ANTIFA canceled their riot in Placerville, CA after the Hell’s Angels and The Mongols said they’d meet them there. Yes. two legendary rivals united just like that, to kick some ass! Some locals also inform me ANTIFA backed down from their riot in Myrtle Beach, SC after Hells Angels and local police enforcement made peace over THE GREATER GOOD. Legendary, sublime, inspiring, noble, smart, and NECESSARY. If we are to crush evil, we need to unite not divide, when evil is dealt with we can then deal with petty skirmishes.

Have in mind these biker clubs have been sworn enemies since the ’70s. The Angels were formed in 1948 by mostly military personnel- Upon returning from WWII they couldn’t cope with normal life and felt useless without the camaraderie and nomad lifestyle. The Mongols were formed as a Hispanic rival to the infamous Angels because the Angels didn’t recruit Latin or black members. Ironic and amazing: A feud ignited over the social divide, now buried to face violence sparked by racial divide propaganda.

The Angels are named after the 303rd bombardment battalion from WWII. Legend says the suggestion came from Arvid Olson, who was the only person with ties to a squadron bearing the Hells Angels nickname (3rd Pursuit Squadron AVG). He never became a member, just an associate some feel is important to specify. The Mongols are named after the legendary horseback riding barbarians that conquered most of Europe and Asia lead by Genghis Khan during the 13th century..

A brotherhood, not a gang

1%er biker club members may be drawn towards criminal activity, but that doesn’t make them an organized crime syndicate. Yes, the biker clubs have a lot of internal problems that NEED to be weeded out. Among these the dealing some members have with cartels and other criminal gangs who have zero redeeming qualities. Said problems are usually addressed internally, harshly, and are not as common as Sons of Anarchy would lead you to believe.

One of the things that definitely bothers me especially among the Mongols is human trafficking. One of the most despicable crimes anyone can commit: To restrict the freedom and enslave a fellow human being. Those who know me know I have a soft spot for biker clubs, as members of my family have been patched by HAMC81. These individuals have never evidenced any criminal activity whatsoever and they are wonderful men. the above items do worry me and I hope the better men inside these clubs can keep their people away from that stuff.

Let this be an example for EVERYONE, 50 years of bloodshed among biker clubs has just been squashed by 9 days of riots and looting. What does that tell you? A beef started by discrimination, squashed over the crimes of those PRETENDING to be against discrimination. Ironic isn’t it? Peaceful protests are long gone. This is about protecting the working-class people, about UNITING for the greater good. If you are peaceful protesting, denounce, and squash those who you see are starting violence against the people.

The greater good comes first

This is not people attacking the billionaires and trillionaires causing world suffering. These hoodlums are HIRED and BRAINWASHED indoctrinated MERCENARIES wanting to DESTROY YOUR CITY. All to achieve several political goals that they can’t achieve in a legal fashion. The ultimate goal even escapes them, they will be shackled in chains like the rest of us. The issue s NOT communism or fascism, its TOTALITARIANISM.

TOTALITARIANISM: The FORBIDDEN word the media never uses because it exposes the real agenda of the elites. They keep us distracted in the right vs left paradigm and mock us. The elites don’t give a shit about sides. It’s all about control and keep us squabbling for crumbs as they feed on babies.

For the violent looters and rioters, this is not about George Floyd. They couldn’t care less. For them this about self-gain, hatred, anarchism, vandalism, terrorism, and sheer violence. It’s about toppling democratically elected governments to fit a New World Order. Props to the Angels and Mongols, you have set an example for humanity here, and I hope your peace lasts for centuries as you help us achieve law and order again. May our children enjoy a better world after all is said and done. Peace.


This is what happens when you publish an article without going directly to the source – It backfires. Even though “old ladies”, “prospects” and obviously fake “patched” members said so. This turned out to be a bad hoax. I did send emails to Hells Angels MC and Mongols MC but I’m still waiting for a reply. I also emailed a Mongol nicknamed “Menace”.

In the meanwhile, Hells Angels’ cofounder Sonny Barger officially denied the rumors yesterday. BUMMER. His post doesn’t really give much hope for that ever happening. It seems the wounds are too deep and the common good won’t change their minds. He had a small role as Lenny in the TV show hit “Sons of Anarchy” and was the president and founder of the Oakland, CA Hells Angels chapter.

I have decided NOT to take the article or the original posts post but add these in the end so any MC leaders can check out what a wonderful reaction the story had on people of all kinds. Maybe that could make them realize uniting is a good move and they should not rule it out. Cheers.

My apologies for letting you down.Alessandro V.

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