Glasgow: Satanic Pedophile Ring Busted

Five men and two women were found guilty of raping children after a disturbing trial at the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland. Iain Owens (45), Elaine Lannery (39), Lesley Williams (41), Paul Brannan (41), Barry Watson (47), John Clark (47), and Scott Forbes (50) were all convicted of diverse sexual crimes. They all denied committing the most despicable … Read more

Exposing The New Age Movement

Proponents of the New Age movement encourage striving to reach one’s full potential through a mixture of concepts and practices drawn from Eastern mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, metaphysics, naturalism, astrology, occultism, science fiction, and most importantly, Satanism. In its various forms, New Age spirituality is both monistic (believing that all reality is ultimately one) and pantheistic … Read more

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