Wolf Watch: Nazis Vs. Freemasons

Paris, June 14, 1940: German troops parade on the Champs Elysees. The same day, special units loot the headquarters of French Masonic Obedience. By order of Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi Party theorist, obsessed with the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, they collect tons of archives and precious books and ship them to Berlin. The aim is threefold: … Read more

Other Losses: Eisenhower’s Camps

“Other Losses” is a riveting and eye-opening documentary that delves deep into the post-World War II treatment of the German people. It exposes the hidden history of the Allied powers’ actions towards Germany, revealing the deadly conditions in American and French camps that led to the deaths of millions of innocent Germans. The documentary sheds … Read more

Wolf Watch: Hellstorm (German Genocide)

Based on Thomas Goodrich’s book, ‘Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-47’ this 2015 film is about the genocide that happened after the Teutonic defeat. Learn the truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World War II. This film is routinely taken down … Read more

Wolf Watch: Europa The Last Battle

Haven’t you ever at least been curious as to what ”the other side of the World War II story” was? This documentary overviews how Europe has been shaped in modern history. Watch this series and uncover the natural root causes of World War II. It will take you on an epic timeline that will transport … Read more

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