deflection method.

Chris Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, is a man who fits the profile of the Mossad recruiting corps. The South African Army veteran has the size, the will, and the killer resumé needed to succeed at the Kidon Elite Assassin division. Anthony had a vast history of criticizing the Zionist regime, meaning he was most likely considered an enemy of Israel by Mossad. That, coupled with the fact that Weinstein, Schiff, and Mossad are in cahoots, should cause suspicion.

Anthony traveled to the West Bank region to showcase Palestinian and Israeli food on his show in 2013. While filming, he fell in love with Palestine, its people, and its culture. He was shocked as he witnessed the brutality of the military occupation by Israeli forces, and he wasn’t shy about it on social media. Is it so hard to imagine Anthony pissed off all these people simultaneously, and they vouched to take him out?

Siding with the underdogs

Anthony was very touched by Armenian history, more specifically the genocide carried out by the Turks. He talked about putting out a TV production, exposing the facts as they weren’t before. Supported by the Armenian people themselves, Anthony hoped to expose the massacre perpetrated by the Turks and their allies, with no reservations. The Syrian War plan was modeled after the genocide, casually involving the same villains. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., the U.K., and various elements within the worldwide Zionist movement joined in the effort.

Anthony met with musicians Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Serj Tankian (System of a Down) to discuss the project. Serj is Armenian, and Chris gave his music to The Promise, a film denouncing the genocide. Anthony met with Chris a few months before he died, also staged as suicide via hanging. On Parts Unknown S3E6 in Moscow, Anthony dines with Boris Nemtsov – The man who was Vladimir Putin’s political nemesis in Russia at the time. “Bad things seem to happen to critics of Vladimir Putin. Journalists, activists, even powerful oligarchs once seemingly untouchable are now fair game if they displease The Leader.”

Some time passed until an unidentified attacker shot Mr. Nemtsov four times in the back as he crossed a bridge close to the Kremlin. He died hours after appealing for support for a march against the war in Crimea, Ukraine. The episode ends with a defeated Anthony describing, in voiceover, how Russia recently annexed Crimea. “The world has done nothing. The world will do nothing. As Vladimir well knew” said Bourdain. Anthony didn’t have anything nice to say about the Russian leader.

A loud voice for the voiceless

Anthony became increasingly political on social media as he began challenging the war agenda of the global elites. He posted very provocative comments on Twitter, like what he wrote about Henry Kissinger after filming in Cambodia. Check out his Tweets going hard after Weinstein, the British monarchy, the military-industrial complex, Rudy Giuliani, the Clintons, and Donald Trump. He went after a lot of people CNN is known to protect, and he worked for them, after all.

Anthony was insanely influential, he wasn’t known as the most prolific chef, but he certainly was the most iconic. Chances are some of the people who were getting exposed could not risk further disclosure. He had 1.8+ million followers on Facebook, 2.6+ million on Instagram, and 7.5+ million on Twitter. Some people questioned his friendship with Barack Obama, but there wasn’t one. The show they recorded together in Vietnam was a PR stunt planned by CNN. However, there seems to be a message inside that episode according to this great researcher’s video.

Never shy about politics, he told TMZ about his disdain for Kim-Jong Un, the North Korean leader. “There’s nothing they are going to let you see in North Korea. It’s an unpleasant government. Most of the population is starving. Don’t you think that would be in kind of bad taste?” he said. When asked about their leader: “He’s a chubby little evil fuck. Nobody else eats.” Later, the reporter asked what he would serve at a summit between Trump and Kim. “Hemlock,” Bourdain said, pissing a lot of people off.

Feuding with the Clintons

Anthony was harassed and threatened by Hillary Clinton operatives weeks before he was found dead in an apparent suicide. According to investigators, Anthony was planning to expose pedophile rings connected to Hollywood and D.C. shortly before his death. After the recent revelations about Adam Schiff at Le Chateau Marmont, it seems this was right. Hillary Clinton has never been great at admitting mistakes, and she told Zakaria she was not aware of Weinstein’s actions. 

