Alaskan Avenger: Jason Vukovich

Jason Vukovich (Alaskan Avenger) was born in Anchorage to a single mother who later married Larry Lee Fulton, his would-be abuser. Later in life, he confronted three men who were child sex offenders with a hammer. He listed the names and addresses he found on the public index in his notebook. Vukovich then targeted the homes of Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa, and Wesley Demarest. Jason received a 23-year sentence, which is almost 4x more than the 6 years the three sex offenders served combined. What motivated Jason to do what he did? He experienced things that no one should go through, yet he is still here today to tell his story. Jason Vukovich is currently incarcerated at Goosecreek Correctional Facility in Wasilla, Alaska with a release date of 2028.

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2 thoughts on “Alaskan Avenger: Jason Vukovich”

  1. Amazing peson Jason is–such a deep thinker and so caring. He is going to be the best healer
    of trama for himself and the world. He knows first hand about terrible trama and abuse so
    will change thw World like Sunshine rays going out to all he meets. He is now a Healer! Go Jason–you are the best! Thank you for being strong, deeply caring and helping others!


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