Tucker On X: #95 Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper is a solutions-oriented strategist, technologist, communicator, and family man. He is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to many projects, big and small. In June 2022, Kyle helped found Raze, a digital securities platform that radically uses NFTs to streamline business fundraising, distributions, and governance. Kyle is committed to making it easy and secure … Read more

Wolf Watch: Unacceptable Views

Before they had reached the national capital, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to the convoy of truckers and their like-minded supporters as a ”small fringe minority”. Two weeks later, he was facing an institutional crisis. Brave patriots from all over Canada united in a way that was seldom seen before anywhere, and in the process, … Read more

The Little Tyrant: Justin Trudeau

From day one, Justin Trudeau got immersed in politics as the ”son” of late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret Sinclair. In reality, the current prime minister is the son of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, whom his mother once called ”the sexiest man alive.” Fast forward a few decades later, and now … Read more

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