“I certainly didn’t, and I don’t know who did. But I can only speak for myself, and I think I speak for many others who knew him, primarily through politics.” Anthony visited Haiti, a country destroyed by the Clinton Foundation. During his trip, he met with Sean Penn in the tent city built by his relief group. During his LAST interview, Anthony revealed his thoughts about both ex-president Bill and ex-secretary of state Hillary Clinton. 

“Bill Clinton, look, the bimbo eruptions—it was fucking monstrous. That would not have flown today. A piece of shit. Entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting, and the way that he—and she—destroyed these women and the way that everyone went along, and, and are blind to this! Screamingly apparent hypocrisy and venality. How can you howl at the moon about all these other predators, and not at least look back? OK, let’s say, well, it was all consensual: powerful men, starstruck women, okay fine, let’s accept it at its most charitable interpretation. Fine. He is a very charming man, I met him, he’s fucking magnetic.”

The Silent Children

To continue with the parallels, Anthony was part of Luminary Lane, a charity started by Chris Cornell. The initiative was supported by Chester Bennington, Brad Pitt, and Rick Rubin as well. Anthony, Chris, and Chester died by hanging: The ones alive today are part of the club. Coincidence? It is rumored Chris, Chester, Anthony, Avicii, and Leroi Moore collaborated on a documentary called “The Silent Children”. The film, directed by Lisa Beane (Moore’s fiancee) aimed to expose elite human and organ trafficking rings worldwide.

Countries like Turkey, Romania, Thailand, and Cambodia are featured in the official trailer. However, the consultant for the film states the men weren’t part of the project in any capacity. The murders of Anthony, Chris, and Chester meant to do one thing: Send a strong message. “Going rogue will NOT be tolerated, either line up or lose it all.” His girlfriend, Asia Argento, got the Illuminati warning to stay quiet. So did Brad Pitt and others close to Chris and Chester.

Strangulation is a favorite execution method for the Illuminati, it aims to warn others and expose traitors. The ritual murder goes back to when Julius Caesar strangled Vincengetorix, and took his place as the Roman Emperor. It’s a Saturnian Cult sacrifice ritual, and when they hang you from a doorknob, it’s an obvious tell. Anthony was ready to denounce child sex trafficking and was killed “in 3’s” after Inés Zorreguieta and Kate Spade. These murders are all connected, that much is obvious by now.



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  1. And Martín Licata, Argentine young journalist

