Wolf Watch: Farmlands (Laura Southern)

Compelling documentary uncovering the violence against South African farmers. What is most shocking is the barbarity of the violence: torture, rape and other horrific crimes. These are race-based hate crimes in what is clearly a campaign of terrorism and carried out with the unofficial support of the government. The rapid dissolution of South Africa into … Read more

France: Teen Killed In Anti-White Attack

The disgraceful state of European demographics continues to show its ugly head as the unvetted attacks on our people proliferate day in and day out. French authorities arrested nine individuals on suspicion of murder on Tuesday following the fatal stabbing of a French teenager in a racially motivated attack. Eyewitnesses to the killing spree in … Read more

Las Vegas: Mob Beats Teen To Death

Sadly, racial divide and hatred continue to rage in America as a teenage boy has died days after he was beaten by a gang of cowards near a Las Vegas high school. The attack happened on November 1st, but you have probably never heard about it until very recently, thanks in large part to a general mainstream … Read more

Chicago: The Savagery Continues

The outrage increases as the racial divide continues to show its ugliest face day in and out. A surveillance video taken in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago shows two black males robbing and beating a 33-year-old white man in an alley in broad daylight on Monday afternoon. The video shows the suspects loitering on a … Read more

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