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We keep this website and our social media fresh with tons of content every week, putting full-time job hours into a task that is not only tedious but dangerous. I do this for everyone: Those who can afford a membership and those who can’t, as information is not a privilege but a necessity in these times. This is why I published articles and created a documentary library free of access for everyone. At the same time, aiming to cover website, time, and security expenses, I have set most of my films for members only. You will still find free episodes for each series, I find this is how I can be at peace that everyone has a place here while being able to profit from my hard work.

When you decide to support legitimate researchers and investigators, the quality of information you procure will usually improve to adequate standards. The fact is that the truther movement has been infiltrated and co-opted into becoming the opposite of its original intentions and purpose. That’s not the case with everyone, of course, as some of us always try as hard as we can to keep our integrity uncompromised while we struggle to self-preserve, not only on social media but also in the real world. You can make a difference not only for your own sake but everyone’s: Support this website and secure the longevity of my work, which in the end, means to wake up as many folks as possible, all the while promoting good Christian values. know more about me or you can subscribe and support true investigative journalism!

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8 thoughts on “Why Should You Become A Member?”

  1. Listened to Phil G last night. He mentioned Allasandro and this sight. I thought I joined before to see the movies but can’t seem to find sight so I’ll try again for 5.50 a mouth , I can afford that. 81 and needing to hear all I can. I search out truths daily . I have been doing this for 5 yrs. Now. Family still not awake. Some still call me , well , you know. Thank you Alessandro for your work and heart for truth.


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