With Break The Curfew, I’m starting a new musical segment on this website. Every once in awhile, I’ll feature one song that I believe has meaning for our struggle, INSPIRATION. Red pilling folks seem easier via music and film. Savage lyrics meant to bring awareness about our current predicaments. For this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK, we feature a recommendation by fellow patriot Brian from High Impact Vlogs. Cheers,


I’m up on the stage, and all the rage I feel inside of me
I hate it when they lie to me, and they’re dying to see
So I’m trying to be, what they want to see
But they’re hunting me, don’t know what they want from me

So here I am again running amok
My luck is up, I’m stuck like Chuck
And my brain’s been picked and plucked, I’m fucked
My mortal enemy is stuck, in a portal sending me luck
Flocks of sounds in cages, nouns merged with verbs

And an urge to disturb my pages
And that enrages the writer’s block engages
Deaf and dumb thespians take the silent stages
With their cobweb throats they can’t sing any notes
So the audience begins dispersing

The actors get pissed, they start cursing
They are tired of rehearsing
They’re ready to do the damn show
They’re ready to go you know what I mean

Social engineering at the center stage
About to go full circle when we turn the page
Miss Deborah Birx you old bitch puttin’ COVIDs
On obits and certificates, it’s ridiculous
We should be enraged, and irate at our newfound fate
And change the current state of mind controls

As Mr. Gates pulls the levers of power from his Ivory Tower

He is a Zionist a mad scientist with unlimited funds
We need to run or we need to get some more guns
And we need to do that shit while it’s possible
Cuz pretty soon I swear it’s not going to be optional
Are you hearing me?

The wealthy be stealthy ushering in this tyranny
I don’t want a mask give me an Uzi, I want my freedom
I don’t want to be some frog in a stovetop jacuzzi
The temp of the water getting hotter
Cannon fodder like Lambs to the slaughter
Every American grab your sons and your daughters

Go outside, get you some vitamin D
And some sunshine, everything seems just fine
Look at Sweden they didn’t shut down shit
Nobody’s dying, not any more than any other year
They let that shit go in and go right out the other ear
I wish that we could do it here, but we so full of fear

They might hurt you if you break curfew (x3)

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