The Curse Of Led Zeppelin

The English band Led Zeppelin is regarded by many as the grandfathers of the “Heavy Metal” genre, along with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. By 1973, they had sold more albums than any other band worldwide. However, their story will forever find itself intertwined with the occult. Guitarist Jimmy Page’s obsession with the likes of Aleister Crowley is proven by his own words and even by a testimony of a friend of mine who lived in the same neighborhood as the guitar prodigy. Robert Plant’s 5-year-old son died suddenly from a stomach virus, and let’s not forget the untimely demise of John Bonham. Were some Led Zeppelin members trying to get out of their Faustian Pact?

Episode 01

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3 thoughts on “The Curse Of Led Zeppelin”

  1. I listened to Zeppelin 1 when I was 14 yrs old, my friends and I were blown away with their sound. I also grew up not far from where Robert Plant lived . Their music was a massive part of my teenage years & bought all their albums, saw them many times. Remember when roberts son died and bonzo death, so sad. Have read all the Zep books , many documentaries . In roberts book he opens with how he just didnt want to be at the 02 Celebration Day gig after party, and so left to be on his own. He has said many times when asked abt them re-forming , its not a good idea, what’s done is done, Bonzo was his best mate. I honestly feel when they finished, he heaved a sigh of relief . I’ve seen him with all his other bands , there’s a different energy. He moved on and keeps keeping on . I dont have idols but for me hes a humble special man


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