Scientism Exposed (Parts I & II)

Scientism is the view that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to render truth about the world and reality. What if there has been an agenda to keep people from the Truth of God? What if everything modern-day science has taught you about your origins is wrong? Make no mistake; … Read more

Wolf Watch: The Primordial Code

What if you visit a place where you’re confronted with our history that turns out to be much different than the one you were always led to believe? How a false narrative has managed to keep the whole foundation of our being in its grip by shifting reality into myths. A story of how oppression … Read more

The Devil’s Interval That Makes Us Sick

In music theory, the tritone became known as the devil’s interval. When we write melodies and harmonies, a good number of us probably find that we are drawn, almost instinctively, to intervals such as thirds, sixths, perfect fourths, and perfect fifths. The tritone may be one of the last intervals that come to mind because … Read more

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