The New Age And The Occult

Occultist Alice Bailey wrote a long time ago about their plans to infiltrate the church by using terms that sound Christian and yet teach occult practices. The fundamental belief system of a new age practitioner is that God — who they usually refer to as ‘source energy,’ the ‘divine creator,’ or the ‘universe’ — has … Read more

Law Of Attraction: Fact Or Fiction?

The Law of Attraction has been around for quite a while now, with roots that stem back to the 1800s, along with the rise of New Age Spirituality. But with Rhonda Byrne’s film, “The Secret” which was promoted extensively by Oprah Winfrey, the Law of Attraction has reached whole new heights of popularity. This in … Read more

The Dark Truth: Fake New Age Gurus

Rhonda Byrne’s Film, “The Secret” popularised the “Law of Attraction” greatly, and has allowed this philosophy/belief to permeate the mainstream for a very long time. But the history that lies behind “The Secret” has its roots all the way back to the 1800s, when the New Thought Movement began taking strides, as well as other … Read more

Exposing The New Age Movement

Proponents of the New Age movement encourage striving to reach one’s full potential through a mixture of concepts and practices drawn from Eastern mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, metaphysics, naturalism, astrology, occultism, science fiction, and most importantly, Satanism. In its various forms, New Age spirituality is both monistic (believing that all reality is ultimately one) and pantheistic … Read more

The Wicked: Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was an English criminal, occultist, novelist, and mountaineer. He is considered by many to be the most notorious black magician of the 20th century, as many still follow his cult, Thelema. The man nicknamed “the beast” is guilty of crimes against children, as he indulged in sex magick and satanic ritual abuse as … Read more

Teaser: Controlled Opposition Chronicles

Promises made, promises kept. Many times, I felt like totally dropping this for obvious reasons. It can be cringe to see two men dish it out in public, but one has to be firm and steady when it comes to family. Anyone threatening my marriage will get the worst side of me: Take that as … Read more

Sacha Stone (Part 2)

FREE Podcast available HERE. In the previous article, I showed you the origins and the new-age ideology of fake guru Sacha Stone. An ideology he bases on the occult, mainly Luciferianism and Agenda 2030-inspired communism. His words act as a spell for many who listen to him on the regular, hard truths mixed with bold lies … Read more

Sacha Stone (Part 1)

FREE Podcast available HERE. I showed you receipts and testimonies during the ITNJ’s Deep Dive Part II, In this chapter, the focus moves towards Sacha Stone and his associates. Simon Jean-Paul Sacha Adams was born in Rhodesia in May 1966, in the middle of the independence war. Rhodesia was an unrecognized state in southern Africa from … Read more

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