    September 21, 2020

    by Horacio Rivara

    Martin Licata dreamed of being a great journalist. He wrote in blogs and small media, but he was ambitious, and sought to find his Watergate.
    There is a taboo subject in journalism: talking about politicians, doctors and media co-opted by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. But since Martín sympathized with Kirchnerism, he thought he had certain privileges.
    So he started investigating Pro (party) politicians co-opted by the tycoon, mainly Daniel Lipovetzki. Also former Kirchnerists, such as Massa and Alberto Fernández.
    But he found much more, all parties, left and right were co-opted: Myrian Bregman, Victoria Donda, Silvia Lospennato, Horacio Larreta, Santiago Cafiero. All the media, especially Grupo Clarín, Perfil and La Nación.
    He discovered that all the Medical and Scientific Associations received money from a group of foundations. The most benefited were Pedro Cahn, Carlos Kambourian and Roberto Debbag. Soros even offered an important loan to the Pro government to put Debbag in charge of the Garrahan Hospital.
    The purpose was the so-called “New Normativity” (Sic), to impose a globalist agenda. The plan is to replicate the Chinese Repressive Model all over the world, starting with Argentina and Spain, the weakest in the face of the onslaught, but what did the doctors have to do with it? Would they achieve their purpose with a disease, a vaccine, a collective psychosis promoted by doctors and the media? It was evident that an immense Psychological Warfare offensive was being prepared against the population.
    Martin thought that the topic would interest the media and journalists sympathetic to the K’s, but he was met with a wall of uncomfortable silence and a warning. He was playing with fire and they offered him to forget everything in exchange for a position in Página 12, or in C5N.
    But Martín was 27 years old and he saw himself as the Washington Post journalists. He had the most important news of the last 100 years and he was not going to give it up for a little job.
    On Friday, November 16, 2018, he posted the first part of the investigation on a blog. He expected an explosion, a scandal, but nothing happened. The world received his research with indifference, or so he thought. However he had crossed a forbidden line.
    Early on Saturday the 17th he spoke to his girlfriend on the phone, he was a bit disappointed, but willing to get to the bottom of it. He hung up. He left his house at 9AM, saying he was going to college. From that moment on he vanished from the planet. He never communicated with anyone again, never made it to college. His friends were worried.
    On Wednesday 21 in the morning, the cleaning lady of a hotel in Buenos Aires opens the door of a room and finds Martín Licata hanging on the bed.
    The investigation is quick, it was ruled in record time that he died from a sexual game called hypoxyphilia, which consists of hanging himself to achieve satisfaction. Case closed.
    Memorians compared the case with that of a young K civil servant, Ivan Hein, who died for the same reason, that is to say, knowing too much. Hein was found hanged in a closet.
    And so this tale comes to an end, nothing to see here, keep on obeying Soros’ doctors and the media, get your internal passport to be able to travel within the country, as in China, or in the former USSR, adjust the mask they force you to wear, keep your business closed, your children without education, and be very very afraid of the “buggyvirus”.
    Notice that when a witness, journalist or prosecutor is murdered, they always try to associate it with a lurid sexual issue. This is very well thought out, because people tend to think “Well, he was into weird stuff, he kind of deserved what happened to him”.
    They insinuated that prosecutor Nisman was killed by Lagomarsino out of jealousy, that the witness against Cristina Fenández, Fabián Gutierrez, was killed by a young man, an ex-lover. As the media let it pass and people have Dolly’s memory, everybody forgets it in three days.

    This excerpt was published by a ‘K’ (Kirchnerist) portal called En Orsai (In Off-side), thinking that this way they would look good with their bosses, attacking Pro, but it was really in ‘Orsai’, as this goes beyond political parties and ideologies.
    The main section was the second part of his research, which included doctors. That one is missing.
    Martín studied Philosophy, he was a “Free Lance”. He thought that being a ‘K’ militant gave him protection. And they let him off the hook when he got involved with the bosses of the world. A Lanata, a Longobardi, a Gelblung, a professional journalist does not dare to touch this subject, they prefer to live. It is a radioactive subject.
    The Soros Foundation has a capital of $19.5 billion dollars, together with the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, all the leaders of the Trilateral Commission; it is a lot of power. And the Argentine politicians and media sell out for peanuts, except for Clarín, which asks for a little more.

  2. Well thankfully I wandered onto this blog or whatever inadvertently, investigating Chris Cornell. Not sure exactly who you are (yet), but you obviously investigate and pass on the same issues I am interested in so I’ll tag along and see more. Although I voted for Trump (first time I ever voted, and I’m 63 years old), I’ve always had that little doubt in my head that he wasn’t just another psy-op plant. I would be interested to see more proof on him, since some are invited to join, and some are blackmailed or threatened with violence. Sir Hillary was quoted years before saying he couldn’t be bought, and he seems sincere and did an excellent job as President. I also gather from other sources that he and a large group of patriots have been arresting traffickers and such, and clearing out the DUMBS and tunnel networks that exist for millions of miles, and centuries. Anyway, thank you for what you do, and please continue until the World is either awake, or hanging by their necks until dead. My stance is for the innocent children, who deserve nothing but love and kindness. Only God can win the battle with the ruler of this world, but we can inform and awaken the sheeple, lest we all be led to slaughter.


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